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  3. I'm very interesting in your Lucey. I would like to discuss the price with you. Would it be better to communicate directly through email rather than on this forum where everyone can see it? My email is
  4. I would contact the customer and discuss the issue with them. Once it is off the frame you might be able to "brush" the minkee backing and pull the pokies back through or when the quilt relaxes the minkee becomes unnoticible but it is equally possible that there would be no change.
  5. Kueser, do you remember how much it cost for your Millie’s Spa Visit (excluding shipping)?
  6. Thank you everyone. Angie helped me via email and I think it’s good again. I kind of did what Nigel said after moving the needle plate for a better angle at the top of the hook assembly. Seems better now. I’m going to put some practice fabric on and give it a whirl.
  7. Connie, Barb answered you on FB. She has a business in WA. ConnieW here
  8. Love it, the perfect pattern for a girlie quilt.
  9. The price, where it is located, why you are selling, email address, and if you are willing to ship the items will be helpful to interested parties. Best of luck with selling your machine.
  10. Hi, I had a longarm in home business in CA. We moved a couple of years ago and due to stuff I've only been quilting now and then for others. It's time to start the business here in WA. What do I need to do? Business license, resell permit, etc? What are the agencies here in WA. The internet searches keep giving me companies to use and pay to get the info. Thank you.
  11. For Sale- 2016 Baby Lock Tiara II- $4000 Location-Bay Area This machine has been so good to me it’s hard to let her go. However, after purchasing a long arm with pro-stitcher over a year ago, this beauty has gone unused. I’m hoping to sell it to free up space in my sewing studio and fulfill someone’s dream, like the one I had, to own this wonderful machine. 1,500 stitches per minute-LED lighting-16” throat space-Adjustable table- Purchased with the VIP package that includes-two 18” table expansions- TruStitch stitch regulator-TruStitch accessory TruGripQuilting table overlay (basically a very large Supreme Slider) email me for more info
  12. I only wrap once with heavier threads and non slippery threads. Glide and a few others I wrap two times. If the sensor keeps going off and the thread isn't broken, I adjust the wraps.
  13. It's called Blooming Butterflies. Don't remember where I got it.
  14. Last week
  15. Gear box grease. They can develop an air pocket in the grease in the gear box. makes it sound kind of growly. Nohing to be concerned about as the grease is just there as a noise dampener. You can repack the grease to take care of the noise.
  16. Here's a link to their website. This might help you. I had this software years ago and loved it. I upgraded to Art and Stitch which is easier to use and offers more features but it is more expensive.
  17. Wow, wow, wow. That is a lot of work but beautiful. Were you dizzy after finishing it, lol.
  18. this is what stitching looks like. I think it is very noticible
  19. Yes, this happened to a quilt I was quilting. Frankly, I did nothing about it. Customer did not even notice. And it really was not visible unless you were trying to find it. I don't think there is a solution to the problem with minky backings.
  20. Has anyone had minkee coming through stitches from back side to front. Customer brought pieced top and minkee back. I used thermore batting and stitches looked horrible with pokies of minkee in nearly all the stitches. I know it was minkee because thread was yellow both top and bobbin an tension was great when going through black pieces on top. Changed needles from 18 to 16 to 20 and no difference.
  21. I don't have videos but it is super easy to use and if you have IQ computer on your machine, you can clean them up easily.
  22. WOW Terry, this one really jumps out at you. The colors are really bright and bold. Love how you quilting this. The front and back both are really beautiful. Great job.
  23. Does any one have videos on how to make pantographs wirh this software or links so I canlearn more about it
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