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  2. Millie not happy. Skipping stitches. Can't figure out why? Pls help
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  4. Hi Jim, Thank you so much for giving me a detailed explanation. It was very helpful. My question about the XL Twin is regarding the amount of quilting field that is lost as the quilted quilt is rolled up. FWIW, I live in a warm climate, so I use thin batting. My favorite is 100% bamboo by Winline textiles, so my quilts will not be as bulky as they would be with a thicker or more puffy batting. Most of the quilts that I make are about 60 x 72". I have pieced one king size quilt, and I didn't think that i would ever finish it. I would like the ability to quilt a queen size, but I would be willing to pay someone to quilt a king size. I have 13' 7" of available space along one wall. But, there is a closet on an adjoining wall, so the louvered doors would reduce the available space to 12' 8" when they are open. I don't want to block access to that closet. Would a 12' frame work in that space and still allow me to maneuver around it? A 10 foot frame would fit the space better. I would like to have a stitch regulator and the ability to layer my quilts on a roller system. I enjoy ruler work, and I suspect that method would be easier with a stand up system. I enjoy custom quilting, but I would like to have the option to use a pantograph. A friend told me that Lenni would not allow me the ability to quilt a 12" block on point. My response was that I would not make quilts with that design if that is a limitation of the machine. I just don't want to end up with too little quilt-able space as the quilt is rolled up. Many people rave about the Bliss system on the forum, but I'm concerned that it might cause the machine to move too easily for me. I visited a Handiquilter dealer before I purchased George, and I tested their Simply Sixteen machine on their Little Foot Frame. That machine moved far too easily for me. It was so sensitive that I think that it would have moved if I blew on it. I am under the impression that the Bliss system isn't needed with Lenni because it isn't as heavy as the larger machines, but I don't know if that assumption is correct. Jill
  5. Please share with us what was wrong, and how you fixed it. It will help others who might have a similar problem. Thanks. Jim
  6. Jill: Brenni hasn't visited this sight since she sold her Lenni, so you might not get a reply from her anytime soon. I have a tricked out Ult 2 which isn't exactly the same as a Lenni, but they share the same basic sewing head, as does your George. This one had a 10' table which is a bit unusual. Most have 12' tables. Unless you absolutely can't fit a 12 footer in, or you can make a great buy on one like this, I'd recommend you buy 12', not the 10'. As far as quilt size goes. This 10' table should have been able to handle a quilt up to about 100 inches wide. You reference an "XL twin" as an example. I'd remind you that you could easily orient such as quilt on your leaders so that it could be any length you'd like. The only size that would be an issue would be a quilt that is more than 100 inches in both width and length. A pretty good size king. The quilting field on my Ult 2 is about 14" wide. I think the factory Lenni's are a little bit less - 12.5" to 13.5" or so. As for frame quilting compared to a sit down quilting, it pretty much is an issue of standing or sitting (although a rolling saddle stool will let you sit and quilt on the frame). If you don't like to stand the Lenni might not be the right choice. On the other hand if you're tired of wrestling with the quilt to do free motion quilting, then you'll probably love Lenni. What type roller system you buy is purely a matter of choice. Wheels or wheels and linear bearings. I find nothing wrong with all wheels, others seem to really value the linear bearings. It's only a matter of your willingness to pay for the bearings. The linear bearings are better, not worth it to me, but obviously worth it to some others. I must emphasize, my Ult 2 is custom made for me, so it really suits my desires, as such a Lenni might not suit me as well, but I am very happy with it. I sometimes think I'd like it better if it were bigger, and then other times am happy it is the size it is. I guess that's really an issue of speed of production. There's nothing that can be done a bigger machine that can't be done (maybe there is - wide pantos) on a Lenni. It just might take a bit more time to do it. Whether you should go from George to Lenni, is a matter of standing vs sitting, and wrestling vs freely moving the machine. Hope this helps. Jim
  7. Please contact me at I am very interested in this machine. Lucy Martin
  8. Do you have pictures and where is it located in NE? Lucy Marin
  9. This frame is in excellent condition. It is available for pickup only near Charlotte NC. Has leader cloths, bungees, clamps & carriage. Works with Brother Dream Quilter 15 and several other machines verify on Brother site. Great also for hand quilting or embroidery. Small footprint is ideal.
  10. Just to help you out. Posted April 29 No, it is sold and I can’t seem to figure out how to get it removed from here, my apologies
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  12. 2005 APQS MILLENNIUM FOR SALE with auto stitch regulator, lower thread cutter, horizontal and vertical locks, and laser pointer. 12 foot table with automatic fabric advance. Hartley base extender. Turbo Bobbin Winder. Several paper pantographs. 5 sets of Groovy Boards with stylus attachment. Zippered leaders Solid, well cared for machine. Used a lot for the first 6 years and then light personal use since then. Asking $5800.
  13. APQS Millenium (Millie) long arm machine, 5 years old, with motorized fabric advance, Bliss track system, quilt stitch glide mode and hydraulic table lift. Works very well. Used lightly and with a good care. Introductory lessons will be included. Comes with lots of extras. 12' working table can accommodate king size quilts easily. Lots of prewound bobbins and threads - enough for few months of work.
  14. I love how clever everyone is to meet a need. :-)
  15. Cut the bottom off a 2 liter soda bottle. Run the thread out the top and over to your sewing machine. Going green!
  16. Hi Brenni, I see that you sold a Lenni machine and that you bought another one. Will you please share your thoughts about Lenni? I have a George and now I’m thinking about buying a stand-up longarm machine. What is the largest quilt that you have quilted with it? Have you encountered a problem with the quilt-able space when you quilt a long quilt such as an XL twin size? Did you order the Bliss system on your new Lenni? If so, then please comment about your likes and dislikes about it. Have you encountered any limitations? If so, then please elaborate. Thank you! Jill M
  17. Does anyone have any vintage floral feedsack remnants and scraps for sale?
  18. I am selling my amazing Juki Quilter Virtuoso Pro. I just never had any time to use and bought it thinking that I would make time. I don't want this machine to go to waste so I've decided to let it go. Only used a handful of time but it works flawlessly. It made me look like I'm a better quilter than I really am. I have all of the manuals, extra parts, and original packaging. Pickup available. I will gladly deliver and set it up for you if you live in Houston TX or surrounding area for an extra $100. If shipping is required you will be responsible for all costs associated. I've included the description below from the manufacturer to highlight the features. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me an email. Asking $5000 OBO.Discover the impressive 18 inches of horizontal throat space between the arm of the machine and the needle.Even more impressive is the 10-inch height, unlike most long arm quilting machines which only provide an 8-inch height or less. All this amazing capability comes with its perfectly designed table with both side wings. It also includes the easy glide mat so your quilt won't snag.By hand or software-driven the Juki TL-2200QVP is a pleasure to drive for it's smooth and solid stitching over layered fabric and paddings.The touch screen display indicates: Stitch Regulator Mode, LED Light Settings, Speed Control, Stitch Length, Needle Up/Down Position, and Automatic or Manual Thread Trimming.Directional Bright LED Lighting3 High intensity LED lights are located above the needle. An additional 6 ultra bright lights cover the work area. These use minimal power and are cool at all times.The surestitch stitch regulator makes it possible to produce accurate, precise stitching. When you select your stitch mode, the TL-2200QVP communicates with the encoders to maintain perfect stitch length as you move freely over your quilt.The QVP’s bobbin winder operates with an independent. Large quilting jobs consume lots of thread and this machine has your bobbins ready when you need them.Included AccessoriesPower cordExclusive screwdriverScrewdriver (small)Cleaning brushBobbins (4pcs.) Plus extras I ordered from Amazon.OilerNeedles (GB 134R #18)Spool capThread stand components(spool holder, thread stand thread guide, bobbin winder spool pin, bobbin winder seat, anti-vibration cone (2 pcs.), setscrew large, setscrews small (2 pcs.))Eye protection cover components (safety plate, safety plate mounting plate, washers (2 pcs.), setscrews large (2 pcs.), setscrews small (2 pcs.))Presser bar lifting lever components (Presser bar lifting lever asm., setscrew large, setscrew small, washer large, washer small)Thread guide pinMasking sealTags quilter, long arm, sewing machine, juki, quilt, quilting
  19. Carefully check your thread path. It sounds like you might have upset the threading. Make sure all the guides are properly threaded, and that the thread is properly seated in the tension disks. Good luck. Jim
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