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  1. Baby gift

    Awesome work!
  2. I have a Sizzix Big Shot w/ the extra long cutting dies for 2.5" and 2" strips (and LOTS of other dies on my wishlist!). I deal with recurrent tendonitis in my wrist and too much work with the rotary cutter can land me in a brace pretty quickly.
  3. New* True 1/4 Foot

    I have the foot on my 'wishlist' as I'm just starting to learn rulers with my Lenni (purchased last fall)
  4. That is amazing! Great job to you both!
  5. What a lovely gift to brighten her time - and may her family find comfort in the love offered and encouraging messages of the quilt that give testimony to lives she touched.
  6. Just thought I'd share something I've started doing that has proven helpful. When I started machine quilting using pantographs I created a Pinterest board where I collected 'pins' of patterns I thought I might like to own at some point or even those I just thought were really interesting or cool. As I've been building my collection I started a new board of 'purchased pantographs' and now I move from my first location or pin a new image of any panto I buy (either new or private sale thru forums, etc) in this board. I can note information concerning the design - size, etc. and when I purchased it. This way I can scroll thru quickly and 'see' what I have when I'm at the computer without having to go to the studio to search through the rolls or scan through my written lists. The visual helps a lot! Happy quilting everyone!
  7. Magnifier warning

    Yikes! Thankful nothing else happened!
  8. My guess is that having the new owners class would be helpful - it wasn't an option for me where I live, so I've had to read and read and read - here and other places. Thankfully Quilters are a friendly bunch and share knowledge and help freely! Give yourself grace - a learning curve is a learning curve and you can't really rush it without making yourself crazy! I love my Lenni and know I have years and years of learning ahead of me, so I'm trying to enjoy the process and the accomplishment when I master something new or figure something out. Have fun & happy quilting!
  9. Variegated Threads

    I use KingTut in my Lenni and only have minimal issues. It is slower going than the poly threads and I have to match the bottom and top threads or I have tension issues. I've used it exclusively for years in my short-arm (Janome) and never had a problem but Lenni is a tad more fussy - I make the effort for it to work as I have a lot of it on hand still and the colors are great.
  10. Just saw this: http://www.hobbsbatting.com/resources/for-quilters/giving-back/
  11. Clothing Labels

    I use custom printed labels that I sew on when I'm doing binding on my projects. I purchased them here: https://ikaprint.com/?wpam_refkey=5 You can see the label in the corner of the backing. The front has my 'business name' and when you flip it up it has my name. They are nice quality, not too expensive and I think it was 100 labels in the pack.