Help with hydraulic lift installation please

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The hydraulic leg system has two blocks that are about 1/2 inch by 1 inch with two holes and 2 blocks that are 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch with one hole.

I am not sure how those blocks are used in mounting the hydraulic pistons to the leg brackets. Also, there are only eight bolts for the hydraulic rams when there should be sixteen (4 for each ram).

Any pictures of the front or back leg ram mount would be appreciated!

Thank you!


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CJ, if you go to the site of the original manuf. of the lifts, they have complete instructions that are much more detailed about the lift systems than the instructions you get from APQS. The instructions are not specific for our longarm tables, but you will learn a lot about the lift systems themselves.

#1 and most important. No need to level your table using the original legs on your table; however, after lifts are installed, you must level the table using the screw-in adjustments on the bottom of the lift legs before engaging the lifts. Because, all four lift legs must hit the floor or engage at the same time in order for your table to be level when it's lifted.

So, if you've raised your table legs for leveling, lower them to the lowest position all the way to the floor before installing the lifts. Otherwise your lift levelers may not be long enough. Once the lifts are installed, your table legs will be irrelevant. It will be entirely the lift legs that support your table.


Georgene Huggett
APQS Sales, Service, Education
Poquoson, Virginia
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My lift system uses 2 u-bolts and a spacer and requires 4 bolts per leg. If you take a picture of the components you have...maybe we can help you figure it out!

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Know where we can find help on repair? Mine won't turn on. I looked to see if all cables were plugged in, and they are. It's turned on before and I was able to go up and down with it, but it's not doing anything now. :-\\

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