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  2. I measured mine. The bolt you adjust to make it fit different sized tables has "play" in it to ensure it will work on all tables. Michael has said it DOES work with the HQ frame, as its "universal" to the tables he has listed, and HQ is one of them. I believe the arm you attach to the back of your machine/table where you drop the stylus in, may need maybe a different bolt, but im certain someone could rig something up to make this work. It simply just screws into the side of your bottom back of your machine where you clamp your led light to do panto's.
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  4. You cannot delete the post, but you can go to the first posting you made and then "edit" it. Put sold in the title should help the best, as many readers will not read every post to see that the item was sold. If you leave the price, it helps future sellers know what the going rates.
  5. Hi Nicole, sorry about the first reply. I misunderstood what you were asking about. I found a video on youtube on the circle maker. You can make some adjustments to the crossbar width, but it doesn't look like it is as much as you need. At 3 minutes or so, he is adjusting the bar clamps that will adjust the width - it's not much.
  6. Hi my name is Liza and i would like to know if anyone know where i could purchase a embroidery unit for a Pfaff Creative 4.0 or a Creative Sensation Pro?
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  8. Hi! Could someone please help me with directions on how to amend, and/or delete a post? Thanks! Resilient Quilter
  9. Hi, I have 2 Freedom Quilting Machines posted. Which one are you interested in? Sincerely, Resilient Quilter
  10. Hi, if the basic system you are looking at is for a Lenni then it will work fine.  I bought a used CL basic off eBay that was for a HQ 16 and it works perfectly. If you want measurements/pictures of my system to compare I can do that. Good Luck I love my CL.  Sharon

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      Thank you Sharon!  That is super helpful.  The one I am looking at was on a Millennium, which would be too big.  I will keep looking for one that was on a Lenni or an HQ 16.  There has to be one out there for!   Thank you very much!  

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  11. Thank you Debbie! Yes, the long boards work fine on my machine. My machine throat space is 20" and the table for pantographs and grooved boards is 19". I want to use the Circle Lord Basic Circle System that makes a lot of circles that hooks to the panto/boards table. As I have been doing more research, it seems that the cross bar could be the limiting factor since my table is only 19" and most of the larger APQS machines are on a wider frame. Unless someone knows how to adjust the crossbars and make them smaller on the Circle Lord Basic Circle System. Kind Regards, Nicole
  12. I didn't like using curtain rods either as I felt they were scratching my poles. My hubby took two pieces of PVC pipe and notched both ends so they fit down over the pipes and roll along when I advance the quilt. If I knew how to post pictures, I would show you but sadly, never have picked up that skill.
  13. I am not condoning what she did. Pretty low to take credit for something she did not do, but maybe, maybe she felt the readers needed an uplift. Things are so crazy now with lots and lots of Me, Me, Me. It is a great story and I wish more people were like this, helping their neighbor. You are a good person Shana.
  14. I used the boards on my machine when i first started quilting. Do you use paper pantographs? if you can lay out a paper pattern on the back of your table, then you can use the circle lord boards. but just like paper pantos, you will have to know how much quilting space, per row, you have. Are you saying you have 19 inches of throat space on your machine? If that is the total space you have, any board that is 15 inches should work. As to the stylus that rides in the groove of the pattern board, each machine has a different way to attach that to the machine so I can't help there. Best regards, Debbie
  15. Good looking and useful . . . . clamp supports and DH.
  16. Hi there! I would like to buy a previously loved Circle Lord basic system that was on an APQS machine. I am trying to figure out if it would fit my HQ Studio2 frame. The frame has an inner diameter of 19" for the back table. Also, someone mentioned on an older post that the crossbars can be adapted. If this is possible, does anyone know how to do that? I would call Circle Lord, but they have gone out of business. Thank you in advance for any information/advice. Kind Regards, Nicole
  17. My DH outdid himself today. I was using curtain rods to support my clamps and I asked if he could make something for me ... he sure did!!
  18. My DH outdid himself today. I was using curtain rods to support my clamps and I asked if he could make something for me ... he sure did!!
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  20. Please be wary of trolls and unsavory people posting on this forum. I was recently victimized by someone who goes by the name Celena. This person blatantly copied and pasted my story under her name. Are people half nuts? What is going on here? I'm deeply troubled by this. To all of you kind folks here, be wary that there are some odd happenings on what should be a safe place for all of us. Here's the post I'm referring to.
  21. OK whoever this woman "Celena" is, is a fraud. She copied and pasted my exact story. I am shocked that someone would blatantly use my story, my experience with my friend and neighbor in North Pole, Jacee to their benefit? Who is this person "Celena" ??? She's obviously a troll. Administrators, Please remove this fraudulent post from this forum. This is my post that I wrote here on the forum last year. It's an exact copy and paste. What the HECK is going on here, people!
  22. Price reduced to $23,000.00. I need to sell this machine due to health reasons. Will consider negotiating price, willing to consider offers and delivery.
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