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  2. Thanks Nigel, i did do that and it didn’t help. Still noisy.
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  4. Put one drop of oil in the hook right where the basket and the hook meet and then see if the noise is better. That should be part of your routine each day you use the machine anyway. Nigel
  5. Thanks Sewingpup. I went back down this morning and played around again and have determined that the excess noise seems to be coming from the hook assembly. Some of it is due to movement of the black part in the silver part but it seems more than that. I need to call APQS or watch the timing video again or something to see if I can figure out what is going on.
  6. the first Oliver + S fabric collection,
  7. Wozers - is this quilt and quilting just gorgeous! I love it. Looks fabulous on both the front and back! Beautiful!
  8. NO shame in deciding you are not interested in longarming …..I feel the same way fact...if there was a tech were I live willing to come to my house and do the maintenance on it....I would sure pay the price....but....that being said....I do try and problem solve any issues and have talked with some sales reps and the tech support.....once when my machine was idle for months.....It was making noise....but the wicks were still wet.....I decided to put 1-2 drops on each wick everyday until I was getting some oil coming down the needle....the noise quieted down....I also let it run 5-10 minutes on manual at a slower speed before using it...also seemed to help it run smoother and I have had her now for a several years, I am think maybe I need to repack the gear box with could also give APQS a call....Lin
  9. front view of the quilt Lighting was not great but the close-ups are better. Pattern is by Sew Colorful and the pattern is Sizzling Summer. I use 80/20 cotton/wool for the batting and backing is a plush Costco Blanket in bright hot Pink. an allover freehand quilting motifs to add texture and interest I just love my new quilt. Thanks for looking and have a great Monday Part of the back it is a Costco Fleece Blanket with 80/20 cotton Wool batting supper warm quilt Picture on my millie framehere are pictures before quilting
  10. I have a Ruler Mate, without thread cutter, for sale. $65.00, plus shipping. Or save shipping as I am in the KC area and would be willing to meet at the KC Quilt Festival in Overland Park, in June, or ?? I bought it for my Lenni, but it is more suited for machines with a larger throat as on my Lenni the sewing field was too small with the Ruler Mate attached. Won't use and needs to go, Sharon
  11. Thank you Sharon ... I have been busy and guess just forgot about the forum...when you are not have to many machine problem you forget about all your friends here
  12. Wow oh Wow, you are soooooooo talented. It is always a treat when you show your quilting, thank you for taking the time to post. Viewing your art gives me a mental boost. Sharon
  13. Beautiful quilting, love the modified cross hatch.
  14. Hi Tammy! I haven't sold the machine yet, and I don't really want to sell the bobbin winder separately. It's not the turbo winder, just a little sidewinder. Best, Kim
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  16. Terry, this is another quilt showing your wonderful work. I love what you did with this one.. I love how your practice quilting turns out. Lovely, really lovely. I have never seen anything you have quilted that didn't turn out beautiful. Thanks for the eye candy.
  17. I have an APQS Lenni that is a year old. Right after I bought it last year my life sort of imploded and I ended up moving from Texas back to California. While moving back is a good thing, I’ve been having trouble off and on with my machine since. I had to put the machine in storage for about 4 months while I worked everything out. It was in storage in Texas from the end of July to early November, so still fairly hot for most of that time. When I first got it set up I was breaking my top thread a lot but I was sewing on a couple of sheets from Walmart to practice. Going back to regular fabric seems to have improved that. I’m breaking thread again on my current quilt but that might be related to the fact that I’m trying to quilt with Aurifil thread which can be finicky in my regular machine. However when sewing today I noticed my machine seems really noisy. Now I’m not sure what’s wrong. The frustrating thing is that when stuff like this happens instead of working on figuring out what is wrong I tend to walk away and then not touch it for a month or so. I have to admit that I sort of wish I hadn’t bought my machine. I’m living in an apartment I don’t love as it’s the only place that had a room big enough for it. Also I really have no desire to repair or work on it but taking it nearly 100 miles to have it worked on is also a problem. I had went back and forth between a Lenni and a George and sort of wish I had just went with a George or another sit down model. I did list my machine to sell but didn’t get much interest in it. Any advice?
  18. Great job. I love what you did with this quilt. It does look like a lot of work, so as Gail said, Lucky friend.
  19. Do you mean the hook? The instructions for the hook will be in the timing video. Try to cut the threads with a seam ripper or razor blade first and pull the tails out with tweezers.
  20. I have thread wrapped around the back of the bobbin case and I think I need to remove the bobbin case to get it removed. I couldn't find any videos or info about this. Does anyone know how I can do this?
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