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  2. Some (but not all) wide backing fabrics are made with a lesser grade than those fabrics that are made 45" wide. I read this at a reliable source. The suggestion is to buy the 45" wide fabrics and piece those together. However, I have found that some of the wide backings are a better quality grade. You have to shop around to find them.
  3. There's an obvious difference between computer guided and hand guided quilts. The judges know it and they judge on that merit. Believe me, even if these categories are not "separated" you are not competing with a computerized quilt. Trust me when I say that. The judges base their scores on what the criteria in which they are given to judge on. Have you ever been a judging scribe for one of the major national machine quilt shows? I have. If you haven't, it's valuable information and a great insight into what the process is for judging all of these quilts, regardless of the method they have been quilted. I suggest getting more educated on the process before making any opinions. Honestly, we cannot have 50 different categories so that people can win prizes. That would really dilute things to the point of ridiculousness. There are just way too many beautiful quilts out there and there are not enough ribbons in this world to hang on their borders. I will tell you one profound moment as a scribe. The judges were back and forth for 10 minutes trying to decide which (absolutely remarkable) quilt would be top winner in a specific category. They finally agreed. It's very difficult to choose the most amazing sparkling diamond from a bucket of sparkling diamonds sitting in front of you... They all sparkle and they are all diamonds. But not all of them get to have a ribbon, unfortunately... otherwise, there would be factories cranking out millions of ribbons to hang on every single quilt. Do we really want that? It's a quilt. It's beautiful. There are many beautiful women in this world that are more beautiful than a supermodel, but we all can't be supermodels. That's my opinion that I took after being a scribe for those quilt shows.
  4. So sorry this happened to you. Yes, it's happened to me once or twice before. I have found that it's the brand of minkee that is the issue. As the quilter, it is unacceptable to continue on and finish it looking like this. I would take it off of the frame and rip out the stitches. Solutions are 1) change to a darker thread color that blends in with the minkee or 2) get a different brand of minkee (test it on the side, first)
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  6. I am selling my 2013 Lucey with deluxe 14 foot table, motorized fabric advance, ruler base with ruler, large wheels, open toe ruler foot, L bobbins, bobbin cases, turbo bobbin winder, leader grips, and pantographs. She has been gently used for charity quilts by me. I have never broken a needle! Pickup only from Waxhaw, NC.
  7. You can find it at my creative stitches by Christy Dillon
  8. 20 Paper Pantographs for Sale - whole lot for $160. Buyer pays Shipping. PayPal please. Curly Weave by Karen Thompson Willow Leaf Studio 11” Tiki Triangle Beany Girl Quits, Willow Leaf Studio 11” Woven Wind by Apricot Moon, Quilts Complete, 12” row Stacked Snailz by Patricia Ritter, Urban Elementz 13.5” row Bauhaus by Patricia Ritter, Urban Elementz 12” row Spiral Feather by Jodi Beamish, Clothwerx, Willow Leaf Studio, 12” row Bolero by Sarah Ann Myers, Urban Elementz, 11” Modernish #2 by Barbara Becker, Four Paws Quilting, Urban Elementz 12” Deb’s Swirls by Deb Geissler. Includes 3”, 4”, 5”, and 11” pantos or borders: Bamboo Forest by Julie Mullin, Fiberactive Quilt Co., 16” by 120” Shades of Anasazi 11” Pumpkins Galore by Donna Reinarts 15” Froo Froo by Nichole Webb Whitehorse Quilt Co., 11” Palm Trees by Vickie, 8” X 2 per width of panto (designs by Vickie) Holly and Berries by Vickie, 8” X 2 per width of panto (designs by Vickie) Clothesline 10” MeadowLyon Design Koko by Jodi Beamish Willow Leaf Studios, 10.5” Whoop De Doo by Lisa Calle, Willow Leaf Studios, 13” Jessie’s Swirls Simplified by Jessica Schick, Digi-Tech, 10” Tickle Too , Beany Girl Quilts, 11”
  9. I’ve gone high-tech and purchased a computer system for my Millie, so am selling my Circle Lord products. The boards make E2E quilting quite “brainless” and the templates make custom work look more professional in half the time. They are from a non-smoking, no pets home. Other than marks on a few for numbering or design cues, they are just like new. All pricing is PLUS shipping to be calculated based on the purchase and your location (only within the contiguous US). I live near Indianapolis and am willing to deliver (or meet you) within a 4-hour radius of Indy. You can reach me at or call 317-460-0646. I prefer to sell the whole lot together and am willing to let everything go for $1,800 plus shipping. Total retail value is $3,881 not including shipping, so this is quite the deal at $140 off the asking price already 50% off retail! Delivery within 4 hours of Indy is free. Videos, descriptions, and additional photos and details can be found at Michael and Kay are a delight to work with. Basic Circle Lord – Asking $200; retails for $399 plus CAN shipping: Includes Back Stylus Set, Crossbar (for APQS, but may be adapted), Slide Arm, Center Clamp, Base Plate, 12” Squircle (concentric circles separated by 1/16th inch), Stepping Disk, Set of 4 small Squircles, Large Blade, and center finder. Up-Front Stylus System – Asking $70; retails for $139. Includes Stylus, Arm, Brackets and Base Support. Giant Template Boards - I’m asking $170 each, or $900 for all 6 ($150 each). These retail for $339 each for $2,034 total plus shipping from Canada: o Cable – 3-piece, 115” o Sakura - King o Giant Clam - King o Zig Zag – King o Square Dance - King o Swirls - King Design Templates - I’m asking $150 for all 5. These retail for $296 plus shipping from Canada: o Gingko Mini o Featherz o Mini Featherz o Featherz border o Spiro Thingy Giant Templates – I’m asking $275 for all 5; they retail between $99 and $119 for a total of $555 plus CAN shipping: o Tiles o Curved Crosshatch o 18” Crosshatch o Clamshells o Spirals Template Boards – Asking $250; retails at $458 plus shipping o 2 Piece 48” Crosshatch PLUS Up-Front Push Button System
  10. There is no need to remove the needle plate to oil the hook. Snap out the bobbin case, bend over and look at the hook, and put a drop of oil in the hook race. Manually turn the machine back and forth a couple of times to better distribute the oil, snap the bobbin case back in place and you're ready to go. I do this for every sewing session before I begin quilting each day. Jim
  11. Cee K Take the bobbin out and put one drop of oil right where the grey and chrome pieces meet at the bottom and then run the machine for a few seconds to distribute the oil. If you are looking from the top you will see the groove in the chrome that the grey basket sits in and that is where you are trying to get oil at the bottom. We always used good quality threads and I only took the needle plate off once or twice per year when doing a real good service, same time as I check motor brushes and have the side cover off to lube the hopping foot. Nigel
  12. Regarding re-packing the gear box - this is a chore I always put off because it requires taking the machine off the frame and turning it upside down to get to the gearbox. Or so I thought until my sewing machine repair guy insisted that it could be repacked without turning the machine over. Sure enough - he sat on the floor under the machine, took off the cover, re-packed it, replaced the cover and my machine is so, so much quieter. The only difference in doing it this way is that you can't stir or poke at the grease to get air bubbles out - if you do the grease starts to fall out of the gear box. Carol
  13. I wish there was an easier access without taking off the needle plate to oil the top to the hook assembly. Has anyone figured out a way to modify the plate for this?
  14. The spa treatment was $1500 and I did a day trip up to Iowa to take it and came back a week later to pick her up. Other than the snow storm, it was smooth sailing.
  15. Last week
  16. I'm very interesting in your Lucey. I would like to discuss the price with you. Would it be better to communicate directly through email rather than on this forum where everyone can see it? My email is
  17. I would contact the customer and discuss the issue with them. Once it is off the frame you might be able to "brush" the minkee backing and pull the pokies back through or when the quilt relaxes the minkee becomes unnoticible but it is equally possible that there would be no change.
  18. Kueser, do you remember how much it cost for your Millie’s Spa Visit (excluding shipping)?
  19. Thank you everyone. Angie helped me via email and I think it’s good again. I kind of did what Nigel said after moving the needle plate for a better angle at the top of the hook assembly. Seems better now. I’m going to put some practice fabric on and give it a whirl.
  20. Connie, Barb answered you on FB. She has a business in WA. ConnieW here
  21. Love it, the perfect pattern for a girlie quilt.
  22. The price, where it is located, why you are selling, email address, and if you are willing to ship the items will be helpful to interested parties. Best of luck with selling your machine.
  23. Hi, I had a longarm in home business in CA. We moved a couple of years ago and due to stuff I've only been quilting now and then for others. It's time to start the business here in WA. What do I need to do? Business license, resell permit, etc? What are the agencies here in WA. The internet searches keep giving me companies to use and pay to get the info. Thank you.
  24. For Sale- 2016 Baby Lock Tiara II- $4000 Location-Bay Area This machine has been so good to me it’s hard to let her go. However, after purchasing a long arm with pro-stitcher over a year ago, this beauty has gone unused. I’m hoping to sell it to free up space in my sewing studio and fulfill someone’s dream, like the one I had, to own this wonderful machine. 1,500 stitches per minute-LED lighting-16” throat space-Adjustable table- Purchased with the VIP package that includes-two 18” table expansions- TruStitch stitch regulator-TruStitch accessory TruGripQuilting table overlay (basically a very large Supreme Slider) email me for more info
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