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HELP! My top thread on my Mille has suddenly started fraying and breaking. I have changed the needle three times, sanded the hopping foot and two curly thread guides for possible burs, and i am out of ideas or things to try. I just quilted a t-shirt quilt with the same cone of thread so I don't think that is it. I use Superior So Fine 50wt. Anyone know what could be wrong? I am desperate for answers. 

Cyndi C.

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Loosen your pigtails and rotate them 180 degrees and tighten them back up.  I've never had any luck trying to sand the grooves out of them.  If that works you are good for many months so there is no rush to special order them.  That has been my most common reason for top thread fraying.



Brenda Wells - Green Millie
Nigel Wells - Ultimate 1 with |Intellistitch & IQ

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