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  2. Selling 20” HandiQuilter Amara with Pro Stitcher for sale 2 Years old. Works great just want bigger one.$20 000 Canadian
  3. Thanks for interest, the price is 12,000. Haven't been able to go in and change it.
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  5. Yes. Lifetime warranty is original owner only. Some used machines, if sold by APQS or one of their dealers, will have a 1 to 3 year warranty depending on the age of the machine. Private party sales do not.
  6. Is the lifetime guarantee on the quilt machines for the original owner only?
  7. I would like to buy a Husqvarna Viking Megaquilter. You have to be wiiling to ship to Puerto Rico. You only have to take it to UPS and they will package. Od couse we will pay shipping. TY
  8. The last link allows you to pick your machine, your frame, and specific model number. I have no idea of the quality of the stitch regulator. Best of luck to you.
  9. I'm using Superior MonoPloy invisible thread with a magna glide bobbin. Loose tension, and stitches look fine. 3.5 needle as recommended by Superior. No twisting on the thread path. Net on the spool. Doing custom quilt. First ruler block went fine. Set up a panto for the wide border, and I'm getting thread breakage every few inches. What else can I try? It driving me crazy since the invisible thread is so hard to see to re-thread. 2017 Millie. M bobbin
  10. I have a APQS Liberty 2004 for sale along with the Hartley fence beautiful machine runs great $4,000. Contact me for details
  11. Where can I find a stitch regulator for my Viking Mega Quilter? I use the Inspira frame also. Thank you,
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  13. I saw it on online stores, I will check it one more time for you
  14. 2013 APQS Freedom (Freddie) 12,000. Quilt Glide, 12ft. table, Automatic fabric advance Bliss Track System, stitch regulator Hartley base extender, Red snappers, Turbo bobbin winder 40 pantographs(new and used) Extra needles, bobbins, Longarm Quilt Books Well maintained, used for personal use , around 40 quilts. Selling have moved, no room to put it up. It is being stored in my home. Head is in original box. Buffalo, Minnesota.
  15. I’ve upgraded to a Q20, so I need to find a new home for my Baby Lock Tiara 2 Sit-Down Longarm machine and table. The System includes: Tru Stitch Stitch Regulator Needle Up/Down Feature LED Light Adjustable table with overlay Variable speed bobbin winder Accessories included: Extra Bobbins & Needles Fabric Gloves Manuals Tools & Oil I’ve never had a problem with this machine since I purchased it new 5 years ago. I’m located in Central Illinois (zip code 62234). Buyer must come and pick up. For questions, put "Tiara" in the subject line and email me at or call Karyn at (618) 444-4455 Price: $3,200
  16. I am looking for a software that can convert jpg files to qli file. If someone knows that quiltmanager from quiltez would do that for me. They are not answering their phone. Thanks a lot. Thank you.
  17. It's me Kristina Quint
  18. I am a brand new quilter. I have a bunch of jpg files I want to be converted to qli file. I am looking for an expensive software to do this. I need help to find one. Thank you very much for your help.
  19. You should be able to get a pretty good ides as to whether the hook needs polishing without removing it, by 1) looking carefully for scratches, and 2) running your finger over the various hook parts feeling for any damage. A couple of basic questions: Have you checked the machine timing? If it is slightly out of time, the top thread may not be being released timely, causing the thread to be overly stressed. Are you using the proper type needle? If they are the Singer type (which includes Gros-Beckert) they should be MR, SAN 11 size 3.0 to 5.0. If they are something else, the needle may be your problem. Did your manual include photos of proper timing? If so, make sure your machine is adjusted exactly as pictured. If you don't have photos, look on APQS's website for examples. BTW, I think all the Ult 2 manuals were photo copied pages held in a binder, at least that's what mine is like. The timing photos however, are actual excellent quality black and white photos. When looking at the machine timing, pay particular attention to the needle bar adjustment. I seem to remember having a similar thread issue with my machine shortly after I bought it, and it turned out to be that the needle bar was set too deep. Raising the needle bar so the needle eye position exactly matched the proper timing photo, solved the problem. Good luck. Jim
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