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  1. Martelli Hoops

    I like machiners gloves also use bats
  2. George for Sale

    Sorry I haven't responded back since my last post I came down ill. Is there a way to communicate in private outside of this forum. Think if we could communicate privately it would be better.
  3. Day at the lake quilt

    thank you for all the kind words again. Was a most fun quilt to make. Glad to share so others can appreciate it
  4. George for Sale

    Is this machine still available? Is it L size or M size bobbins and what type bobbin winder comes with machine. Are there extra feet. Do you have the manual. I may be interested in this
  5. Day at the lake quilt

    The Pattern was a Nancy Davis Murty Design but the pattern is no longer available. I did make some changes to quilt to make it my own.
  6. Day at the lake quilt

    thank you all so much
  7. what does member Reputation mean

    thanks so much for the explanation and the atta-boys you all are so kind Happy quilting everyone
  8. Day at the lake quilt

    what is a member reputation?
  9. new here what does it mean that someone gives you a member reputation?
  10. my first quilt on george

    the quilt pattern name is " All around the town" by Susan Garmen, it took 450 hours to make. It was a gift for my husband. He saw one in a quilt show and asked if I could make it. I took a first and third place ribbon in on the quilt it was entered into two local quilt shows. Oh it also got a vendors choice award. thanks all
  11. Forums for sitdown quilters

    Awesome judy very nice quilts thanks for sharing.
  12. Forums for sitdown quilters

    I was more or less curious to see pictures of quilts that other George owners have completed.
  13. Is there a forum for sit down quilters? New to site and how to use it. I have an older George for about a year now, I don't much information associated with George users here. Am I looking in wrong place?