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  3. Wilmaloo, if you go to your original post, you should be able to edit the heading to add "SOLD" to it.
  4. Hi. Yes, this machine is sold.. I can't figure out how to delete this posting, I sent a note in to the moderators weeks ago.. I'll try and edit the subject line. Thank you for your interest and good luck in your search.
  5. Beautiful! Love the feather design in the blue circles.
  6. Last week
  7. Hi Jeannie, I can't tell if you actually received my email regarding availability of your longarm. I am interested in considering this purchase. 937-750-7446 Thank you, Marguerite
  8. I agree, great colours and wonderful quilting too!
  9. I recently finished this quilt for a customer who usually does her own quilting on her domestic machine but thought that this one was too big for her to handle. Aren't the colours just beautiful? She had already drafted most of the feather design for the background, I just added the centre part as it was too much space to be left unquilted and chose the design for the circles. We are both very happy with the way it turned out.
  10. I work in a glass structures service company and I'm always ready to find the new opportunities of how to use glass properly. So this information about sea glass is just in time for me. I appreciate that you decided to share it with me.
  11. Paula Ann, find one of the QP Admins on Facebook: Angela Hugli Clark, Dawn Cavanaugh, Heidi Patterson, or myself. Send one of us a Friend Request. Once we accept it, we'll be able to add you to the Group.
  12. I’m selling my #berninaq20 sit down model with the white koala table plus accessories (twin needle stitch plate, horizontal spool holder, vertical spool holder and ruler foot #96). I bought the machine in November 2016, it's at the moment with 5355150 stitches, price $7,799.00. *Only local pickup* and I live in Connecticut. PM for more details.
  13. Yes please send me a request to join; Facebook Quilt Path Users Group. Thank you.
  14. Hi Trudie. I use a 14' long tape measure called longarm centering tape - you can find it on Amazon. I attach it to the sides of my frame and position it so that it is just within my quiltable space. I "trap" it with a long flower-head pin (not poking through the tape), or you might be able to use your clamps. (Found this picture online.)
  15. Does anyone have an idea for marking the useable throat space while quilting? I struggle knowing how far to the back the machine can safely go and also how far forward? It would be so much easier if the machine came all the way to the backing bar (I float my tops). thanks
  16. Looks awesome! I need to be braver. You've inspired me!
  17. Funny how sometimes we don't get what we expect. Often it's even better! I like how the white wins out. Very nice work.
  18. Pretty quilt! I love the movement in the blocks.
  19. Your quilting is beautiful. It adds to the quilt without detracting from the candle wicking. I bet your customer was very pleased.
  20. I'm sorry I can't tell you the pattern. It's pretty and would be a great way to show off specialty fabrics.
  21. WOW...I love the use of the aboriginal fabrics for this design. Looks fantastic!
  22. Really pretty. The quilting is perfect on it. Your recipient will love it!
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