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  1. This is just beautiful. Your quilting really bring it to life.
  2. Being idle would be hard but smart to let it heal. Hope time passes easily for you. Take care. Oh, If you like reading there are a lot of quilt themed cozy mysteries out there.
  3. Beautiful quilt. Can't believe how fast you quilted it and got the binding on!
  4. Beautiful work. Your "doodle" is very interesting too. I would find that as much work as the quilting. I'm not quite there yet in designing and quilting so really interesting to see how you develop ideas. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the review Micajah. Always feel better when reading a "real" review since I've learned that a lot of them on line are fake. Please keep us updated as you get to use it more.
  6. That is great info Vegaslady. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with all this info.
  7. Always good info on this forum. Appreciate everyone who takes the time to help.
  8. Super cute! Love both of them.
  9. I don't have any answers either. It seems every time I have a question about anything, customer service just gives me the runaround. I feel your pain and frustration. Hope you find something better.
  10. Goegeous work. You complemented her piecing very well. Turned out great!
  11. Should have been clearer.....I don't do this with a walking foot but if I am using a different type of foot to do certain types of quilting, then I loosen the pressure.
  12. I think that looks really nice. I like the curves of the ribbons.
  13. What a lovely picture to commemerate a special time. Enjoy the rest of their visit.
  14. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at day camp. I would enjoy something like that too. I make a lot of baby/kid quilts for the local RMcD house and childrens hospital. You are right, it is very satisfying.