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  1. It must be picture day today! I just finished binding this quilt I finished quilting right before Christmas. Yesterday was finally dry enough with a little break through light in the clouds so ran outside for pictures. This quilt is a takeoff of the SKOW Moroccan Vibe, enlarged to fit our bed to 96”x 117. This was the quilt I asked so many questions here about double batting and hopping foot height etc. It was certainly a learning experience in so many ways. Quilted on Lenni.
  2. My studio is getting a facelift

    Isn't it exciting?!!!! Oddly enough, we are doing the same thing at our house. I feel your pain! Although ours is only paint and flooring, but it's the entire basement level. I'm so excited be rid of ancient carpet and green walls and have an opportunity to reorganize my sewing room. We've been in our house over 10 years so it's long overdue. Purging as we go. It's going to be awesome!
  3. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing that Connie!
  4. Millie Sweepstakes

    You guys are a hoot! Good luck everyone! Trying to be a good sport here, but, I really want to win too!!

    Looks awesome! Good luck with your Raffle!
  6. New Longarmer

    Welcome to the APQS family! You are going to have so much fun with Millie! Look forward to your pictures!
  7. Your quilt is so pretty. I love your quilting choices as they add a very complimentary and elegant touch to the quilt. The border inside the light/white blocks look lacey and I really like it. Good idea!
  8. Both quilts are fantastic! Lots of piecing skill and patience there. I particularly like the Six Pack quilt pattern and the fabric choices really make it a standout and your quilting choices are perfect! Very nice altogether.
  9. My Lakeshore Sunrise

    Beautiful quilt and quilting! There is a lot of work in that quilt and it certainly paid off!
  10. Your quilt turned out beautifully! I've not been brave enough to try minky yet. Sorry to hear of your daughter's illness. I'm sure she will find comfort in your quilt, knowing you are with her in your thoughts.
  11. Thank you Eric! Yup, a bit of planning ahead goes a long way. I also snap pictures with my phone, so I can check back and see what I did, so I can repeat it when I need to further down the quilt. My memory is not great ;-).
  12. Beautiful quilts and your quilting choices and execution are perfect! What a cutie you have in your grand baby!
  13. Luminary

    That is a very cool quilt! Nice touch with the scrappy binding. Great job!
  14. Zoe the Zebra

    What an adorable quilt! The quilting is perfect!
  15. Great question! I'm on Facebook, but I've only stuck with it to keep in touch with what's going on with my family living across the country. Just recently, I joined a few quilting groups on there and a local buy and sell group. I actually prefer the forum setting as I don't really trust FB and where your information is going. It seemed to me FB was becoming a lot less active amongst family members, but man there is always someone posting inane comments somewhere on the groups I've joined. Time will tell if I stick with them. I much prefer the forums that I choose to join. At least I know someone has come here out of interest and not so random.
  16. Do you mean like mount your back and batting then piece the top in strips as you go? Sounds doable if that's what you mean..
  17. Thanks Connie! I agree, before the quilting, the top was rather uninspiring. The whole project was intended to be a learning tool. I wanted to try a curved piecing pattern from SKOW and practice my quilting, trying new motifs, so needed lots of negative space . I wanted to try a double batted quilt and wanted another quilt for our bed. I used a discounted FQ bundle and a few scraps and background I had on hand to keep the cost down. I often feel let down when I finish piecing a top, they always look so flat. But I've come to the belief the quilting really does breathe life into a quilt and it worked on this one too!
  18. Quilting with Minky or Cuddle Backing

    Gotcha! Thank you for your advice and thank you Luz2Quilt for posting the question! Happy Quilting!
  19. Thank you everyone for such positive feedback! One thing I've really noticed with working on the longarm over my Sweet 16 sitdown, is the fact that the big picture while in progress is hidden from us, so when you finally finish a quilt, it's just like Christmas morning when you get to unwrap the quilt and see the big picture and overall effect of the quilting you've added. I admit that I am quite happy with the big picture I've made here, as I really changed direction a few times while piecing, when I didn't like certain aspects, then with the quilting I only knew how I was going to quilt one thing for sure and it was the border. The rest was ad lib'd and I was sure it would look like a dogs breakfast when I was done. I am so glad I got a pleasant surprise in the outcome. Thank you again for all the help received from this forum of awesome quilters!
  20. Thanks Libby! Coming from you that's high praise indeed . I don't keep track of my hours, I'm not that disciplined, but I had it on the frame for over two months. I'm really slow at it and I don't get to quilt everyday, but tried to keep a it, as I knew if I didn't, I'd never get it off! I think it takes me longer to decide what I'm going to do, as doing it when it comes to all aspects of my quilting .
  21. Awesome! It looks so perfect, I wondered . I'm pretty sure it would take me at least double that, and it wouldn't be done as well. It's beautiful!
  22. Quilting with Minky or Cuddle Backing

    Hi Betty. Do you mean have the lengthwise grain without stretch, running parallel to the leaders? Thank you,
  23. Coming back!

    Fantastic quilts, each in their own way! How appropriate for your little nephew! Blessings to you and your family.
  24. Gorgeous quilt and the quilting is perfect and so pretty! Was this all done freehand Libby or with computerized designs? I haven’t got a grasp on what can be done or not on a computerized setup, so I’m curious. It was a lot of quilting, either way!
  25. That’s a great quilt!! Your design choices suit it to a ‘T’. I’m sure she is thrilled with the outcome! So pretty.