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  1. And I just sent you one back . K
  2. I'm not in the business of quilting for others, but I have volunteered to quilt for a local group that make Quilts 4 Kids that go to the Sick Kids Hospitals in our area. I donate my time and thread and spray basting if I do it on my Sweet 16. I also make quilt tops, that I finish with their batting and backing and my quilting and binding for the cause. I don't have any concerns with these quilts not ending up where they're supposed to. If I did, that would be the end of that relationship.
  3. That would be awesome LibbyG! I'd buy it! No, there isn't much convenient to me here, so online resources have been a godsend. In fact, just today I stumbled upon a thread that Dawn Cavanaugh had posted about raising the hopping foot to accommodate thick battings, of up to 3 or 4 business cards and equates one business card to the equivalent thickness of 4 pieces of a sticky note paper! Now that was enlightening! So I raised my hopping foot a bit more and voila, no more puckers! Thanks for your tips!
  4. Loading A Quilt

    Thanks for this Myrna! I really like the way you add in the bits of info along the way, explaining the why of it and what to watch for and concern or not concern yourself with. I would be so pleased if you continued with other videos because this one was awesome! I've had my Lenni just about one year now and any little tips and tricks I can get to ease the process are so appreciated. I only wish I could come visit you in Colorado!
  5. Thanks Eric for your tips! I would love to be able to take an advanced class from Angela Huffman! I get the trial and error process. I don't know if you noticed my other post more recently about getting tiny puckers on my quilt top, from the fabric being pushed, a result of the thickness factor. Do you have any thoughts on that? I was at the Quilt Expo in Portland recently so asked a few longarmers about it and they all said to raise my hopping foot a bit. I've only just returned home, but thought I would do that and see how it goes. I can always lower it back down. I'm talking another half or sol business car thickness. Business card thickness if such an arbitrary measurement?, how thick is a business card? Know what I mean .

    Hi Mary Beth! Yes we plan to attend on November 3rd with the 4th as an additional day option. Not signed up for any classes or anything, simply there to take it all in as my sister isn't a rabid quilter like myself , but I'm thrilled to have someone to wander the show with in her! What are you planning to do there? Classes, shopping, drooling? Lol!

    I'm off to the Houston quilt show in a couple of weeks, my first time there, with my sister, her first time to a quilt show. I've been to several different ones over the past few years, but there are so many! I've been to the NW Quilting Expo in Portland, Oregon several times, it's always good. HMQS (a different name now) in Salt Lake City, Utah, fantastic show, runs in May, PIQE in Santa Clara, Calif, runs in October, and hope to maybe get to Road 2 California this January. Paducah is still on my list!!
  8. For the waves/clamshells, could you not chalk a grid and then freehand it to get the look of your upside down clamshells, if you did say a 2" grid, it would be doable. Of course you'd want to outline the appliqué first and accentuate them. Hard to get the scale from the picture, so 2" might be to much or too little. For the rest of it you could outline the features/appliqué and free hand a spiky fill (thinking grassy) or McTavishing? Just a couple thoughts off the top of my head... I will be interested in seeing what u come up with!
  9. Small Pleats in Top

    Thanks Jim. Was going to try skill to learn as I'm a 2 handed driver. Also trying to change my motif choices to accommodate that in certain areas and to try and avoid the piling up.
  10. So I am working on my Morrocan Vibe quilt with 2 layers of batting, Hobbs 80/20 on the bottom, Hobbs wool on top. I worked through the quilt from top to bottom essentially ditching the main features of the quilt and pin basting. I've found that if I'm not extremely careful and even when I am, I can end up with a small pleat of excess fabric at the end of a line of stitching maybe 6-8 inches, with a ruler, when it meets up with a ditched feature, like the fabric is being pushed. I've been trying to counteract that by not stitching the grid all in one direction, but varying it so it doesn't do that, but while it looks ok in the end, I feel that it is being distorted a bit. In an open area of fairly dense quilting, I'll get a small pleat when I close up an area. I've been reading older posts on hopping foot height and it appears that 2 business cards is the max height, which is where I'm at now. Any suggestions on how to prevent this tiny pleating I'm getting, if I can't raise my hopping foot any further? Can I raise my hopping foot a fraction yet? Thanks for your insight on this .
  11. It just goes to show you that it doesn't need to be complex to be beautiful! Great quilt and quilting!
  12. Pink Halloween Quilt

    What a fun quilt to make and to quilt! Absolutely over the top in every way! Well done!
  13. Bedford Springs

    Such a gorgeous quilt in every way! Love that pattern and the added touches! Fantastic job by all!
  14. Thank you ladies! There is some comfort in knowing it's probably not something I missed when rolling on and this sucking up batting can happen. Betsy, you mentioned the puffing up factor, and now that you mention it, I remember thinking when I took it out of the package that it was way thinner than I expected. However, it was so badly wrinkled, I first hung it over my longarm frame to relax and spritzed it with water. After two days it was still pretty wrinkled (and no thicker), so I spritzed it again and popped it in the dryer on Extra Low for no more than 15 minutes and poof! It was thick and like I mentioned, was shorter in the one direction, not that I thought to measure it previous to that, but assumed it was as advertised on the package. So that may very well be where the length went, in the poof. So, you have to wonder if when its prepared for market and is so thin when we get it if it is stretch out to size? I'm not afraid of adding at the end if I must, but was more afraid of a wad of batting somewhere in the sandwich that is too late to fix! Another learning experience!