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  2. It is a matter of just loosening one screw, taking off the current foot and putting on a different foot. Kind of like changing a needle!
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  4. Yeah. A lot of the ideas can be realized for a person that likes the idea of creating a small business.
  5. Probably a little light for motorcycle chain but definitely bicycle chain and cables. Tri-Flow superior is commonly used in the vintage sewing machine community. It is a very light viscosity oil that also helps soften up and flush out the years old oil that has turned to gum. It would work fine in our machines but my understanding is the PTFE will not pass through the wicks. So since you need the regular sewing machine oil for the wicks, why bother having two products when one will do. Now if I was servicing one of our machines that had been sitting for a few years I wouldn’t hesitate to take off the side cover and give the mechanicals a good soaking with Tri-Flow. Nigel
  6. Tri-Flow appears to be motorcycle chain oil. I for one would not use it on my George. It might work, but why take the risk? Plus, I do not believe it would be an easy lubricant to get our of fabric.
  7. Susan, I'm not familiar with Tri-Flow lubricant but I've never seen it used on an APQS machine. Take a look at the Cleaning and Oiling instructions that came with your Lucey - those instructions keep our machines ticking along as they should!
  8. On the subject.....can the Tri-Flow lubricant be used on my Lucey?
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  10. For Sale 2005 APQS Millennium Stitch Regulated includes 12 foot zippered leaders Features include: motorized advance heavy duty locking casters thread cutter/directional locks front and rear handles bobbin winder laser light Hartley Micro drive handles Hartley base extender Uses L bobbins/will include my remaining prewounds and some needles/Valued at $175 NOTE: New Motherboard January 2018 APQS Spa Treatment July 2016 I purchased used in 2010/have recently upgraded. I am located in Iowa, near Des Moines. Will provide pictures, if requested. Purchaser will be responsible for pickup/transportation and re-assembly Asking $7250
  11. I use YLI Longarm Professional on top, Bottom line in the bobbin, and also avoid quilting in the "rubber". No special needle consideration. I would question your choice of batting however. Thermor is really low loft. In my experience T shirts turn out better with a lofty batting. Seems to help with the stretchy knit fabrics. Good luck. Jim
  12. I agree with Cagey. It is not uncommon for this to happen after your machine has broken in. The machine will turn a little quicker now and is spinning past the stop sensor so the motor stays on and tries for the next stop etc. The break-in happens so gradual you would never notice the speed change of the needle positioning. The number 8 screw adjustment is to slow down the positioning speed so you don’t overrun the magnetic stop sensors. Nigel
  13. Then it would appear the needle up/down needs to be adjusted. I believe this video should help you , If after watching the video you still have questions, I suggest calling APQS to have all your questions answered. Best of luck.
  14. Okay, considering removing the thread cutter from my 2013 Millennium because I don't use it and suspect I would find my machine even easier to move if she dropped a couple of pounds. The only reason I hadn't done that yet was because my acrylic Hartley ruler base wouldn't fit anymore without the thread cutter -- but I saw a thread in the forum from 2012 with several members talking about "Donita's ruler base" that you use instead. I googled "Donita ruler base" and came up with Donita Reeve's site -- is that what you're talking about (see pictures of Donita Reeve's ruler base below)? There are no dimensions given for her APQS ruler base and I'm not sure how it attaches to the machine. I'm wondering why people chose this ruler base instead of the clear acrylic Hartley base that APQS has, and what the advantages/disadvantages would be. I see that she says the beveled edges of her base do not get hung up on the side clamps like the Hartley base does. Is this ruler base big enough to support larger rulers, like Bethanne Nemesh's French Curve rulers in her Garden Lines collection? Does this actually screw on through the stitch plate screw holes, or does it clamp onto the machine in some way? And finally, if I remove the factory installed thread cutter from my Millie, will Donita's ruler base for APQS machines without thread cutters fit my machine without additional modification? The main thing I dislike about the Hartley base is that if I accidentally lean or press down too hard near one of the front corners, the whole thing tips up while I'm quilting.
  15. I just discovered that there’s a kit available for converting my 2013 Millie to accept the new Quick Change feet. I hate changing the old style feet on my machine with the two fiddly screws but haven’t had a chance to see how the newer feet work. The conversion kit is $200 but it comes with the true 1/4 inch foot that I really want ($140 if I buy the version that fits my machine now). So not much more to upgrade to the newer style. Has anyone else done this? Anyone seen the difference in person — is it really faster/easier to switch the new style feet? I usually just leave the same foot on my Millie all the time, but would definitely use specialty feet if they were easier to change out without disrupting my creative flow.
  16. To trouble shoot, I would test the up/down button on the other set of handles. If the rear up/down button only has the needle do a single movement, then it could be the front switch. Once you have more trouble shooting information, I would give APQS a call. They can direct you to a quick solution. 1-800-426-7233 Best of luck. Cagey
  17. change Text size to 72, and type SOLD. I do not believe you can delete the thread. I for one believe it is helpful to be able to see what previously sold machines asked sales price. It helps both sellers and buyers know somewhat of the going rate. SOLD
  18. Suddenly my 2017 Millie decided to take multiple stitches when I do a single needle up and down. All is clean, I double checked. This is without Quilt Path on too. I've heard to adjust screw 8, and also to adjust other things. But nothing has changed. SO how do I fix this?
  19. APQS Millienium (2010) and Quilt Path (2014 updated), extra digital designs with 14’ de-luxe table, quilt advance, Quilt Glide, Bliss Track System, overhead light system, stand alone APQS Turbo Bobbin Winder, Precise" Pantograph System, pantographs. Very little use. £12,000. Scotland
  20. Is this still available? Does it have a stitch regulator and / or can you purchase one for it. Do you have pantographs for it? How old is it? thank you Mary Barker
  21. I am working on my first T-Shirt quilt and I have some concerns about quilting it, because it has a combination of 100% cotton T-Shirts and 100% polyester materials. The logos on the athletic shirts have rubberized material on it that I won't even attempt to quilt over, I will echo the logos and stitch in the ditch around the quilt block. Any advice about what I should use for: Thread: Top Bobbin Needle type and size: I am using Hobbs Thermor batting Any ideas or advise is appreciated. Rosanne Brunn
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