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Found 7 results

  1. Quilters, I’m having an issue with a computerized design and I’m grasping at straws to fix it since this quilt is needed right away. I have Compuquilter so its hard to find answers when/if I have an issue like this but it may just be a computerized design issue and nothing to do with the program. I would appreciate any help you might offer....I truly appreciate it! Here’s the issue: The first row of the quilt quilted about 3-4 inches past the place it should have stopped at the far edge. Then when it came back to zero, it was 3-4 inches short of where it actually started. I moved the head back to where it should be and reset zero. The second row is not ‘nesting’ correctly as it nears the right side of the quilt....the design is touching the row above and is overlapping a little at one point. The second row went 5-6 inches past the far edge where it should have stopped and when it came back to zero, it was 5-6 inches short of zero. I stand and watch it the whole time because I’m using monofilament and it breaks sometimes. I haven’t noticed any shifting or anything wrong with the quilting design. I don’t know what is causing it or how to fix it....can you help? Thanks for any suggestions you might have!
  2. Hello APQS family! I'm listing for a customer. Please contact her directly with questions: For Sale in Central Iowa: Moving to an apartment and must part with my APQS machine—it works great, no problems whatsoever! APQS Millennium with CompuQuilter 2004 model 14-foot table Power Fabric Advance included Asking $9,500 for the entire system—great bargain! Buyer must move the machine. For more information, email:
  3. I have a KenQuilt 622 Quilting Machine and a KenQuilt Dutchess Quilting Machine for sale. The details, photos and videos are at I also have new old stock for CompuQuilter systems. Feel free to inquire about parts not listed. There are many cables, belts, and parts that haven't been listed yet.
  4. BOTH MACHINES HAVE BEEN SOLD. I have been long arm quilting for 17 years. Now we are moving and I cannot take my machines with me. Both machines have been cleaned regularly. SOLD SOLD SOLD. I have a 2005 APQS Ultimate 1 that is a real workhorse. This machine has a 26" throat (approx. 18" of quilting/working space). It comes with a 14' table with batting storage underneath. Includes laser stylus, bobbin winder, bobbins, bobbin cases, needles, manual, pantos and oil, single stitch button, lower thread cutter, manual channel locks, canvas leaders, side clamps. The machine is currently set up. $5,500 (OBO). I am eager to sell. All reasonable offers will be considered. SOLD SOLD SOLD. I also have an 2010 Millennium with Compuquilter. The compuquilter has changed my world. I love quilting with a computerized quilter. The flexibility for patterns is priceless. It comes with a 26" throat which allows approx. 18" working space and a 14' table. It includes laser stylus, bobbin winder, bobbins, bobbin cases, needles, manual, and oil, single stitch button, lower thread cutter, auto channel locks, canvas leaders, side clamps, fabric advance system, Over 400 patterns ready to use and the computer/monitor/keyboard. System also includes a battery backup. The machine is currently set up. $22,500 (OBO). I am eager to sell. All reasonable offers will be considered. The 3 pictures are of the Ultimate 1. I live in Galion, Ohio. The machine is currently setup. Buyer is responsible for tear down, pick up, transportation, reassembly and all other associated costs. For information, please call me at 419-545-2192 or email me at Thank you, Linda
  5. Trouble with Computer...

    I have the Dell computer with the compuquilter. every thing works Screen will not show anything. the computer turns on and lights,no beeping. and i hooked up the screen to my tv and that works. its just the tower is not giving a signal to the screen....AND...this is not a great time to have problems....of course!
  6. CQ users informal meeting, Houston Quilt Festival, Thursday, Oct. 31st, 4pm. Look for us in the Food Court area, on the far left as you enter the food section. Hope you can join us. Karen