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  2. Darlene You need to confirm it is a stitch regulator or skipped stitch problem. Are there holes in the fabric where the stitches look long, if so that is a skipped stitch problem. Stitch regulator is usually one direction only left-right or front-back, highly unlikely both at the same time. The likely problem for the stitch regulator is a sensor wheel out of adjustment or a cable not properly plugged in. We had a wire break in a cable right at the connector for one of the regulators years ago but I don’t think that is common. We found it by wiggling the wires to the regulator while trying to sew in that direction. Also which handles do you have mushroom buttons or single? Let us know what you find. Nigel
  3. Which machine do you have and how old is it?
  4. How do I get the manual switch to work? The auto switch works fine. I was quilting yesterday using the manual switch but when I tried to quilt today I couldn't get the manual switch to start. Thank you
  5. My stitch regulator on my millennium seems to be cutting out on the curves. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks in advance, Darlene
  6. my stitch regulator seems to be cutting out on the curves... it is a millennium model. Any advice? How would I increase the spring tension to provide more reliable contact?
  7. Curious as to how/whether this issue was resolved. I just stitched a row (my first) across a new quilt, and when I paused to roll the quilt up to a new section, the stitch regulator won't engage. It has power, my husband and I both checked all the connections, and still nothing. It tried this when I started the first row, but did start after I checked all connections. My machine (HQ) works manually. Any ideas?
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  9. Cat: You need to get the machine up and running before you begin to accumulate stuff to go with it. The type of quilting you do will dictate some of the accessories you'll want. After you use it a while, check back with details on your specific needs. Enjoy. Jim BTW. like Laura, I also have a ult 2. She's right, you can't break these machines.
  10. Unless you experience skipped stitches when sewing with the 3.0 needle, I don't think you would need to re-time your machine. The difference in needle diameter is quite small and shouldn't have much of an impact on stitch creation. Jim
  11. I just looked, and see that there is a significant difference in the geometry of the tables. I think the deluxe table would be an improvement, but before you venture in to that extreme action, make sure everything on your standard table is as it should be. One question. When you modified your Lenni table to accept Lucey, were the wheel/linear bearing rails left at the original spacing, or did the front rail (not the roller, but the wheel rail) get moved out toward the front of the machine? Have your husband check every joint on the table and make sure all fasteners are properly set, and tight. Pay particular attention to the leg assemblies. Does everything fit together properly? Jim
  12. What's the difference between the standard and deluxe tables? Knowing that might, help me have some in site to performance aspects of both. Jim
  13. Bliss is a newer rail and carriage system that makes the machine move with less effort. I think it has been available for about ten years and came after the led light. Add a picture of your carriage and rails and we can tell you. If you don’t know what it is I doubt you have it. Nigel
  14. i have put in the size of the table and the pictures and location, but what is bliss?
  15. is one. I used to order mine from in the U.S. and their shipping was usually pretty quick and reasonable but it’s been a couple of years since I last ordered. Nigel
  16. Does anyone know if there is a wholesale source for Magna-glide bobbins in Canada? Barb
  17. It's interesting, I'd like to get one of these. Would a needle like that fit them? By some strange coincidence, I got a whole box of them for free.
  18. Lisa-J


    Usually put in the back.
  19. You can't trust anyone, let alone in business. Always make contracts, even if it's your loved one, it doesn't matter. You have to separate your personal relationship from your business. You've had a hard time with this lesson, it's sad, but it's a good thing you have experience. I hope that doesn't happen again in your practice.
  20. It's nice to hear you're doing so well. Develop and grow your business. It's always hard at the beginning, then when you have a lot of orders, it will be easier and new ideas for expansion will appear.
  21. It will depend on what kind of business you have. You want to sell on the Internet, by the highway with a sign, through your neighbors? Do you want to give an interesting name or want to develop your business as a brand?
  22. I just bought a long arm ken-quilt.used about 6 times by previous owner who died. It was bought in the 90',s. I am needing to learn more about it.
  23. 2014 Lenni with Bliss table. Asking 4,000.00. Located SW Wisconsin.
  24. I'm trying to finish a quilt pattern that my sister I law started years ago, called Satin Slippers. She cut most of it but when she gave it to me to finish she didn't have the pattern. Does any one still have it? She owns a ballet studio and thought it would be a great thing.
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