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  2. It has not. She is waiting for just the right person.
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  4. Selling my 2016 Lenni for $12900CAD. 20" throat with a blissed 12' table. Including leader grips, Harley base expander and bobbin winder. I am the original owner and have only quilted my own quilts and charity quilts for local Quilts of Valor. I am selling because I'm upgrading. I am located in eastern Ontario, Canada.
  5. This is a George APQS machine, custom-made for me in 2005. George comes in the large Traceys Table workspace--measurements are Folded-24" front to back and 42" side to side. With all leaves up-42" front to back and 78" side to side. George has a 20" by 8" throat space. Has needle up and down and speed regulator (not stitch regulator). I have run just about every thread through this George with good results and he is a beautiful stitcher. He was recently cleaned and adjusted. I am asking $2,900 firm. George must be picked up at my home in Duluth, MN. No shipping. He comes apart--somewhat, but the table is very sturdy and heavy and there are 14 steps involved, to my studio. You must be able to move and transport George. There are other extras, plus batting and thread go with him. Please email me with serious interest. I am attempting to become a long-armer. We'll see how that goes.
  6. Yes, I have a Paypal account. I should have it all ready to ship by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. I will get them packaged up, weigh the box, and let you know the shipping cost. I will email you later today with all of the information. Thank you! Janice in Ely, Minnesota
  7. Sure- do you want me to pay you with PayPal? Or mail a check? Just let me know what shipping will be- my address: Gina Ohden 15650 130 th ST SW Raymond,MN 56282
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  9. So, during our last move, the movers managed to lose the poles for my wooden TinLizzie18 frame. This included the wooden gears and the handle bolts. Does anyone have an idea of how to replace the hardware to make new poles?
  10. Hello Anita, I would be is it still available, I live outside of Greensboro NC, My email is Thanks Laura
  11. Yes, I have a set that I bought, used once, and that was it.
  12. Anyone not using their microdrive handles and care to sell them? Thanks!
  14. I'm looking for a Hartley work table in the US. If you have one to sell, or if you know how to make something that works similarly, please let me know. I've searched here but haven't found anything as of yet. I'm hopeful! I want to learn to use my laser on the front of my machine. Thanks!
  15. Got to see it up close yesterday. It truly is a work of art!
  16. I am looking to acquire a spoon or scoop hopping foot for a 2012/2013 Millie that someone may have for sale. Please let me know asap. Thank you, Mary Gajdica 214-546-1212
  17. I have been running my longarm quilting business full time for a year and am selling because although the business has been successful, it is not the right career for me But I have built up a large client list and a good reputation, and perhaps you'd be interested in taking it over? My business name is Cascadia Quilts and I'm based in Seattle. If you have an existing business, this is a good way to bump up your quilting capacity and client list. If you are looking to start a new business, this is a great way to get a head start! Here's what you get: - 2018 26" Innova longarm with Mach3 and GFE. In good working order, set up and ready for test drives starting on Wednesday June 19. Ready to go to its new home on Monday June 24. You are responsible for take down, transport, etc. I am happy to spend a little time educating you on how to use it. - My business name, which you are welcome to keep if you'd like to for the name recognition here in the Pacific Northwest, although you're certainly welcome to change it. - My website ( with an online order form, analytics, and other fun, modern tools that I am happy to walk you through if you're unfamiliar with them - My Facebook and Instagram business pages, which each have several hundred followers - I will also refer you to all of my other clients that I talk with over personal Email, phone, and text. The price for all of this is negotiable -- but my client list is valuable and I'm not in a hurry to sell so I will not entertain lowball offers.
  18. Join a local guild but don't be surprised if you get the cold shoulder from the resident quilter in the group. Volunteer to help with their projects. Once they see your work, people will migrate to you. Don't go after the other quilters' clientele but wait for the new members who will find you are available when the others are backed up. Word of mouth gets you lots of repeat customers.
  19. I was told a good way to get clients is to offer free quilting for charity quilts just to get your name and work out there. People need to know your work before they trust you with an actual quilt.
  20. Yes, I have a millie. I used it once when I first started quilting, but I do mostly custom heirloom quilting, and it's just been sitting in my quilting studio. I will sell it cheap!
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