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  2. There are 2,676,508 total stitches on the machine. I can only ship there if you make all the arrangements for shipping. I don't want to be responsible for packing and shipping it myself.

    APQS 2002 Millennium for sale

    Is this machine still available?
  4. How many stitches on machine? Would you consider shipping whole package to Kansas? I currently own a Bernina Grace frame, and feel the machine may fit on my shelf and frame. I currently use my Bernina830 for quilting.
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  6. Haha! No worries, glad you got it figured out!
  7. Karlyn08

    Brand new Lucey owner!

    Thank you Mark. It was funny, my husband came hom and looked at it, and that’s the first thing he did. Ay yi yi.
  8. The shorter one will just unplug from the end of the laser module and then you can plug the longer cord into the laser and the other end into the machine.
  9. sewingpup

    Brand new Lucey owner!

    ummm….did you try calling APQS? They are very helpful!!!!
  10. This is such a smokin' good price, it is killing me that I can't get out there to buy it. It is just too long of a drive to do alone and my co-pilot isn't up for such a long trip. I'm sure whomever gets this will be thrilled.
  11. Help! I’m excited to try out my machine for the FIrST time, but I can’t get the rear mount laser installed. The cord is too short to reach the laser output. There is another longer cord, but I don’t understand how to switch them.
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  13. Nolting 30" longarm with 14-foot table. This machine would be good to pair with a computer system. 2004 model used for home quilting only. Located in Central Iowa. $5500 For inquiries, call Irene at 515-231-6082.
  14. RunningThreads

    APQS Freedom for Sale

    Maybe let people know where you are.
  15. Hi All, I'm putting my APQS Freedom up for sale. It runs great! Stitch regulated, has new white table that is Bliss compatible. Offering 5 Pantographs and 5 spools of thread with the machine. Has the mushroom handles. I contacted APQS as to what price is fair market value. I was told $9500 to $10,000, so I've just reduced the price to $9,500.00. She is ready for a new home.
  16. Thanks for the quick reply. I am madly calculating how I can schedule a trip out there to pick it up. I will be back in touch soon.
  17. Thank you for your kind words. I have tons of interest but nobody that lives in a good radius of my home. I have a feeling Lucey will be traveling south with us and I will have no problem down there selling her as there is a great APQS dealer in Lexington so there are many that want it. Most of my inquires are from that area or out west. Yes Karen Miller. Her summer home is about an hour from me. She is amazing and so kind. If you ever get a chance attend one of her classes. You won’t be sorry!!
  18. Nancy, Yes, it is still available. The table and poles can actually be broken down into two 5 foot sections. You can then use it as a 5 foot table, or 10 foot table. You should be able to fit it into your Rav4.
  19. Interested. Is this still available? I would have to transport in a Toyota Rav4. Do the poles and table break down to less than 10 feet in length?
  20. Any interest in selling now? I'm in central Iowa so could pick up machine Thank you
  21. jimerickson

    Track lighting above long arm?

    I use track lighting to illuminate both for my long arms, and the entire space of our quilting studio. Began years ago with halogen bulbs, which I've since replaced with LED's. I like track because of the flexibility it offers. If the original lighting plan is incorrect, or if your needs change, it is easy to move, add, or remove fixtures to better light your area. I've used both PAR 38, and PAR 30 narrow beam flood bulbs. Chose narrow beam because most of the light I need is task lighting. I've primarily bought 2700K or 3000K light color range, and 900-1200 lumen bulbs. Back in 2013 I paid over $35 per bulb, for the PAR 38's but the price has come down substantially since. As an example, I just replaced the florescent bulbs in my shop (screw in bulbs for track fixtures) a couple of weeks ago. I bought 40 PAR 30, 900 lumen, 25 degree floods for less than $100. Bought them off e-bay. I didn't like the florescent bulbs because they were slow to come to full illumination, especially when it's cold, and weren't focused at all. The electric consumption between the LED and the florescent bulbs were about the same. (the LED' are way less than the original halogens) I've managed to buy the the individual fixtures for about $10 each. ( over the years I've probably bought 150 fixtures to light both the house and work areas) When you flood the task areas with light, there doesn't seem much need for additional ambient light. Do yourself a favor and install track lighting over your quilting machine. Then if you need to move light around, it's easy to do. Jim
  22. Helen, I can attest to the need for leaving Western and Upstate New York due to the winters!!! We just moved to Delaware for that same reason. I have been following your post of this awesome machine, wishing I could afford it, and wondering why it hasn't sold. Good luck! Karen Miller?!!!! Lucky you.
  23. We are not at all unhappy with the APQS. When we started looking for a long arm we were sold on the APQS right from the beginning. Then through our research we met a dealer of the Innova and learned about them. Innova has two features we really liked. One the lightening stitch and the second is the table and the way you can flip it up and see the back of your quilt. BUT for those two features you pay a premium. The lightening stitch is a $4000 ad on and the Innova 22 Price is higher to start than the Lucey. It was then that we decided to stick with our first decision of the Lucey. The stitch regulator on her is amazing (with no added cost) and we really liked the bliss table. A few months after buying Lucey we were invited to a Jamie Waller seminar by the Innova dealer we met before buying Lucey. After the class she offered us an amazing deal on an Innova and we decided if we sold Lucey maybe we’d try the Innova. My husband has always been a woodworker but our winters are brutal so he isn’t able to work in his shop as much as he’d like and that is why he wanted to give long arming a go. Now that we will be moving south to warmer climate he will be able to do woodworking year round. He’d still like to continue to learn to long arm but he had to make the choice. Myself...I have had the privilege to take classes from Karen Miller and my free motion quilting on my Bernina keeps me very happy and I don’t need to long arm. i hope this clears this matter up but if not feel free to question any of your thoughts. We have nothing to hid or are we trying to condridict anything we are saying. Situations in our lives can change in a minute. And we have to change our minds about things we think we want one day to the next. Ours being to move closer to our grandchildren in Georgia and leaving the snow and cold of New York State. It’s all about priorities. Thanks for your interest in our Lucey. Hopefully you will find the right machine for you.
  24. Vickiec

    Leader Grips

    I'd buy them from you.
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