Quilting on Tricot

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Yes, ,:o tricot! I have a customer who is a very dear friend whose mother made quilts for all the grandbabies out of tricot. Great-Grandma has passed away and now a new grandbaby is on the way and he does not want this new baby to be without a quilt. So.....

Has anyone ever quilted a quilt made of tricot? The good news is that this is a wholecloth. I have chosen Linda Taylor's ballerina pattern for the quilting. I am thinking of using Bottom Line top and bottom. Should I use a ball point needle? What about batting? How should I load the tricot--selvedges to leaders or vice-versa? Any and all advise will be greatly appreciated!

90EB6B28C6BCFC9DAC2A6D4F9B7AFCA9.png Lisa E APQS Freedom SR with Bliss! Henderson, NV

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