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  2. Call Plank Manufacturing... they are uber friendly and are happy to help with their products.
  3. Looking to buy boards. Either groovy brand or circle lord. Anyone selling? Thanks.
  4. First, it is helpful if you can show pictures for both the top and bottom of the exact same quilting area if you have tension issues. I am guessing the pictures are both top, as they are pieced. Could be wrong. In you second picture, you have two large gap skipped areas that appears to me to be over thicker seam area. It looks like they are in areas of a long run that you might have been moving faster, which might have caused the skipped stitches. In the corner of the blue fabric, I would say the stitches are better because you were moving the machine slower over the start/stop for the point you quilted. When Sue suggested a larger needle, I would have done it in small increments... 3.5 to a 4.0 and then a 4.5. Here is Superiors thread reference guide. It is for their specific threads, but a 40 wt thread should be in the ballpark of what you need. 14 = 3.0, 16 = 3.5 18 =4.0 , 19 =4.5, 21 = 5.0 Superior says use an 18 or 4.0 needle for 40 wt. polyester thread. Here are some links for APQS that may help you too.
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  6. Is this machine still available? What else comes with machine? Laser, ruler base, pantographs? Is it stitch regulated
  7. I put in a 5,0 needle and turned it about 2 minutes to the right of center because that's worked for me before. The top and backing fabrics are cheap Joann's. Everytime I have stitch quality issues it is cheap or stabilized knit fabrics. I wish I could find a tutorial to help me understand what is happening. A $20000 set up shouldn't be so finicky about fabric quality? Should it?
  8. I have Babylock Crown Jewel III in excellent condition. I live in Arizona
  9. Have you tried a bigger needle? I am not familiar with the top thread that you are using but it looks in your pictures as though it is probably about a 40wt so a larger needle may help. Even though you have put a new needle in there are sometimes bad needles in a batch.
  10. I am having problems with random skipped stitches, loose stitches and thread breakage on top. Needle is new 3.5. thread on top is Innovatech, bobbin is Deco Bob. Ideas?
  11. You might be missing the fact that the original post looking for the machine dates back more than 5 years. Pretty old. Jim
  12. I think you are referring to quilt as you go. There seems to be a couple of different methods so do a google search and some reading. Here is one I found. It would be nice if you can post pictures if you have a go. It may help someone else down the road. Nigel
  13. One of the arguments for buying APQS machines. Jim
  14. Zeke hasn't visited this forum since Aug 23. I doubt you'll get a reply anytime soon. Jim
  15. Sharon, thank you - I was thinking big pins would be faster but didn't count on the huge creases. How far apart do you pin? Thanks again, Kathy B.
  16. Hi Kathy, I think your concerns about "pin creases" can be eliminated by using smaller pins. If I know I will be unzipping and re-zipping my quilt, I will use the 1" bent safety pins - and pin the backing to the zipper tape. For normal quilting projects, I use straight flower-head pins. Whether the backing fabric raw edge lines up with the edge of the zipper tape or the teeth is a matter of preference and ease of pinning, just get the pins close enough together to reduce / distribute the stress on the fabric. Blessings!
  17. Hi, I bought some honking big curved safety pins to pin my backing to my zippers. However, when I unrolled it this morning the backing had big pin creases in it. Questions: 1. How far apart do you pin them? 2. Also, what size safety pin is best? 3. I pinned the backing with the fabric on top of the zipper tape. Would it help if I pinned the backing with the zipper tape on top of the backing fabric? Hope this question makes sense. Thanks, everyone! Kathy Baumbusch
  18. Is there a method to quilt a large quilt on a longarm machine that has a frame that is smaller than the finished width of the quilt? For example, let's say that I have a 7 foot longarm frame. Could I create a king size quilt top in 3 sections, quilt each section separately, and then piece them together and conceal the raw edges? Thank you, Jill
  19. Regardless of what you've heard about "saturated", I still think you should follow your dreams and create a business plan. Stick to the plan. Give yourself time now to practice, build up skills, market your business. You will SLOWLY build up clientele. By the time you retire, you should be up on step with a steady customer base. I will tell you that customers like to try out other/new longarmers. So, don't be surprised once word gets around that you are in business. As a business person, it's always good to find your niche in the market and get your name out there. That niche could be as simple as your friendly personality or your quick turnaround time. Advertising is expensive, but spending money on a Facebook page, paying for a blurb in the local longarm newsletters or even in the local advertising newspaper, creating cute business cards and trifold to hand out to potential customers. You have to get your name and face out there. It's who you know that gets the word of mouth moving around. Make quilts and put them in the local fair. Create quilts and DONATE them to charity fundraisers. Donating quilts to fundraisers gets your name out there as a business person. Attend guild meetings or other craft groups and hand out your cards and trifolds. Talk to local shops about displaying your information. Eventually when you can afford it, buy a domain name and create a web site. Customers like to look at your site on the internet. Be creative-- think out of the box on your advertising angles. You'll be surprised that even in a saturated market, you can find your place. Follow your dreams.
  20. Hi Cyndi, Yes, the machine is available. I live in Monroe County, NY. If you are nearby or would like to come to see the machine, please let me know. Lynn
  21. Why so many ppl looking for pfaff exactly? While, there are plenty of alternatives on the market available. Am I missed something?
  22. I'm rather new to quilting and I have - Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294-Stitch Professional It has everything I need at this point and everything I want (needle up/down, auto threader, auto thread cutter, enough decorative stitches, walking foot, fmq quilting foot). The throat size is 7 1/2" and the height 4 3/4". Now, granted I haven't done too much Free Motion quilting (FMQ) on it yet myself. Perhaps when I get better at that, then maybe I'll realize I want a different machine.
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