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Found 9 results

  1. All have sold. Thanks! I have 80 pantos I'd like to sell, $8.50 each. If you have an interest, please email me for a list at BLHUTCHERSON @ SBCGLOBAL.NET (no spaces). I can probably fit quite a few in a USPS flat rate priority board game box that ships for $18.95 plus insurance. Once I send the list you will have 24 hours to respond with your choice and then I will send what's left on the list to the next person in line. I prefer Paypal. Please send payment via Paypal when you reply with your choices. I also have OMNI threads for sale if anyone is interested.
  2. If anyone has recently upgraded to a computerized system and has used pantographs for sale I'd love to see what you have. I've purchased quite a few but always looking for new ones. Thanks, Brenda
  3. Here is a charity quilt with a panto called Paperchase This Quilt was Carol's Stain Glass quilt I used a panto called Fall spendor. It has apples pumpkins crows and maple leafs. Lynne made so many blocks she made two quilts the one with Zebra batik is for her son
  4. I've recently added Quilt Path to my machine and I'm now releasing more pantos for sale.. I'm selling them for $7.00 each, some of these are brand new designs that I had just acquired, (please do not ask me if I will sell for less) purchased for $16.00 or more each. I have several novelty/theme and holiday pantos.. this is a great opportunity to get this at less than 1/2 price.. nice for pantos you don't use all the time. PLEASE contact me direct at and I' will send you a complete list of what I have for sale. If you reply to this post I probablyt won't see again contact me direct. I have lots of rulers and stencils if anyone is interested in those also.
  5. I have some awesome pantographs for sale. I purchased Quilt Path so am switching over to digital. I waited way too long to practice with Pantographs. If you're new, don't be afraid to give them a try. My business got a real boost once I became proficient with the pantos because I was able to finish much quicker that a custom. They are the "bread and butter" of our business. $8 ea plus shipping. All 23 $175 plus shipping. Linda Taylor -Feather Meandering 14” -Feathered Flower 15” Jodi Beamish -Waterworld 8” Sold -Holly Bells 8.75” -Chevron Feather 10” Sold -Popcorn SM 6” Sold -New Wave 8.5” Sold Patricia Ritter -Wave on Wave 7” double row -Indian Summer-Petite 5” wide -Santa Ana 8” double row Sold -P.S. I Love You 9.5” Sold -Curlz 7.5” double row -Animal Crackers 9.5” Sold Benay Derr -Pretty Paisley 11” Sold -Fluffy Clouds 11” Sold -Tickle 11” Sold -Tickle Too 11” Sold Keryn Emmerson -Leaf & Scroll 12” -Double Plume 7” Hermione Agee -Alfresco 11” Sold -Happy Times 5” Sold -Nouveau Feathers 7” double row Sold R&S Designs -Stars and Stripes 4” double row
  6. The last set of pantographs has been sold, and I want to thank you for showing an interest in my collection. Your reviews and inquiries reminded me, once again, that you are a wonderful, caring group of quilters. I am proud and delighted to be a member of this group! Nancy V.
  7. This is the last quilt I have done. simple pattern with lots of color and prints some girl is going to love this one. I did a simple panto called tangled threads using brown Glide with a calf scour green( what can I say I live on a farm, and that is what it reminds me of) invisafil #517 in the bobbin. Thanks for looking and have a great Day
  8. We are preparing for a major cross country move, and it is cost prohibitive for me to include my studio in the move... 2005 Millie, well maintained, and serviced by APQS. 14 Ft long rail, auto advance. Selling with Circle Lord, Quarted, Aztec, mini aztec, featherz border, ginko, cross hatch (9 in total), and 4 Giant Boards, clam, swirls, square dance,fan, and more Paper Patterns (20+) from beginner to advanced. 4 Tote boxes of specialty threads. Machine quilting books, etc. Extra needles included. Everything you need and nothing you don't! Total value over $22000, Asking $15,000 with Instruction and Delivery in the Atlanta market. SELLING Machine FOR $10,500 Shipping is up to you if you are over 2 hours away. Please give Millie a good home! Use her often and well! Cynthia Willard 404-831-7296 PS I also have some HUGE, Beautiful quilt tops for sale...
  9. Pantos for sale

    I have an IQ system and no longer need these paper pantos. I sold most of my pantos a couple of years ago but when I was cleaning my studio, I saw this stack still in the corner and decided it is time to really clean. Here is what I have: If it shows the same name and looks like the same pattern, it isn't. Some times there are two rows on one pattern and sometimes it is just a larger pattern. I have a few that I drew myself that I will also throw in. I would like to sell them all (52 listed plus my hand drawn ones) for $250 plus shipping. Pattern Size Designer Poinsettia 10.00 Danetta Burnett Poodles 10.00 Danetta Burnett Batter Up 11.00 Dave Hudson Dandy Dinosaur 8.00 Dave Hudson Doggie Pit Stop 10.00 Dave Hudson Football 10.50 Dave Hudson Football 11.00 Dave Hudson Interlocking Rodeo Way 11.00 Dave Hudson Nascar 4 and 8.7 Dave Hudson Palm Tree 5.00 Dave Hudson Security Blanket 3.50 Dave Hudson Sharky 5.00 Dave Hudson BMP-4 Bear/Moose/Pines 13.00 Deb Geissler Dancing Leaves 11.50 Deb Geissler Dancing Leaves Large 11.50 Deb Geissler Feathers all over 8.00 Deb Geissler Feathers all over 15.00 Deb Geissler Iris Border 8.00 Deb Geissler Lucky Charms 12.00 Deb Geissler May Flower 14.00 Deb Geissler Seascape 8.00 Deb Geissler Seascape 10.00 Deb Geissler Seascape 13.00 Deb Geissler Star border/airplane border (2ptrns) “4-6 Deb Geissler Star border/heart border (2 ptrns) “4-6 Deb Geissler Whimsical Airplanes 12.00 Deb Geissler Cats Paw 8.00 Jodi Beamish Duck Hunt 10.00 Jodi Beamish Festive Holly 14.00 Jodi Beamish Inkblot 2sizes on one pattern 4 and 8.7 Jodi Beamish Cable and feather border w/ corner 7.25 Keryn Emmerson Cable and feather border w/ corner “8-10 Keryn Emmerson Oriental Cloud 14.00 Keryn Emmerson Ribbon (Dbl on panto) 4 and 8.7 Keryn Emmerson Star & Crescent 10.00 Keryn Emmerson Interlocking Living Heart 11.00 Living Designs Double Gothic 8.00 Mary Edwards Stars & Stripes Forever 8.00 Mary Edwards Indira 11.00 Meredith England Bow 9.00 N. Sharp Chantilly Lace 4.00 N. Sharp Chantilly Lace 6.00 N. Sharp Cotton Candy 6.00 N. Sharp Dbl Row Chantilly Lace 9.00 N. Sharp Steam 8.50 N. Sharp Whimsey dbl row 12.00 N. Sharp Interlocking Twirling Daisies 11.00 NR Luck of the Irish 2rows of 6 6.00 NR Mozart 9.00 Willow Leaf Studio Designs Tannenbaum 9.75 Willow Leaf Studio Designs Tulip Basket – Sm 8.60 Willow Leaf Studio Designs Swirl 12.00