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  2. HI, I'm having the same problem intermittently, the picture above looks like what I'm getting. Also my bobbin thread seems to be shredding a times. So I pulled and pushed on the center post and it didn't move but I heard a metallic rattling noise and it seems to jiggle just a little but hardly any. How much movement are we talking about here? TIA, Kathy Baumbusch The Quilting Frolic, LLC
  3. Naming quilts is one of the things I struggle with. a couple of the cool names I have been given are "a Flutter of Orange" Orange you glad we have Butterflies" Butterfly Sunset
  4. Peggy: I don't know which winder you have, and I don't have a "official" AQPS winder, but I've had my after market industrial winder stop on me in the past. I solved the problem by removing the motor brushes, blowing the dust out of the motor and de-glaizing the brush surface. If you can get at the motor, you might try that. Jim
  5. Karen: Try tightening up your top tension. Crank it up until the top thread is pulling the bobbin thread to the top, then start loosening it until you get a good balanced stitch. You might try and use contrasting color threads top and bottom to help see the stitches while you are adjusting. Good luck. Jim
  6. Even though this is only a 10 footer, this is a great buy! To the long arm wannabes out there, or the sit down owners that would like to move up to a long arm, consider buying it. Jim
  7. Deetz: The problem might be the backing, but in my experience Hobbs 80/20 is a bit problematic. I've eliminated that problem by using Hobbs' wool. Don't use the 80/20 much anymore. When I did use it, if I had a dark backing, I'd use the black 80/20, not white or natural. You might consider either of these alternatives in the future. Jim
  8. Terry, as usual you really nailed this one. I love it. It is absolutely stunning. Don't know what to name it, but this came to mind when I seen it. " Heart Of A Butterfly." I don't know where that came from, just popped into my head.
  9. Hi. I recently had my machine serviced (by a certified APQS location) and since it came home, I've been struggling with stitch quality. My top stitches (mostly) look good but my back has the occasional loop or like a stitch pulled sideways like it is pulling the top thread down and over a bit, like it catches. My top thread is breaking quite often, the thread keep slipping out of the pigtail right above the needle, and occasionally it stops catching stitches at all for like an inch. I have changed my needle and rethreaded. I run So Fine on the top and super bobs on the bottom--pretty much the same thread types I have been using for 9 years. It is a little better when I stop using the SR but not much. the thread stops breaking but the stitches on the back still just aren't right. I would appreciate any advice or help! thanks. Karen
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  11. Wow! Your quilting is fantastic. I love orange. This entire butterfly quilt is gorgeous.
  12. Thanks Connie, Sherrie is working on it if you e-mail her she will contact you when it is ready. let her know I sent you Connie and have a great day
  13. OOPs, I thought it was a baby quilt. Feathers all the way.
  14. Lots of white space, I agree with Terry feathers! If you have a computer, One song Needle Arts has some really cute children's designs.
  15. I know that you are excited! I have a Lennie and I am very happy with my machine. Lennie does not have the thread cutter feature so you will want the ruler base without the thread cutter. Beth
  16. Wow, I would love to make one in purples or blues. I hope Sherrie comes out with the pattern, what is the size of the quilt? Terri, this is one of your best, you are an inspiration.
  17. MB_quilt Newbie Member 1 8 posts Report post Posted April 22, 2018 The machine is now Sold. Thank you to all who enquired.
  18. I just completed two quilts with solid navy backing and used Hobbs 80/20 batting, and encountered the same problem. When I took the quilt off the LA table I freaked out to see all the pokies! Very disheartening. Those backings were made from 45" wide Kona Fabric. After consulting with other quilters, the general consensus was a thinly woven backing. It was recommended to me to dot each pokies with a navy permanent marker, which I eventually did. Also recommended was to use a smaller needle. I'm currently working on another customer's quilt, again using Hobbs 80/20 and not having that problem.
  19. My APQS bobbin winder stopped working. Plugged in, power source live, fuses ok. Now what? It was winding, I stopped it. now won't go. TIA for any help.
  20. Another beauty! I hope that is going into a show. It is meant to be drooled over.
  21. Ohhhh Terry, wow you really did create a masterpiece. I love it and I'd name it The Butterfly Effect, or maybe not. Please keep sharing. Sharon
  22. no finding under anything this is here for inspiration
  23. Wow.....that is amazing......I am going to go hide under my rock!!! In total Awe!!!! Lin
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