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  2. Machine only - Frame not included Almost New - Purchased March 2020 and used lightly until September 2020 Includes ruler base and 3-piece hopping foot set (valued at $286.90+13%tax) $4850 CAN$ (no tax) This Q’nique 15R comes with a ruler base and 3-piece hopping foot set, as well as four M-Class bobbins and Size 16 and 18 needles to get you started on your longarm adventures. Stitch counter reads less than 7 total hours of stitching. I am selling my 15R because I have purchased a 21 Pro (couldn’t resist the recent package deal!). I have really enjoyed the 15R and it produces b
  3. I should have just read the forum! Found one! N
  4. I am interested! I'll email you. thanks, Nancy
  5. Warm and Natural is all cotton. I use it more in "summer" quilts or in wall hangings. If you want warmth, look into poly / cotton blends, or all poly if you like. They hold more warmth. Nancy
  6. Thanks, but she sells the one for newer machines. I need the one with a longer shank and 2 holes for screws.
  7. You post appears to be spam. This is a quilting forum - not toilets.
  8. Bold Notion Quilting sells a scoop foot. Have you checked there? She's on Facebook or you can go to her website She is an APQS dealer.
  9. Does anyone know where I can purchase a scoop foot for my 2015 Lenni? The only ones I can find are for newer machines. thanks!
  10. You’re absolutely right and math was my strong subject fifty years ago. I haven’t had my coffee yet. So you would have to take a 1/32 off the edge of the ruler but I’m sure that is not an acceptable solution either. I’m not helping so I’ll be quiet now. Nigel
  11. Thank you for your suggestion, but the problem is that the 9/16" foot is 1/16" larger, so I need to reduce the foot by that much.
  12. Lorri Maybe you could wrap a couple of turns of electrical tape or similar around your hopping foot to increase the diameter to the true half inch. It would be an inexpensive fix until you find the exact feet you are looking for. Nigel
  13. Since the hopping foot that comes on the Gammill is 9/16" when you line the edge of that up with the ruler you are not getting a true and accurate 1/4" inch. If you continue lining your rule up 1/2", 3/4" etched ruler lines, the spacing is not accurate. In other words, I have to mark my quilt tops and then stitch on the marked lines for accuracy. This adds a considerable amount of time to the quilting process and I am running the risk of the marked lines staining the quilt top. Also they have a spoon foot in the set that from what I understand is very helpful when working with patc
  14. Hello, I want to make this quilt but the pattern is no longer available. Would you be willing to sell your copy? Thank you...Joy
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  16. I want some type of images that can help to increase the image of my wall. I already sees fantastic images on the website which I mentioned. Best toto toilet
  17. Lorri: I'm having a hard time understanding what you hope to accomplish with the "quick change feet" Gammill used to offer. Maybe you can elaborate. Thanks. Jim
  18. Hello All, I am looking for feet to fit my Gammill Vision. Apparently Gammill is no longer offering the "quick change feet." So, I am reaching out to see if perhaps someone has a set that they are not using and would consider selling. I am having trouble using the lines on my ruler for accurate spacing, perhaps others have suggestions? Any advice is appreciated!
  19. Hello. I wonder what you have for feet and if you would consider selling them separate from the machine. II can be reached at 603-648-2683. Thanks so much.
  20. Hello, Donna. I am wondering what you have for optional feet, and if you would consider selling them apart from the machine. Thanks. I can be contacted at or 603-648-2683. Thanks so much!
  21. Linda I bought that product and soaked the handkerchiefs. Absolutely amazing. Every single Stain came out. Thank you so much for the referral. Now on to making the quilt.
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