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  1. I use KingTut in my Lenni and only have minimal issues. It is slower going than the poly threads and I have to match the bottom and top threads or I have tension issues. I've used it exclusively for years in my short-arm (Janome) and never had a problem but Lenni is a tad more fussy - I make the effort for it to work as I have a lot of it on hand still and the colors are great.
  2. Just saw this: http://www.hobbsbatting.com/resources/for-quilters/giving-back/
  3. I use custom printed labels that I sew on when I'm doing binding on my projects. I purchased them here: https://ikaprint.com/?wpam_refkey=5 You can see the label in the corner of the backing. The front has my 'business name' and when you flip it up it has my name. They are nice quality, not too expensive and I think it was 100 labels in the pack.
  4. *tears* for your heartbreak...may you feel the closeness and peace of Christ in this terrible loss.
  5. I use google photos for all my phone photos - which is a lot of quilting stuff because it's handy and uploads instantly/automatically. Then I can go in on the computer and move things to albums, share links, etc. No cost.
  6. Stunning!
  7. Following...always watching for affordable gently used pantos! :-D
  8. Congrats!! You are going to LOVE your Lenni!!! Had mine since Sept and am still amazed by it every time I walk in the room. :-D Enjoy!!!
  9. Just needed to share my excitement that my Lenni is officially all paid off! Feeling SO blessed this morning!
  10. Praying for you all - May God's hands hold you close and heal your little one.
  11. I've had my Lenni since Sept - it's a wonderful machine! Enjoy!!