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  1. Yes Cagey! That is why I love to be a part of Quilts for Valor. My Father and Father in law served in the Air Force most of their lives. God bless the USA!!
  2. Crosshatch

    The customer just said she didnt know who would get it. I will just bury the threads. stop and go would be better that roll the quilt back and forth. Thanks. I just thought someone might have a better way. WIshful thinking always! I should have quilted it on my table top (quilting sewing machine).
  3. Any suggestion on Crosshatch would be appreciated. FIrst time on Lucey. It a small quilt and I drew lines on it before I loaded it. But how do you finish the longest lines without breaking thread right in the middle? My customer wants a wide crosshatch, and its like 3 inch squares through the quilt with the 3 inch wide crosshatch.
  4. 2015 Lucey Floor Model

    So Sorry to hear about your store closing. No quilt shops in Williamsburg, VA. Colonial Williamsburg is known for their quilting, but no quilt shops. How sad. Best to you on your new endeavors.
  5. Not sure Im following you. You said hang the quilt (on the frame to quilt?)
  6. Trimming Question

    When I quilt for Quilts of Valor, I trim about 1 inch out, because mailing it back without the extra batting costs less. When I quilt for customers I just leave it on. Its theirs to trim!
  7. I just bought Lucy over a year ago, and was taught to wax the rails after rubbing down with rubbing alcohol to stop oxidation.
  8. Yes. Let it go! When we keep that ugly resentfulness in us, it only hurts us. Like LibbyG said We cant control people only how we deal with it!
  9. Loyal customers. ???

    I love this topic, and my business is growing with cutomers. No quilt shop within miles and my guild now has about 6 longarmers. I don't get too many customers from the guild, but where I live. The thing about it is, people want great prices and want their quilts to look good. I have had 2 people call me to quilt their quilt tops, and because I don't have a computer, they went to another longarmer. I even had showed them some of my work. Oh well, Now we have formed a longarmer group through our guild and can help each other out with that. Just chiming in. Ann
  10. Well, I finally quilted the borders. Even tried stitching in the ditch with Lucey. I didnt make her happy, but she did great for 1 block. I stopped then and am going to finish it on my DSM as planned. Too scared to mess her up!
  11. Basting Quilts

    Thanks! I should have written what I was saying the first time. Well, over 100 quilts and never basted the sides, but will do so now. I never did mine and had no puckers. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Basting Quilts

    Im talking about on my longarm frame while Im quilting it for her. A 1/4 inch fromall sides. Sorry I didnt make that clear.
  13. I have never basted a quilt on my frame until a return customer asked me too. Ive quilted for years now and never has anyone said that to me. So from now on, I will. Is that what everyone else does?
  14. If someone gives me a charity quilt to longarm, I charge them the same, If my quilting bee or I make charity quilts NO CHARGE. Quilts of Valor, as we all know, NO CHARGE!