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  2. I want some type of images that can help to increase the image of my wall. I already sees fantastic images on the website which I mentioned. Best toto toilet
  3. Lorri: I'm having a hard time understanding what you hope to accomplish with the "quick change feet" Gammill used to offer. Maybe you can elaborate. Thanks. Jim
  4. Hello All, I am looking for feet to fit my Gammill Vision. Apparently Gammill is no longer offering the "quick change feet." So, I am reaching out to see if perhaps someone has a set that they are not using and would consider selling. I am having trouble using the lines on my ruler for accurate spacing, perhaps others have suggestions? Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Hello. I wonder what you have for feet and if you would consider selling them separate from the machine. II can be reached at 603-648-2683. Thanks so much.
  6. Hello, Donna. I am wondering what you have for optional feet, and if you would consider selling them apart from the machine. Thanks. I can be contacted at or 603-648-2683. Thanks so much!
  7. Linda I bought that product and soaked the handkerchiefs. Absolutely amazing. Every single Stain came out. Thank you so much for the referral. Now on to making the quilt.
  8. You could use two layers of batting in a quilt. But you can also lay two quilt on top of each other on the bed - that's what I do and the air pockets between the two quilts make a cozy warm bed!
  9. The APQS George is in excellent condition and has not been used that often. I am the second owner and purchased from a friend. The Tracy Table is white with oak trim. It can be folded down to 23" x 60". Maximum size folded out is 77" x 40. To the right of the machine is an additional extension table 17"x23". There are 3 drawers and a pull out board. Very easy to use and the 20" throat space makes quilting large quilts a breeze. The machine has been modified to allow easy changing of the free motion foot to a ruler foot. Comes with turbo winder, lots and lots of bobbins, needles, DVD/manu
  10. Jamie For these people that don’t give contact information click on their screen name and you will see an envelope icon that you can send them a message that goes direct to their email. This particular ad is four and a half years old so unlikely it is still for sale. We get many ads posted here and then the poster forgets to check back. Nigel
  11. Is this still available and does it have the stitch regulator?
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  13. Hi can you email me I'm in San Diego Thanks Donna
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