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  2. I just installed a new Butler Quilt EZ and when I try to start a pattern it appears "Motor Error". Please advise if anyone ever had this issue. Thank you
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  4. Is this still available? Does it work for make iui mg clothes
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  6. These posts may help you.
  7. The ones I am seeing are around $10,000 - I was hoping for something either used or entry around $2000-$2500. That may not even be possible but unless I ask - I'll never know.
  8. I have JUKI DDL-227 for sell +212611960403 From : morrocco
  9. Hi, do any of you know the recommended Towa gauge tension range for an L Magna-Glide Delight bobbin? Superior Threads has a guide but they don't sell the magnetic bobbins. I know Also, Jamie Wallen says you should be able to flip the bobbin up but not lift it, but I don't see how that could apply to the magnetic bobbins since the magnet holds it. Also, does wool batting affect bobbin tension? Thanks for your help and advice in advance!
  10. You can create your own via Wordpress. I have such one. I can say it's very convenient.
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  12. Had the same thing happen to me on a bag I was making. I used steam a seam to hold some seams together rather than pins or clips. The seams weren't steamed, just used heat as I was just needing to hold something in place. When I turned the bag, some of that steam a seam was visible. Tried the alcohol and it worked great. This was on cotton and organza, didn't leave any marks. I was surprised I didn't see more posts on this when I goggled it. But glad I found this one. Stacey in South Carolina
  13. Need more info. What do you consider "not so expensive" what is your budget?
  14. I don't know of any "not so expensive auto quilting system" but I have an IntelliQuilter and I love it. I originally had a CompuQuilter for over 10 years and loved it. I then purchased a QuiltPath and I found it difficult to use and it couldn't do many of the things I wanted it to do. I never liked it and found it not suitable for me. I then purchased the IQ and wouldn't consider any other brand. They have the panto only version and the Classic version. I have the Classic and love all the features including no-sew zones, echoing, line path, and lots and lots more. Check them out.
  15. Downsized, traded Millennium for Handi Quilter and have complete Hartley Fence system and Complete Circle Lord setup and templates gathering dust in the corner of my studio. They need to go to someone who can put them to use. Please make me a reasonable offer, including shipping, amd they will be yours. I will package and ship promptly. Thank you for looking.
  16. I am purchasing a used APQS Millennium system on a 14' frame. Wondering if anyone knows of a not so expensive auto quilting system that would work with my system. Thanks for any words of wisdom.
  17. What is a good time?? I am 2 1/2 hrs away. did you purchase new? Do you know the number of stitches? I assume the table is not blissed?? can you message or email me ? I wish to get this machine purchased!
  18. I think I've worn out the front right toggle switch on the handle of my Lucey. It's gotten very hard to push compared to the other 4, and I'm getting a blister from having to push it so hard. I believe I heard from a dealer that this is a frequently replaced part, but I don't see it on the parts list that came with my manual, and I also can't find instructions for doing the replacement, no matter what search terms I use. I assume I can swap in a toggle switch from the rear handle and get back to work, but how?? In case it's not clear, my switch is the round black rocker switch with the white dot indicating needle up/needle down, and my issue is with the on/off function on the switch.
  19. I live in South/Central Iowa. I am 8 miles off of I-80 smack dap in between Omaha, NE and Des Moines, IA  

    1. Ginnysd


      I live in Beresford SD 45 min from Sioux City. Sounds like I will be buying your machine!!  Do you think I can keep the appointment of where you were going to service the machine? 
      my hubby ( with pickup) has to go this weekend to the Black Hills to winterize our cabin— he will be home on Monday  Late afternoon so we can not come down till at LEAST Tuesday and in our schedule Wednesday would work even better ( have hair cuts and lunch date with grandson on Tuesday pre scheduled) 

      did you purchase new?  Thanks

      ginny Gustad 605-751-9029


  20. I am interested, where are you located? I live in SD & I would like to come see the machine! I realLy am interested!1
  21. Computerized Juki Quilt Motion Longarm machine with 12 foot frame for sale. Purchased brand new in March 2017. Towa bobbin gauge, extra bobbin winder, Red snapper leader grips included. QCT 4 software. Still under 10 year warranty. Owners manual printed up. Ruler table & rulers also. Asking $9000. Location Brooksville, FL. Must provide own breakdown & transportation. 352-754-9137 Michele.
  22. Can you send your zip code so I can see how farawayyou are. thx.
  23. I have a blissed Millie and am looking for a used IQ ClassiQ. This one has been sold?
  24. 2006 APQS Millenium w/14 ft table. 26 inch neck Automatic Quilt Advance w/foot pedal Automatic Stitch Regulator Laser Pointer on back for pantographs Lower Thread Cutter Horizontal and Vertical Lock Numerous bobbins Pantographs included This machine has been lightly used in the past 14 years. I've quilted approximately 1 quilt a year. Could use a servicing and new wheels. In fact, I already have an appointment to have those things done for late November. If I end up servicing it, the price will go up. I'm pricing it at a very fair price so that I can get it out of my house. Yours for $5,000. Sold As Is Purchaser will be responsible for pickup/delivery and reassembly. I live in Southern/Central Iowa. Currently I have someone interested that will be putting down a deposit on Sunday. If that falls through, I will let everyone know. Thank you.
  25. Hi Sandra! would you be willing to talk with me about your Butler? My elderly mother has one and I’m trying to learn this with her. She has just always done free motion and I want to use the patterns! But with no support out there, it is difficult. thanks, tammy Ingwerson
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