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  2. Got it figured out. Thanks for looking and thinking.
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  4. Hi fellow quilters. I am needing help with this Irish Star. I made this one, so there is not a problem with how I do this. I made three of these and two of them I used a panto on. I am wanting to custom this one. I have attached a picture of one with the Panto on it, and also pictures of the one I am wanting to custom. I have drawn a complete blank on what to do. As you can see, there are three different blocks in this quilt, so it should not be so confusing, but is. Thanks for any help you can give.
  5. "Beautiful in Orange" because it is!! gorgeous.
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  7. Selling a Bernina B 880 Sewing/Embroidery/Quilting Machine with the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) and the Embroidery Plus Upgrade Kit. This is the Top Special Edition Model Bernina has to offer with 12 inches of space to the right of the needle as well as countless amazing embroidery features. This B880 SE machine was manufactured in late 2014. The machine has been professionally serviced and is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. We offer a no hassle 30 day return policy for peace of mind. Professionally Serviced - This machine was cleaned, oiled, tested, updated with the latest firmware update issued by Bernina (Version 37.40.42). Excellent working condition and cosmetic condition! The 880 Embroidery Plus Upgrade has been installed for you. Total Usage - 189 Hours Stitch Count - 7.36 Million Year - Manufactured in 2014 What You Will Receive: Bernina B 880 SE Sterling Edition Sewing Machine Bernina 880 Embroidery Module Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) Foot Bernina 880 Embroidery Plus Upgrade Extension Table with Guide Straight Stitch Plate Dust Cover Foot Pedal Power Cord Spool Holder Dual Feed Knee Bar - Presser Foot Lifter Bernina 880 SE Instruction Manual New Midi Hoop Large Oval Embroidery Hoop Medium Embroidery Hoop Small Embroidery Hoop Bernina Bonus Designs USB Cord USB Stick Needles 10 Bobbins Misc Accessories (Oil, Brush, Seam Ripper, ect) Accessories Box #1C Reverse Pattern Foot #1D Reverse Pattern Foot (Used with Dual Feed) #2A Overlock Foot #3A Buttonhole Foot with Slide #3C Buttonhole Foot #4D Zipper Foot #5 Blindstitch Foot #18 Button Sew On Foot #20C Applique Foot #26 Embroidery Foot #40C Sideways Motion Foot 30 Day Return Policy - Buy with Confidence! Shipping Includes Insurance, Tracking, Signature Delivery Ships in the Original Bernina Heavy Duty Boxes with Foam Inserts (Very Secure!) Asking for $4800
  8. Thanks all, I guess I've been doing it right! Good to know. Thanks, sometimes these quilts are just too friendly!! Kathy B.
  9. I have a 2004 Millineum machine with 14 foot table that I would like to find a buyer. I am located in southwest Iowa. The machine has been in storage for 5 years, and was used lightly for the 10 years prior to that. Is there any interest in buying a machine of this age and size? I also have quilting tools and supplies that I would also consider selling. Thank you for any feedback that you may offer.
  10. Whatever marker you choose may become embedded in cotton quilting thread. A soft toothbrush and a spritz of water will remove most. This is usually not a problem with polyester threads.
  11. I talked to Quilters Dream customer service and one suggestion they had was lay batting out on bed and wack with a yard stick. Sent pictures but haven’t heard anything else. Next time I will be a wacking !
  12. Thanks Valerie for that tip. Never thought of it that way.
  13. M is for More -- the bigger bobbin. L is for Less -- the smaller bobbin. Thanks to the guys (Mark and Josh, I think) at a road show I recently attended for that simple trick for remembering which is which.
  14. Thanks, I did my best, will call them today.
  15. I have done the same as Debbie, that would be the only thing I would suggest to do. The last couple of time I have ordered a roll of Dream Puff batting, I have had a few more problems with it. I am not sure I will order any more. Good Luck
  16. You can use the water or air soluble markers. The water soluble usually have blue ink and the air soluble usually has purple. DO NOT IRON over these soluble marks or they become permanent. If you live in a high humidity area the air markers may disappear to fast for you. Have you tried using the white chalk and turn on your black light? Sometimes we forget most APQS machines come with black light. I use the gray chalk marker on most items I have to mark. Stay away from the yellow, pink and blue chalks, they do not wash out. I also use the Crayola washable markers (like you buy for kids) but test that the color I use will wash out (put it on test scrap fabric and rub out with a paper towel or wash cloth). The Crayola markers are a lot cheaper than sewing markers but as I stated test before you use on the quilt. Hope this helps.
  17. For Sale: 2018 APQS, with Bliss and Quilt Path Computerized Quilting system. 12 foot table, Bliss tracking system, Power Fabric Advance. Just one year old this week, near new condition. Its an awesome machine and works great. Comes with alot of Digital Quilt Path designs and other purchased designs. Located near Duluth, MN. Buyers must pick up. Entire package is $25,000. I have two machines, don't have time for both of them. For more information, message me at
  18. It’s not a big cup but almost a little flap or wave! First picture , the other is wrinkles.
  19. Once I had a huge d cup in my batting. And it was polyester batting too. I made a slit in the cup and trimmed it so the batting edges met. Then used a very light stabilizer pressed over it to close it up. Worked great. I don't know of any other way to fix bulges in the batting and as to wrinkles, pull them out as flat as you can. Once quilted, they won't show. For thick spots in polyester batting, I removed some of the thickest spots by pulling it off and patting it down.
  20. PLEASE HELP! I am using dream puff and had it resting for three day and it still has bumps and wrinkles. You cannot put it in the dryer or steam like my other batting’s. Does anyone know what to do? Looked on Quilters Dream Site and would call but ,of course it’s a weekend and I need to get this done.
  21. Machine is still for sale. I will consider most offers. Prefer local buyer. Thanks. Mary
  22. Guest Connie email me and i'll send you pic pf my setup for a tin lizzie
  23. Thanks Cathy for your valuable information will have to try this. Thank you for sharing!
  24. Hi Bonnie, I use Dream Puff most of the time. I just place it where the fullness is. I have placed it the length of the border when I had a big problem, but not often. I pin it down also when I have a very long place to work out. Really, its not hard to do at all. Good luck.
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