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  2. Possibly. It’s in great shape and updated.
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  4. Is this still for sale? I'm very interested and live less than 2 hrs from you. Please let me know. Thank you!
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  6. Robin, If you have additional questions or want to contact me directly about taking a test drive....my email is: 21raintrees@gmail.com
  7. Judy has this been sold yet? I’m very interested I live in Riverside, CA. Robin
  8. It’s an ultimate 1 with a great frame, it has a bobbin cutter, ergonomic handles at the front. I am asking $3800 cad.
  9. Much has been said and written in praise of Diamond Rings that add more value, more elegance and more beauty to special moments. Most often, it’s the Diamonds that steal the credit for the exquisiteness of Engagement Rings but there is something more than just the beauty of stone that make luxurysjp520 so charming. Yes, we are referring to the way Diamond is set in the ring [url=http://www.cibbuzz.com/brand-29.html]バーバリー コピー 激安[/url]. Diamond Setting plays a defining role in imparting the ring the aesthetics, it is hailed for. Following section discusses some of the most popular Diamond Setti
  10. I have a Brother Dream Machine 15 and the Dream Pro frame (5' x 3') that I need to sell. I bought it 2 years ago, have done about 10 quilts on it, and it is a great machine! I have the opportunity to buy one with computerized quilting and a larger frame from my aunt, so I need to sell this one to buy hers. I don't know how to price it. I want to be fair to both the buyer and myself. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  11. I also want to know how quilt a polyester T-shirt with rubberized logos and I am glad I have found my question answer over here.
  12. For Sale 2010 APQS Millennium, standard features and 12 foot adjustable table. Throat Size 26 inch LED Lighting, new board 05/2020 Stitch Regulator Single Stitch function Horizontal and Vertical Channel Locks Turbo Bobbin Winder L Bobbins and Bobbin Tread Cutter Laser Light Stylus Front and Rear Handles M and M wheels new in 2019 Table includes Auto Quilt Advance (serviced 05/2020) Additional Accessories: Micro Drive ($200.00 new) Base Expander ($170.00 new) Hartley Fence ($400
  13. Probably here are the instructions. https://www.apqs.com/fuse-replacement-video/ Nigel
  14. I have a small quilt half quilted, advanced the quilt and was attempting to slowly baste when Freddie stopped with needle down and all lights went off unexpectedly. I'm a new owner and need assistance trouble shooting. I shut down the table and quilt path which rebooted. Freddie did not respond. Any suggestions on the cause? Could it simply be a fuse? Thank you for suggestions.
  15. Linda, what a beautiful quilt! The quilting is exquisite!
  16. Click on Lynn’s name and send her a message, that will go directly to her email. She hasn’t been on the forum for 16 months so I expect she has sold the machine. If you get her please ask her to update the ad. Nigel
  17. I’m curious if your Millie is still available? I am in the Rochester area as well.
  18. Carriage table for Lenny. Like new condition. Very little use before system upgrade. Item is packaged in a box, 12x4x33, 5 lbs. $20, buyer pays shipping. Text 517-398-1557
  19. Carriage axle with carriage encoder and encoder cable. Sewing head axles with sewing head encoder and encoder cable. No wheels. The encoder wheels themselves sell on APQS website for $23.50 each. Like new condition. Selling parts due to system upgrade. Text 517-398-1557 Parts would be shipped in a Medium Priority box. $50 for all, buyer pays shipping.
  20. Two roller brakes for an APQS Longarm Quilting system. $25.00 for the pair. Works with Lenni, Lucey, and Larry systems. Like new condition. APQS charges $49.95 each. If interested text 517-398-1557 Ship via a Medium Priority Mail box, buyer pays shipping.
  21. Hello, Is this machine still available? I am about 3.5 hours away from you and am interested in more information about this machine. Thank you
  22. Are you still looking for a Bernina 1260? Mine is available. Contact me asap as I am taking it to a swap meet this saturday
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