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  1. It was so easy. I thought before it would hard. No planning for the quilt top. Just sashed and sashed the quilt top until it was the size she wanted. I thought I was going to have a border on it, but that would have made it like a king size. LOL Just do it as Nike used to say! Everyone I know says they want one.
  2. I sure wish I had practice time. Ive had Lucey 7 months and quilt after quilt, but still no practice. I guess that was practice. LOL
  3. What a great feeling. I still have that great feeling every time I turn Lucey on.
  4. Its Bubble Jet 2000. I got mine on Amazon.
  5. I just free motion with Lucy. I don't use pantographs, but I do know how. I'm excited to do more memory quilts for customers. In the quilt label, I put what the customer wants and getting permission from them, I add quilted by me and my website.
  6. Thanks. There is very little space that didn't get quilted. The vines went everywhere but not through the face. Thank you so much.
  7. Thank you So much for your confidence in me!
  8. Thanks Binding in and ITS a Quilt!
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice. All quilted. And I had no problem quilting it with the photos, why I feared it I don't know. Putting the binding on first thing in the morning before church. Even though our church service starts at 1:30 p.m. temporarily.
  10. Loved this! You are awesome! That must be why I follow you.
  11. I answered your question on this post Mary!
  12. Yay, I have 2 rows sewn together, will do the other 3 tomorrow, and take the QOV off my frame and load this one. Thanks for all your help. Do not be afraid, Do not be afraid. LOL I dont have problems quilting the fabric, just around the faces. Ill post when Im done. Hope my customer loves it. Thanks again!
  13. I use kona fabric. And then I cut to whatever size and soak it in bubblejet fabric for 10 minutes, lay it on racks to dry, then iron to the shiny side of heavy duty was paper and run it through my bubblejet printer. This saves a lot of money rather than buying fabric paper.