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  1. Bobbin

    How do I fix that
  2. Bobbin

    yes it is still new. yes I broke a needle and I have retreaded it several times. I did one quilt on it and did great. i think it is probably something simple but can't figure it out. I live in Cedar city Utah and no one in the guild has the same machine. I have had other long arm friends who have tried to help me and they can't figure it out. I am having a man who I know, who repairs machines, come over so hopefully he can help me. He thinks it is the timing or the hook. I am hoping the learning curve gets easier. I took a class on this machine when I was in Seattle and learned a lot. thanks for your help
  3. tension problems

    I have the same issue so I am going to follow you
  4. Bobbin

    My top thread and bottom threads don't connect together. What could be the problem. I have a lennie and have had trouble the tension issues since I got it now this