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  3. Tonilyn - My email is Thank you. Sheri - I'd like to see some photos of the boards, or links so I can see what they are. Thank you.
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  5. I have a pristine condition Hartley Fence Operation and instruction book I found amongst all my things when moving my studio from upstairs, to the basement. I see they now are $30. I'd sell this for $15 plus shipping. email or text me plz. 402-450-8321
  6. I have Swirls R & S boards...5 i think...and I have a brick looking background fill board from R & S. I'd be happy to sell you 1/2 off their list price. Oh, and maybe a daisy/flower design as well.
  7. Hey Sherilyn, I have some R&S boards to sell. What is your email and I will get you a list? Thanks
  8. I noticed on another thread that you were asking about a quilt that was quilted by Kaye. You could trying contacting her and see if she can get you any info on the pattern. Kaye has a blog that has her contact info
  9. I had a Rowenta that I used for 10+ years....with steam, worked great...then it finally another good, leaked almost immediately, brought it leaked again...went with a Black and decker....leaked and not very hot....tried another inexpensive brand.....not hot at all...oh dear....finally did some online research....found Rowneta apparently moved production out of Germany several years ago...but too many problems....recently moved production back....don't know if this was true are not...but found one I could order online that stated "made in Germany". I have been using that one for 2-3 years now and it is working great....there have been a few occasions with minor leaks....which seem to be if I refill it....and don't give it enough time to heat up or if I try and fill it right away after letting it run dry and not letting it cool off before filling.....I have been using tap it says it is designed for that and specifically says not to use distilled water.....we have fairly decent water where I am.....Lin
  10. I've had the Reliable Velocity iron for about 4 or 5 years now. The only problem that I've had was when I ran out of distilled water and began to use tap water. Big mistake. It began to sputter and spit and I thought I'd have to replace it. I had a gravity feed iron all researched and picked out when I thought that I should give my one-foot-out-the-door iron one last chance. I emptied it completely, filled it up with distilled water and let it sit and steam and it was fine after that. Darn. I was really looking forward to a gravity feed iron and not having to constantly fill up the water reservoir.
  11. Janet, If your tablet has been out of Airplane Mode at any time in the past, it may have downloaded and installed a Windows Update, which tends to stomp all over our QP drivers. You will likely need to reinstall those drivers. Instructions are available in the QP User Group Facebook page - if you aren't already a member there, we need to get you on there. Find me on Facebook (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter), send me a Friend Request, I'll accept it and get you added. One last question, is your carriage turned on? There's a switch on the back of the carriage that lights up when it is turned on.
  12. I am unable to connect to quilt Path. I registered it. And I'm fallowing the connect and it keeps coming up with the same screen
  13. I am unable to connect to quilt Path. I registered it. And I'm fallowing the connect and it keeps coming up with the same screen
  14. We have a Pacific Steam gravity feed iron we've been using for 7 or 8 years now. It's great! It never leaks, and does not shut off automatically. It's used by 6 or 8 quilters two or three days a week.(on all day when we sew) It's a bit on the heavy side, but does a great job. We've had Rowentas and Ollisos, none of which performed flawlessly. None was very durable. The gravity feed irons aren't portable, but they do work well. We highly recommend them. Do buy one with the hand heat shield, however. I have friend who bought a gravity feed (another brand) without the heat shield, and she finds it too hot for her hand. I think I paid about $150 for it in 2011. Jim
  15. I would sure love to find the pattern for the quilt. Anyone have any idea? Thanks, Stella S & L Crafts
  16. Feathered Star Quilt Blocks II is the second Feathered Star block book by Marsha McCloskey. The first, Feathered Star Quilt Blocks I, contains 10 Le Moyne-based designs and has been a wonderful design resource for quiltmakers around the world. In this second book, you ll find patterns for 15 new and traditional grid-based Feathered Star blocks
  17. Do you know who the pattern designer is? Have you tried contacting them directly?
  18. I bought one of these to replace my old iron. I have been pleased with it. It produces lots of steam and doesn't leak. It does not have an auto off function so once it has heated up it stays hot ready for use.
  19. Can someone tell me where to get the pattern for the quilt shown - Mary’s Feathered Star Appliqué 2? I have looked and searched but have had no luck. Thank you. Stella
  20. Please shoot me a text or call the # above, or email me at Thanks!
  21. Mine is on the second floor of an old 1908 farm house, on carpeted floor. Only minor problem is living room with TV is directly below so a bit annoying for my hubby watching TV. He doesn't fuss but for anyone very sensitive it might be an issue. Or, give them head-set plugged into the TV. :-) Good point Connie & Cee K made about the rails fitting up the stairway. Ours did fit but later when I upgraded to Bliss it was easier to pass the 12 ft. rails through the window as our stairway does make a 90 degree turn.
  22. I wish I could find one that doesn't leak water, the only way to do that is to not use the steam in your iron and keep it dry...I have an oliso also that I love but it started to leak water after about 6 months, so I don't think one exists that does not leak...I've tried them all...but on the other hand if you don't use water it is a good iron.
  23. I love my Oliso Pro 1600 iron. It does a great job and I love the ITOUCH TECHNOLOGY (Scorchguards lower with the touch of your hand and lifts when you have stopped ironing, preventing burns, scorching and tipping). The only problem I've had with it, is when using other brands of irons, I tend to forget to prop them upright. I got around 5 years out of my first one before it began to leak water. I'm been wanting to try the Reliable Velocity 200IR Iron recommended by Fons and Porter and American Quilters Society but haven't. I can't seem to give up my Oliso. If you want a heavy iron, you can't go wrong with an old model Black and Decker. I have one that I never put water in, when I want to iron something with positively no steam. PS: I'm not a Rowenta fan because of the expense and leaks.
  24. Sorry, table is 12 foot long. Must sell due to move. Machine in perfect working order.
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