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  2. I think you answered your own question in your last sentence. You won't make a mistake going with APQS.
  4. HI, just wanted to point out that this post is over a year old.....march 2018
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  6. What are the prices on the pantos and your process for placing an order?
  7. Hello, I am getting back into quilting and noticed that the thin plastic pantograph cover needs to be replaced. I have a 14 foot table. I couldn't find anything on the APQS site. Thanks in advance! Judy
  8. Sorry 12 foot grace frame
  9. I have a Janome Artistic, 26 inch throat and 12 foot grace frame. Also I have the Quilter’s Touch computer for the machine. Let’s you design your quilt and then will do the work for you! I would like to get 9,000 for the package.
  10. I recently had the same problem. Backing was black Moda. Front had a lot of dark colors. I used black batting and black thread. Lots of white pokies on back. The only white in the quilt was the back side of the Moda backing.
  11. Hi Nancy, I sent you an email a week or so ago. Did you receive it?
  12. I have a milli and haven't had problems with it. I also have IQ software and I love it. It is easy to use and the updates are free.
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  14. Thanks Gail, My husband and I looked at it again this morning, we noticed one side arm was tilted slightly forward, so just realigning the side arms, allowed the ruler base to slide with ease under the quilt top bar. Such an easy fix, as usual, it ended up being our error. Thanks again for your input, it’s always very helpful!
  15. Ah the wonders of electronics. It is all smoke and mirrors... You cannot EVER predict what is going to happen. (I got my start in the Air Force working on Nuclear Missiles, somewhere that spooky things like this are common, and scary given what we were working with) I like Dawn's response about capacitors. Just be careful as Capacitors can store a lot of power for a long time, and if you provide a path for discharge with your body, you can get reminded of the fact with a nasty jolt.
  16. Thanks. for the reply. I am aware of the shows etc, and the deals and demo machines. My concern has been regarding what people are experiencing with their particular brands they are using. I see problem after problem with the Gammill users. Mainly related to software glitches. And I see hardly anything on the APQS forums. Which kind of bothers me. The Statler stitcher has always been my goal. But I have a lot of interest in the APQS. The Gammill is a lot cheaper though. And this is one time I want to get it right. So my question is this. Is the APQS that reliable? Looking for that shining light bulb to go off...These things are expensive and I can't afford to make a mistake. Not to mention that a mechanical machine like the Gammill takes a whole lot of maintenance compared to the APQS
  17. Angie In your original post hit “edit” at the bottom delete all your text and pictures and type in sold and then save and that should stop people from contacting you about it. I don’t think you can completely remove the post. Nigel
  18. Thanks Gail, I’ve looked and it doesn’t look like I can raise it, it just barely touches it, so I was thinking that perhaps I could just take the canvas leader off, and store it, I think that would give me the extra room to squeeze under the quilt top bar. I just thought that maybe APQS had an attachment that would replace the whole bar, that way I could always put the quilt top bar back in place, if I decide to not do too much ruler work in the future. Thanks again,
  19. I am looking for rear handle bars for the Tin Lizzie 18 DLS that my husband and I gave each other last Christmas. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated! We live in the Texas Panhandle.
  20. WOW! Gorgeous quilting! Great job and choice of colors! I think I would name it "Fire Fly"!
  21. Can you raise the quilt top bar so that the ruler base doesn't knock into it. If that isn't to your liking, you will have to replace the braking system if you remove it.
  22. I would like to remove my quilt top roller as I float all my quilts. I do quite a it of ruler work with the Hartley base, and the base bumps into the top roller quite often, so I’m losing a few inches of quilting space. I’ve seen in older posts people did this with an accessory called the Texas Hold en Bar, which allowed you to set the brakes. I have a 2016 Lenni on a 10 foot table, with the bliss upgrade, thanks so much for any advice.
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