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    How is your quilting business?

    The number of quilters with longarms and mid-arms has risen like crazy in the past four years in my area. If you can spend the five to seven years left to sharpening your skills while taking a few customers here and there, go for it. It hasn't impacted my business, but I do primarily custom and have little competition. My quilts come from those who save the big ones and the special ones for me---I do 4 per month and sometimes struggle to get them done. Mine is a different situation so if you are able to analyse the competition, see if you can figure out a niche market. Are there lots of overall/e2e quilters so you'll be competing with them? Are there Modern quilters looking for a kindred-spirit longarmer? Is the custom market fully covered? Also, would you be happy to purchase a used machine to start out and upgrade to a new w/computer later? Please remember as well, the longarmer who advised you only has her best interests at heart---not yours. Though her advice may be spot-on, don't be deterred until you do some more research.
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    APQS Service is Awesome!

    I haven't been on this forum for quite a bit but I wanted to give a huge shout out for APQS Service. My Millie is a 2005. I mainly quilt for myself. After finishing a charity quilt and loading my own, my stitch regulator decided to choke. I had movement from top to bottom but not left to right or right to left. I called service and also posted a message. Angie did a wonderful job of helping me to isolate the problem. In my case, my carriage encoder went bad. It took a number of emails back and forth with me including pictures and whether the test worked or not. Angie was patience and even put up with my twisted sense of humor through out. Angie mailed me a new encoder for my carriage and with the excellent instructions, I took off the old one and attached the new encoder. Instant resolution! It took a bit to get to the bottom of the problem but it was finally isolated and fixed. My Millie and I are happy to report that I am once again stitching. If you ever need service, just know that you will be in good hands. Gail S. aka Quiltfaerie
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    Update,..... I did point out mistake to customer and we both decided it needed to be fixed. so,... spent an afternoon picking out stitches, and 10 minutes to restitch the Feather,... I was happy to do it as it was my mistake,.... I always point out mistakes if any,.. big or small and let the customer decide,.... this one I knew she would want fixed,.... She is very pleased with the end result!!! and so am I!!! Thanks for looking ,.... Happy Quilting,... Laura Love the combination of the two,... Simple,.. with a pop!!! I used a double Cotton Batting on this one,.. wanted the feathers to stand up and take center stage,... Matching Glide Threads in the Grey, Burgundy and White Areas,... Thanks for looking,... ** can you see the mistake? Found it after I pulled it off the frame,.... :0)
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    Borderline Quilter

    Toot Toot!

    Can I share my news? Had a call this evening to tell me that I won 1st for Longarming at Quilts UK, Malvern on my Customer Mary's quilt...WooHoo! It was a stunning top even before quilting! Marys Feathered Star Applique 2 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr Marys Feathered Star applique 1 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr
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    Same size Backing and Top

    Even if you sew scraps of fabric to all four sides, if the quilt top is the same size as the back, it's absolutely impossible to avoid quilting the extra strip's seam line into the quilt while quilting it. Trust me in my 15 years of longarm quilting, it is nearly impossible to accomplish this very difficult and extremely stressful situation. I would contact customer and ask her to provide you with larger backing fabric that is at a minimum 8" wider and 8" longer than the quilt top. My job is to quilt the customer's quilt without pulling my hair out... it's not my job to perform miracles due to the failure of the customer to provide ample backing fabric. IMHO.
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    I have been quilting for about 10 years & have gotten into free motion quilting in a big way. I love the quilt part & some ladies have been asking me to quilt for them. I have no idea what to charge. I use a Sweet Sixteen to quilt on. This is the most recent quilt that I completed. I would appreciate some guidance. Thank you Lydia.F.
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    Fresh Plum Cake

    Ingredients 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 3/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice, divided 1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature 1 cup sugar + 1 tablespoon 2 extra large eggs, or 2 large + 1 egg white 6-8 plums Instructions Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Place a sheet of parchment paper over the bottom disk of an 8-9 inch spring-form pan. Fasten the ring around the disk with the parchment paper secured in between. Cut off the excess paper. Grease the sides of the pan. Whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt and 1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. In the electric mixer, cream 1 cup of sugar with the butter. Add the eggs one at a time. Slowly add the flour mixture. Scrape the bowl and mix again. Spread the batter evenly in the prepared pan. Slice the plums into eighths. The easiest way I’ve found to do this, is to run a knife around the plum to halve it, then do the same to quarter it. Split each quarter in half. The little sections should pop off the pit with your knife. Place the plum slices around the top of the cake in a pretty pattern. Make sure they are close together. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of sugar and the remaining 1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice over the plums. Bake for 45-55 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Make SURE not to over bake! Cool for 15 minutes in the pan, and another 10 minutes out of the pan before serving!
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    Tension problem

    Ok, as it is the backing, then the bobbin tension is winning. Thus you have to tighten the top tension or loosen the bottom tension. A technique I have learned is to write your name in cursive in the overage areas of the quilt sandwich to check your tension settings. You normally have to change directions when you write your name, and you have already learned the muscle memory to write it well.
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    How to bind quilt on long ar

    Prep your binding the usual way. Make sure the edges of the quilt are square and if not, mark the line where you want the binding to attach. Stitch on the binding just as you would on your domestic. I leave a tail, pin ahead a bit to keep the binding lined up, and use a ruler to stitch a quarter-inch from the edge of the binding. Make the corners using the same technique you normally use. I sew within a quarter-inch of the corner, sew off onto the batting and break the thread. Flip and fold back the binding to make the miter, and continue along the next side to the corner. Continue until you reach the original side and leave a tail for attaching the ends. You can remove the quilt to finish the binding join on your domestic. Or I do the "invisible join" while it's loaded. It's finicky but do-able. Hoping this was helpful. I can bind a Queen (including the join) in a half-hour and offer this as a service to my customers for a $40 flat rate--any size.
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    Same size Backing and Top

    I agree with Shana. Save yourself to quilt another day. Do you have a set of rules for customers? It's a good rule of thumb to add your requirements to the invoice or contract when you accept the customer's quilts.
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    Same size Backing and Top

    Adding one more thing: I am (by nature) a very accommodating and nice person. Probably too nice sometimes. In dealing with my quilting customers, the word "no" is not a word I use, ever. Very rare situations when I need to tell a customer the word "no" ... and this situation is generally the only time I stand up for myself and say "No! Sorry, my requirement is to have 8" wider and 8" longer than quilt top." Period. End of story. I've almost hurt myself numerous times trying to quilt a quilt with barely enough backing fabric. It's dangerous. I draw the line when it comes to injuring myself because of a customer did not give me enough backing fabric.
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    Hi fellow quilters. I am needing help with this Irish Star. I made this one, so there is not a problem with how I do this. I made three of these and two of them I used a panto on. I am wanting to custom this one. I have attached a picture of one with the Panto on it, and also pictures of the one I am wanting to custom. I have drawn a complete blank on what to do. As you can see, there are three different blocks in this quilt, so it should not be so confusing, but is. Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Innova or Millie?

    I have been interested in all the comments. Just to update since I wrote the first question. I did decide to go with the Millie with Quilt Path. I am really enjoying the machine and learning a lot as I go. I have had a few minor issues, some user error and some routine maintenance (a screw jostling loose and needing tightning) but the customer service has been outstanding and the machine is easy to maintain and "repair." What I wish I had known more about during the decision making process: I wasn't aware that the APQS could be outfitted with other robotic systems. If I had realized this I would have looked at IQ at least. QP is OK but one of the major concerns people express is the delay in the update. And also the fact that the update apparently won't have a no sew zone. Last year I would have said I wouldn't ever use it but I am finding that I would like to have that capability. I saw it demonstrated on the IQ and it looked really easy to do. I'm doing OK using the QP robotics but I am not fully using the CAD (computer assisted design) elements as I don't really understand how to even tho I have paid for a couple classes. I find that I spend a lot of time (sometimes hours) trying to figure out how to create a simple design. I realize there is a learning curve but after all those hours my design still isn't right and I end up purchasing one anyway. For me this has become a time vs. money consideration. It's easier for spend a few dollars and have the design available "right now". Anyway if you are still trying to figure out what to purchase learn from me and know that there are a number of robotic systems that are compatible with the Millie.
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    Features I wish APQS had

    I have had my Millie a little over a year. There are certain features that I wish it had: 1. A basting stitch - instead of me having to manually control basting stitch length 2. A tie off stitch 3. Independently movable front handles : so that I could move one handle out of the way when doing ruler work 4. I wish the front backing bar was situated vertically below the top bar. Since I am only 5' 4" this would help me be 4-6 inches closer so that it was easier to do ruler work in more of the stitching field. I have to have my machine on casters since my space is limited. this adds to the height of the machine and the location of the backing bar puts me just that too far away. Any features you wish your APQS had?
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    Finding clients

    What I did when I first started out was I made up coupons for a Free quilting, edge to edge I choose the design, lap size or smaller, to be used within 3 months and handed them out to our sew group ladies. I also made sure my prices were very competitive ...in fact I was less than the norm when first starting out and then after my clientele was established I gradually increased my price. I do have another perk for loyal clients... 8 paid bed size quilts, gets a Free quilting for a lap size or smaller. Doing this I was able to pay off my longarm within 10 months!
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    Sue E.

    Pink Halloween Quilt

    Annie, this is a fantastic quilt and your quilting is over the top! Absolutely wonderful quilt and quilting
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    prices for piecing a quilt????

    So Joann, do you quilt for others plus piece tops? Just curious..went to you web site and checked it out. I would say your prices are very reasonable. I have a full time job and do quilting as an hobby and make a few dollars to buy more fabric, but more out of a passion for quilting. Plus it is so-o-o-o much fun to get others hooked on quilting. I teach an adult ed quilting class so it is fun to watch them get excited about quilting. I do have a George and quilt a bit for others, but do not want to advertise the quilting part. I have 13 or so of my own that are all spray basted and ready to quilt and can't seem to find the time to do them. Had one lady ask if I wanted to quilt hers because she did not want to pay what the LQS charged--do you think that made me a bit mad? I told her I charge the same. Old bitty has enough money she could afford to pay full price anyway. Heck if I want to do it for nothing, I'll do my own. Any way, it is so nice to run into someone who feels the same why I do. Thanks a bunch!!!! Have a good day.
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    prices for piecing a quilt????

    Judy, I agree with you..I got into this business because I like doing what I am doing...to make $ for what I like to do is the cherry on top! I would never want to be taken advantage of by someone just because I couldn't do it myself. To over price ones time or skill is just plain greed. Unless the quilt is 100 years old and in mint condition, or an award blue ribbon quilt, quilted completerly in heirloom fashion or using 14K gold thread I could never bring myself to pay or charge more than $1,000 for any quilt. Sorry if this offends anyone but it's my opinion and I feel that there are alot of people out there (in all areas of labor not just quilting) that over charge just because ego or greed. What every happened to an honest days work for an honest days wage? Is it not greed that got us in this world ecconomic mess we are all in now? Over pricing/ inflating prices just for the pure greed of making more $$ and all the while the quality of the product was less and less. Think about it, how would you feel if you were on the other side being the one asked to pay the price for the individuals greed. Sorry for the soapbox...it's a sore subject with me these days with the state of the ecconomy.