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  1. Can I use new wool duvet as batting for a quilt?

    Thank you for your input, it makes sense. I was going to use the duvet as the batting between the sandwich but I see your point about the quilting on the duvet, although it's quite minimal it would present an uneven batting under the quilt top. Guess I'll just get a duvet cover for it and offer it to her if she feels the quilt won't be warm enough for our Canadian winters.
  2. I have a new wool duvet from Australia that I would like to use as batting in my granddaughters quilt, It's wool encased in 100% cotton cover. I have a Mille, will I have a problem quilting it if I use this as batting?
  3. I'm a new Quilt Path user and was quilting a quilt, going along just fine. When I was shutting down for the evening I decided to check whether there were any Windows updates and there were. So I updated then updated the QP drivers and the next time I went to work on my quilt the calibration was off. I set up an 8 x 16 triangle to quilt and QP shows it as 5.882 x 11.668. Does anyone know how to fix this?