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  1. I also have a george. Can you tell me what a Superior Glide Cloth is? And what is the gadget on top of your machine? Is that a pair of horizontal spool pins? I’m just curious... thanks!
  2. Wow, your quilt is beautiful! I just found this post when looking for tips on quilting a king quilt on George. I too, love my george, but haven’t done anything that big yet. I have a 104” square king quilt coming up, and I’ve been a little nervous about starting it, but after seeing what you have accomplished, I guess I shouldn’t be so scared. Can I ask how you baste? I normally pin baste on a large table, but it will take several repositions of the quilt and a boat load of safety pins for this one. Any tips to share?
  3. George needs a new, loving home

    Can you tell me what the white sheet is on your table? Looks like a jumbo Supreme Slider?
  4. No, I didn't mark the borders. I stitched the first big arc in each segment first all the way around the quilt, then went back and echoed it to fill in each one. The YouTube video shows how to do it. "Curved border" by The Quilt Journal.
  5. Canada

    https://www.whirlsnswirlsquilting.ca/ here is one that rents.
  6. Parrs or Westalee rulers for George

    I haven't tried those rulers, but I use the ones from Accents In Designs. They have posts on them that make them easier to hold on to while quilting. I really like them.
  7. Hi Carrie, i just got my George, and it came with one standard foot. I bought the accessory pack of 3 additional feet, mainly because I knew I wanted to do ruler work. So far, the table size is fine, but I've only done a 48"x60" quilt. I had concerns about that as well, but figured if I need more space behind the table, I will move it out from the wall and put an old ironing board back there. I can adjust the height to match the George table and it will give me an extra foot or so. There are also lots of tutorials on the web for suspending the extra bulk of your quilt using clamps and bungee cords. Patsy Thompson makes and sells one too. So I'm not worried anymore. I know there are solutions if need be. My cutting table forms an "L" with the George table, and I also put a small folding table to my left to help support the quilt. Here's a picture of my setup. It works well for me, so far. Sorry, the pic is a little dark, and ignore the clutter. I was still getting things set up when I took it. And my George came with the heavy duty turbo bobbin wonder. Wow, what a great gadget! I love my machine, and the support from the APQS team is fantastic as well. I have had a few technical questions and have had excellent response. I'm impressed. Good luck with your decision.
  8. This is stunning! It's a beautiful quilt on its own, and your quilting takes it over the top. I'm sure your customer loves it too. Great job!
  9. Just to clarify, it's my first quilt on George. Not my first ever quilt. I've been quilting on my domestic machine for a while, but it's so much better on a George! Thanks for your kind words.
  10. Wow, so many flattering compliments! You guys are so kind and sweet. I appreciate all your comments and thank you all.
  11. Wish I could tell you the pattern name, but my daughter started the quilt several years ago and has forgotten what pattern she used. Sorry.
  12. Thanks for all your kind words, everyone.
  13. This is the first quilt I've done on my brand new George sit-down machine. My daughter and I made the quilt for a customer, so I was a little nervous, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. I filled the center with a large allover Bear Claw design (learned from a blog post by "A Few Scraps"), then did a curved design in the border using a curved ruler by Accents In Design, in a design I learned from The Quilt Journal on YouTube. I used SewFine 50 thread in a bright turquoise on the top, and medium gray on the bottom. It was such a joy to quilt this on George! Such a step up from quilting on my domestic machine. Can't wait to start another quilt!
  14. New George

    Thanks all. I cranked up my music and all is good.