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  3. For Sale: 2018 APQS, with Bliss and Quilt Path Computerized Quilting system. 12 foot table, Bliss tracking system, Power Fabric Advance. Just one year old this week, near new condition. Its an awesome machine and works great. Comes with alot of Digital Quilt Path designs and other purchased designs. Located near Duluth, MN. Buyers must pick up. Entire package is $25,000. I have two machines, don't have time for both of them. For more information, message me at
  4. It’s not a big cup but almost a little flap or wave! First picture , the other is wrinkles.
  5. Once I had a huge d cup in my batting. And it was polyester batting too. I made a slit in the cup and trimmed it so the batting edges met. Then used a very light stabilizer pressed over it to close it up. Worked great. I don't know of any other way to fix bulges in the batting and as to wrinkles, pull them out as flat as you can. Once quilted, they won't show. For thick spots in polyester batting, I removed some of the thickest spots by pulling it off and patting it down.
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  7. PLEASE HELP! I am using dream puff and had it resting for three day and it still has bumps and wrinkles. You cannot put it in the dryer or steam like my other batting’s. Does anyone know what to do? Looked on Quilters Dream Site and would call but ,of course it’s a weekend and I need to get this done.
  8. Machine is still for sale. I will consider most offers. Prefer local buyer. Thanks. Mary
  9. Guest Connie email me and i'll send you pic pf my setup for a tin lizzie
  10. Thanks Cathy for your valuable information will have to try this. Thank you for sharing!
  11. Hi Bonnie, I use Dream Puff most of the time. I just place it where the fullness is. I have placed it the length of the border when I had a big problem, but not often. I pin it down also when I have a very long place to work out. Really, its not hard to do at all. Good luck.
  12. What kind of batting were you using? I will try this when I need to take up excess border fabric. So do just place it where the fullness is or does it go the length of the border?
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  14. Check with The Grace Company, they make some generic frames.
  15. Hive Mind, Looking for schematic/dimensions for a frame to accommodate a Ken Quilt 633 machine. I have an inspiration frame now, but I want more working distance. Short arm didn't work so well. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much. Red Deb
  16. Clover or Collins water soluble markers They have some spray/applicators to help remove the marking. Blue seems to work well.
  17. I am in need of a reliable marking tool for light/neutral back ground fabrics that can be permanently removed. I have tried Frxion (what a mess), blue and purple so called “washable” markers (they are not washable) and the Dritz colored yellow chalk (beware, this chalk DOES NOT come out). The white chalk will dust away but you cannot use white on a neutral fabric!?! I have seen numerous posts elsewhere online about how disappointing these marking tools are. But no solutions. With the advent of ruler use and marking design layouts, what are quilters using? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  18. Actuality Bonnie, that was part of the reason for the extra batting, to fill up the fullness, but by the time I get my quilting on the border, I cannot really tell its there. Does that make since. I know its confusing, but for me it really works well.
  19. Does it not make the border fuller than the rest of the quilt?
  20. this quilt is gorgeous. Wonderful work!
  21. Yes, it just went to it’s new home.
  22. How do you load the backing? I float the top & batting so that isnt a ptoblem. I have been working for 4 hours now and cannot get the backing on straight
  23. Has the machine been sold and/or picked up?
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