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  3. I have a 2012 George Sit-down quilting machine, with probably around 36 total hours on it..I live in Channelview, Texas which is about 16 miles east of downtown Houston, Texas...right off Interstate 10..I have bobbins, the $150 bobbin winder, oil and other supplies...I will not be able to ship this if interested, please send email to to: It's a very nice machine with the table and price....$2900.00 CASH
  4. Trudie, there is a facebook group - Friends Using IQ (IntelliQuilter) - that is extremely helpful. Someone there should be able to help you out. There is also a new site (not facebook) - which is wonderful. Check them out.
  5. If I want the row to move over a bit, then when I realign after finishing a row, I will realign 1/4 off to the right of the marked point that I made before advancing the quilt. I am sure there are other ways to move the row over(or down) when I need to readjust the sides or rows, but this is the easiest for me.
  6. I have an issue (or mistake) that I want to correct easily. When I started my 4th row of the panto, I needed to adjust the pattern width on the left side. I followed the instructions ( I thought) and the pattern sewed about 1/2 off to the left. There is a point in the pattern where I can adjust it unnoticeable if I can just move the machine head 1/4” to the right I previously owned compuquilter and I could trick the program by turning off the main box, move the machine and then Turn it back on, then continue sewing Is there anything like that for intelliquilter? Clear as mud??
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  8. Yes, I did. I've not been able to sell my new Amara yet, so I can't buy a Millie until I do. Hopefully it will sell very soon. It's a new machine and lots of attachments that someone would pay over $18,000 for if they bought it from a dealer and I'm only asking $13,500.
  9. Hi, did you get the info you needed for a Millie. I haven't been in the forum for awhile. Are you close to Michigan or Indiana? I'm in Michigan, 2 hours from OH. There's some dealers closer.
  10. I would like to be a friend on facebook. I sent a friend request. Thank you
  11. I’m selling my Babylock Tiara III Sit down quilter with Koala table and lots of extras. It is a floor model I purchased last Christmas. I’ve just downsized from 4 bedroom home to 2 bedroom condo and no longer have a space for the quilter, even though it has a very small profile. I’ve only practiced a little on a test piece. I live in West TN so would deliver within 150 miles or you could pick up. Asking price is $5500 which includes: Tiara III quilter Koala table Creative Notions free motion grip Tru Stitch stitch regulator Baby Lock Glide Foot Bobbin winder for large bobbins Extra bobbins if interested please send me a private message. Thanks! Michele
  12. APQS Millennium machine with a 14' table. Stitch regulater Red snappers for leaders thread cutter/ with directional locks front & back handles bobbin winder laser light Hartley base with rulers bobbins & 100 needles one owner machine purchaser will be responsible for pickup/transportation & re-assembly. $10,000. I live in Guttenberg Iowa next to Mississippi. Any questions please ask me. Thanks Catherine
  13. I have been having a similar issue to yours however is seems to happen at around the same place on the table. It only happens when Quilt Path is engaged. I have checked for any kind of interference from objects under or around the machine. When I release the belts I don't have the problem. Thanks, Marian R.
  14. You can contact APQS through their website and request the documentation for your machine. Also, even though you don't have a warranty since you're not the original owner, you should transfer the serial number to your name with APQS. I recently purchased a 2008 Lenni and did this. I hope your wife likes her upgrade.
  15. 2015 Lenni for Sale, 10 foot table, Bliss upgrade, includes Bobbin Winder, Ruler Base and Scoop Foot. Well maintained. $9,500 CAD. Purchaser responsible for take down, pick up or shipping. This machine is in Alberta, Canada. Call or text (780) 999-9915. I am advertising this for a customer who wishes to upgrade to a larger machine. Joanne Flamand
  16. I am upgrading my wife from a DIY table that uses her sewing machine to a used 2009 Lenni with 10 foot table and was wondering where I might be able to get a user manual for it. We have visited our wonderful APQS local dealer and know how the new ones work but things were probably different in 2009 so was wondering if a 2009 user manual exists or if there was a place where I could research how the 2009 differs in operation from the brand new ones. Thank you so much for the help. As you can see in the picture the 2009 will be a great upgrade until we can get a new one for her. (currently one has 9 inch of throat space)
  17. I'm a newbie here, and was wondering the about the basic items that I need to start my new project. Is there anything to add in the list apart from these accessories?
  18. I think the stitched edges are not straight. Try blocking the edges. Probably, this should work.
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