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  1. NHDeb

    What is your style?

    I've had my Lenni for about a year or so now - ***LOVE*** I've been accumulating the 'extras' a bit at a time as I find things I need or want to learn. I bought the ruler base and true 1/2" foot. I use wooden dowels to elevate the clamps - @InesR is right that it is a huge help! I just use pins - though learned a cool loading technique at a class at MQX that I'm loving and several teachers talked about just using STAPLES for loading (which I have NOT tried yet). Have fun!
  2. NHDeb

    Used pantographs

    I'm sure you can list under the 'chat about anything' but the photo section is further down the main page. I suggest you list your pantos with photos of what you have, sizes, pattern and designer name as well as condition, price, and shipping information (cost/payment/etc.) There are also groups on facebook where people list longarm accessories and pantos go FAST if the pricing is good. I belong to this one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Longarms4sale/
  3. NHDeb

    MQX New England.

    MQX was my first show and first classes ever! I had a BLAST! I went Wednesday and Friday. The quilts were amazing - the people were awesome and I met SO many cool people. I took classes with Clem (Clementine) Buzick, Dusty Farrell, and Karlee Porter. Can't wait until next year!
  4. My new travel buddy! Being inspected by our kitten. Special thanks to Jim Erickson from this forum for allowing me to acquire this beauty!
  5. I'm finally at the point where I am looking to go to classes and guild events WITH my sewing machine. The problem is that my original Janome is HEAVY and I don't love lugging it around. So... What do you have for a machine to take to classes? What do you love about it? Do you have a favorite bag for transport? Love to hear what you all think! Thanks!
  6. NHDeb

    Baby quilt

  7. Absolutely amazing work! Stunning quilting!
  8. Gorgeous! This is on my bucket list...
  9. NHDeb

    My studio is getting a facelift

    So exciting! It's going to be great!
  10. NHDeb


    That is GORGEOUS!
  11. NHDeb

    Looking for a digital design....

    what about something like this? http://www.piecenquilt.com/shop/Machine-Quilting-Patterns/Digital-Pantograph/p/Alpha-Pantograph-Pattern-Digital-x16813667.htm
  12. Forums are so much easier for topic specific information. FB is more random - but sometimes entertaining.
  13. NHDeb

    Juki long arms

    There are also a number of "for sale" groups for long arms on facebook as well and you can search by location/area. I had a Janome 1600P on a 'beginner' frame initially and when I upgraded to my Lenni - WHOA! Totally worth the wait and the $$ to have a 'real' machine. Patience will be rewarded with this one!