APQS Lucey 26" 2008 certified machine purchased from APQS.

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For sale 2008 APQS Lucey 26", purchased in 2012, one wonderful machine. Selling due to illness and change in life plans. I have quilted over 30 beautiful quilts on this machine with absolutely no problems. The machine was bought as a certified machine from APQS. Lucey is on a 10 foot, extremely stable, aluminum APQS frame. My Lucey is BLISSED.

Selling price, including loads of extras, $8800.00. FINAL REDUCTION $8250.00

Vertical and horizontal locks, very important.

Interchangeable hopping foot - lets you customize your machines feet based on the kind of quilting you do.

Bobbin - Smart Bobbin© (L size)

Synchronous belt drive system - APQS machines are precisely held in time through our belt drive technology. Building a machine that will not fall out of time means your tension and stitch integrity will be the same for the life of your machine.

Self-lubricating bushings - The amount of oil required to care for an APQS machine is a fraction of what other quilting machines need, making maintenance simple and easy. This machine is equipped with the BLISS RAIL SYSTEM making it incredibly easy to operate with one hand.

LED lighting - Bright, clear lighting increases accuracy.

Quiet, enclosed DC motor - APQS combines technology with sleek design to give you a beautiful machine with the horsepower you need. Our integrated electronics and motor are tucked away behind the clean lines of our machines.

Single disc thread tensioner - Having only one place to set tension means our machines can run a wide range of even the most finicky threads, opening up your creative options.

Auto needle positioner - When you come to a halt your APQS machine will not stop partially in the fabric - it will either stop in the full up or full down position, depending on your preference.

Single stitch button, two position - Whether you like to tack your starting/ending stitches or knot & bury, you can control it all with the touch of a button.

Laser Stylus - Easily follow a paper pattern with the precision laser. We will include two pantos that came with machine. We have many more we will be selling separately. Extras: we will be including are as follows:

Handles front and back.

Red Snapper system to load quilt unto frame. So much easier than pins or zippers. Check them out at Nancy's Notions.

All instructions and books of information on setting up, repairing and using machine, including two disc's of information.

We will include threads and pre made bobbins to get you started. I will include several Pantographs.

Bobbin winder

Two sets of side clamps for holding your quilt nice and flat.

Heavy duty leader system installed, like new.

All original boxes if you want

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We do have all of the original boxes in which it was shipped to us and the original info on unpacking and setting up the machine. It took maybe three hours to set it up and have it working and we are two 70+ yo ladies. Lol. Very easy setup and it worked immediately. We had a tin Lizzie before this and it took two months to get that one working right. This is just an incredible machine.

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I am interested in your machine and I'm sending you a second one. AOL often puts emails in spam so check that folder. Or email me at 3mphquiltin@gmail.com or call or text me at 585-935-1537. I can travel to your home, take machine down, load it in my 20 ft trailer. All you will have to do is count the cash . Thank you.

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