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  3. I am selling my Millie for $9,500 cash. This is a 2009 machine that I got new in 2010. I thought it was a 2010 until my tech looked up the serial number and it was one of the last ones made in 2009. It includes quilt glide stitch mode, automatic quilt advance, M & M wheels, LED lighting including black light, the base expander, the open foot kit, maintenance manual, and a clear table bed that you can use for tracing. It has just been checked out by the local Millie tech and is in new condition. It has only been used to make less than ten quilts. The local Millie tech says he will do a limited warranty on it for 90 days for a local buyer. I live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This will give you time to set it up and make sure it is all working correctly. I am selling it because I am retiring and updating to the latest Millie.
  4. I tried googling for you, but there is a lot out there. On an earlier post, I read if you hovered over the original post's name, it would give you contact information. I think that will be your best bet. Good Luck, it is a beauty.
  5. that looks nice. You did a good job! Thanks for showing us the finished Quilt.
  6. Accept! Would really like to see this forum revised and we can't do it with out everyone.
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  8. Harold It doesn’t look like she has checked in since November. Click on her name and you will see a message icon and send a personal message, it will go to her email. You will also see she had the machine for sale five years ago and the price was $5000 at that time. Good luck Nigel
  9. Is this machine still available. If so please call me. Thanks Leslie 778-773-5979
  10. Last week
  11. yes. please call 909-327-1453 if interested
  12. Lisa is your George still for sale?
  13. How much throat space does this machine have? how much would shipping be to 78414?
  14. Thanks, Barb. I did see the instructions, I just didn't expect "interchangeable" feet to require an adjustment of that magnitude.
  15. Sounds like you need to adjust the height of your hopping foot - instructions on how to do so come with every new foot.
  16. Tried my new "true 1/4" ruler foot" today, and I was surprised at how high the bottom of the foot is. When I compared it to my original foot, it is 1/8" shorter! This definitely explains why my rulers can slide underneath the "ruler" foot when the needle is up. Has anyone else had the same issue? TIA
  17. My favorite ruler for George is the Line Tamer. It's used for creating straight lines and I use it a lot. The link below includes access to a short video that Patsy Thompson made about using this ruler. Have fun with your George! He's awesome! Brenda
  18. I did see their sale, however, your machine has a few of the extra's that I am interested in already there. You indicate that you machine is new, just assembled and never used. Is that correct? I do understand it is a bit more difficult on your end to ship. I figured if APQS can ship for between $300 and $500 it shouldn't be more than that. What do you think?
  19. I am so Sorry I don't check my E-mail on the weekends. I am interested in selling my Lenni, but I will tell you a new Lenni from APQS is for sale only $500 more than my machine and easier shipping. So I did shoot myself in the foot. APQS has 2000.00 off the machine. Joyce
  20. I love strip quilts!!!! Love your pattern.
  21. Congrats, you are well on your way to greatness!!!! Don't forget to breath every now and then.
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