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    If you are looking for an excellent longarm machine, APQS is the one. If you are looking for support for the APQS you'll never find a more professionally knowledgeable, fun, committed, patient APQS representative then Connie Keller. Her classes are excellent. When you rent a machine she, Anne and Jed provide the support and direction you need to learn and feel confident. It is obvious that the three of them all love their work and the people they serve with passion and caring. Your search for quality in the machine and support is over. Connie helped me find the perfect machine for me. She and Jed set it up in my home and provided ongoing support. I can't thank you enough, Ms. Connie!! Anne!! And Jed!!
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    Completed this queen size quilt this week! Thanks for looking!
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    Quilting advice needed

    I just finished piecing this quilt. It is English Paper Pieced and will be the cover quilt for a new pattern for this quilt. I am looking for advice on how to quilt it. I want more than a pantograph and more than continuous lines, but am drawing a blank. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a hand driven millie.
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    I did a king sized double batting, wool & 80/20, with Lenni on a 12 foot table.
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    Quilting advice needed

    Maybe some sort of celtic link motif in the centers to play off the linked rings? It's lovely!
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    Vicky: There is ample room in the throat to hold a king size quilt rolled up on the take-up roller. The only thing that happens is that your sewing "field" gets a bit smaller as you roll up the quilt. Doesn't make any difference unless your doing a large panto (something over 12 inches) or large pattern blocks. Hopes this helps. Jim
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    My new written policy re: donation quilting

    Not an official answer, only information for you to research and then discuss with your tax preparer. https://www.thebalancesmb.com/can-my-business-deduct-charitable-contributions-397602 Any business can make contributions to charitable organizations but there may be limits on these deductions, and the contributions may only be deductible to the individual owners, not to the business. New Tax Law and Charitable Giving The 2017 tax reform law has changed the landscape of charitable giving. The standard deduction has almost doubled for 2018 and beyond. The new standard deduction is $12,000 for singles (up from $6,350 for 2017) and $24,000 for married couples who file jointly (up from $12,700). https://www.irs.gov/publications/p526 Table 1 far right column, Not Deductible As Charitable Contributions, Value of your time or services https://www.forbes.com/sites/martinshenkman/2018/09/23/charitable-giving-how-to-save-tax-deductions-despite-new-law/#1c83424b6804 explains how to bunch charitable and possibly tax payments to exceed new IRS standard deduction limits every other year.
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    The table in this picture is the old c style rails. This would be the $3000 upgrade to Bliss.
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    Hi everyone! I'm finally responding to Ardelle's challenge to post pictures! Due to my crazy busy life, I was only able to complete 2 quilts in the past year. In less than 5 years, I've been blessed with 5 grandbabies... the 6th is due any day, and I haven't even started a baby quilt yet! These little munchkins plus a full time job keep a Gramma busy! LOL Both quilts are bargellos... "Lightning Strikes" is one of my favorite patterns. The first, the green one, was made for my son's wedding last January. One of my first attempts at custom, I sweat buckets over the thought, but in the end, I'm pleased with how it turned out. I used Ronda Byer's rulers for the border... first attempt with them. They are so easy to use. Quilter's dream wool, it's my new favorite batting), and a silver/grey minky on the back. Ok, now to try posting pictures, fingers crossed that it works. IMG_5811 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5818 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5814 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5812 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5824 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5820 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr The second, oranges & browns, was for my daughter & son-in-law. She wanted the quilting to follow the lines of color. Was tons of rolling back & forth, I think it took longer than the first one. Again, Quilters dream wool, and brown minky on the back. Both quilts are king size... 110 x 110 They take up my entire floor space in the living room IMG_6206 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_6207 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_6208 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_6214 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr Both girls picked the Lightning Strikes pattern, and they each chose their own colors, all Jinny Byer fabrics. I have her portable pallette... such a wonderful tool for choosing fabrics, especially bargellos. No issues at all with the minky backing, it quilted beautifully Thanks for looking, and thanks for the challenge Ardelle! And thanks also to Heidi for the instructions on using Flickr
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    Bliss Quilter

    Holes from requilting. HELP!

    Linda, I read this on your post years ago and have used it ever since - works wonder on batiks.
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    Mag collar adjusted !

    My up and needle was out of sync. Millie was still sewing along but frustrating when pulling up the bobbin thread. Problem solved. Called Apqs and they sent me a pdf on how to correct the problem. Who knew there was a rotating magnet behind a circuit board.My magnet was floating not screwed on. It was easy to do. Next will be clean the motor brush.
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    Wool Bearding through the quilt

    I thought I'd share my experience and the response I rec'd from Quilters Dream regarding the wool batting bearding through the lion quilt I made for my son. I used black fabric and a darker red and the bearding was DREADFUL on both front and back of the quilt after washing/drying. I was devastated and emailed the company with the photos. I purchased one of those sweater shaver things and used that over the entire quilt - front and back. It helped quite a bit, but it will never be the same as when I made it I'm sure. :-( There was no bearding on any of the gold fabrics. Below the photos is the copy/pasted response from QD Customer Service. "We have found that many high quality fabric manufacturers use a sulfur-based chemical in their dyeing process (especially when dying dark and vivid colors like reds and dark blues). The sulfur is very good for fabrics because the sulfur molecule is five-sided, which causes a strong bond and makes the colors very color-fast. The disadvantage to the “attraction” created by having 5 sides is that more surfaces promote static electricity. (When you wear dark colors or a very vivid print, have you noticed that pet hairs and fuzz balls seem to stick to you? It isn’t your imagination – the sulfur has caused a static charge making everything stick.) In quilting, the combination of motion, handling, and weather (especially dry climates, machine dryers, or dry winter heating) will increase the static, causing the fibers of batting to ‘stand up’ like the hair on our arms and be drawn to the fabric. The solution is to break the static charge. You can use an anti-static spray, such as Static Guard both on finished and unfinished quilts. If you don’t have an anti-static spray, put a few anti-static dryer sheets in a spray bottle with water and sprits both the fabric and the batting (or the finished quilt). This will not cause the fibers to pull back in, but it will prevent more from bearding through. You can use a sweater shaver or lint roller to remove the batting "balls" from the surface once you have thoroughly sprayed the quilt with anti-static spray. When you wash your quilt, use fabric softeners in the washer and anti-static sheets in the dryer. It is also helpful to remove the quilt from the dryer before it is totally dry and hang it. Do not store the finished quilt or your quilts-in-progress in regular plastic bags as this really promotes static electricity. Using a humidifier in the workplace not only cuts down on static, but is great for your skin! The anti-static spray really works well in my own experience - a dark purple quilt that I had problems with completely stopped bearding after I sprayed it. I hope this information is helpful and that you will not run across this problem ever again – it is truly the exception."
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    Turbo Bobbin Winder will not wind

    yes, Support got back to me. and basically I had to open the box. " On the inside there is a black rubber grommet that could have come loose and just needs to be put in place again. The information will show you the inside of the machine and where the parts go. Also the switch sometimes will get out of place, but if you can’t push that moon shaped mechanism over the grommet behind it could be out of place." I wish it was that easy, the Black Rubber is actually broken, so not I need to try and find one the same size. I have added instructions for others if their winder stops working. Well off into town (40 minutes away to find the washer)Bobbin Winder (turbo) REPL friction grommet.pdfBobbin Winder (turbo) switch position adjustment.pdf
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    Sewing Room Size -

    Patrice, You've received great advice so far from the gang about "ideal" space. Just to help you in your room planning, if you are adding a motorized fabric advance to your table it adds 8 inches to the length. so a 14-foot table is physically 14' 8" long. The end opposite the fabric advance (the left side of the table when facing the needle) can go flush against a wall. The physical footprint for the machine "front to back" is 5 feet. As earlier mentioned, you will need more room on the table side of the machine where pantographs are executed than you will on the needle side. We advise new customers to allow 8 feet for a minimum.