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  1. Used Freedom for sale

    I actually have a buyer. No longer available.
  2. Used Freedom for sale

    Yes the machine is still available. You can come and see it when you are available.
  3. Used Freedom for sale

    We are located a couple of hours south of Des Moines.. machine is ready to go!
  4. Used Freedom for sale

    Saturday works better for me. I will be home after 1:00 and then all afternoon and evening. I am work all day today.
  5. Used Freedom for sale

    What time would you be coming through? I won't be home until after lunch. I can make sure I have it ready to look at.
  6. Used Freedom for sale

    We have this sitting on some casters so it will roll wherever you want it to. I haven't checked into shipping. The poles for the table are 14 ft long so I am sure would be expensive to ship. I am not planning to include shipping in the final cost but am willing to take offers on this machine.
  7. Used Freedom for sale

    No problem. I would be glad to have you take a look and give it a try before you purchase it. It always helps to see it in action. I live just south of Ottumwa, Iowa if you need to map my location to give you an idea of where I am at.
  8. Used Freedom for sale

    Yes it is still for sale. We live about 4 hours east of Omaha in southern Iowa. Would you want to see the machine first? We can also meet halfway if you are interested in purchasing it. Thanks!
  9. Used Freedom for sale

    Still available. Lowering price to $6,000. Needing to move this so the space in the house can be re purposed. Thanks!