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    Shirley Harwood

    For Sale:

    2014 Lenni with Bliss table. Asking 4,000.00. Located SW Wisconsin.
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    2008 Lenni with 10ft table. Includes zipper leaders, micro handles, hydraulic legs, bobbin winder and more. He is in perfect working order. I just finished quilting a queen size quilt! I am upgrading to a Freddie and must part with my Lenni. Can deliver and set up locally for an additional fee. Asking $8,500. Contact Dee at 817-228-8024 or drramirez65@gmail.com.
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    APQS Hydraulic table lift 500.00 obo Taken off machine we bought like new price new completely nuts 1600+
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    Red Snappers

    Have you used the Red Snappers and do you like them or is another product that works better?
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    Glide thread vs Superior

    Linda, It is great to see new members using the forum. I hope to see some of your quilting in the future. Here is a link and the information to Superior Thread, where they address the issue of thread life, both cotton and polyester. While the polyester thread color may fade, it appears that it will not deteriorate as cotton does over the years. Their input may surprise you. https://www.superiorthreads.com/education/what-is-the-shelf-life-of-thread Have a wonderful day. I guess as we stay indoors we have more time to piece and quilt. Cagey How many years does thread last? Q. I have inherited a rather significant thread stash from a friend. It's a grand selection with a wide range of cotton threads and some are even wound onto the old wooden spools that make me think of my grandmother's sewing area. I'm worried about using old thread and having trouble with it as it runs through my machine. How can I tell if the thread is still OK to use? Is there a shelf life or a recommended period of use for thread? A. A good quality thread that is produced today will last much longer than thread which was produced 15 or 20 years ago. Even the best quality cotton thread of a generation ago did not have the advanced processing techniques available to us today and it would probably be best to not sew or quilt with old thread that exists today. However, a high-quality cotton thread that is manufactured today, like MasterPiece and King Tut, will probably be fine to use in 40 or 50 years from now. Why will threads that are manufactured today last longer than threads manufactured 20 years ago? The difference is due to the advancements in spinning, dyeing, and twisting technology and the evolution of genetic engineering better cotton plants. Because cotton is a natural fiber, it will degrade over time. A good test to check whether or not the cotton threads you have been given are OK to use in your machine is to hold about a one foot section between both hands and pull apart. If the thread snaps (you should feel a nice, crisp break), then it is OK to use. If the thread just separates and pulls apart easily (think of pulling a cotton ball apart), we don't recommend using it. As for polyester thread, the color may fade over the years with exposure to sunlight, but there is no evidence that the thread deteriorates like cotton threads, so it's safe to say that synthetic fibers will last longer.
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    Dust cover for Apqs Milly ?

    I use a car cover to cover my Millie and it works great. They're plenty big and cover the whole machine and mine packs up in the little case that is attached to the cover.
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    Mariners compass

    Your quilt is beautiful. I would be interested in getting this pattern. Where could I get it?
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    Included in Package: Baby Lock Tiara with Table TrueStitch Stitch Regulator Baby Lock Bobbin Winder 3 Bobbins and bobbin holder ring All User Manuals $4500 located in Ashburn, Virginia - does not include shipping ping
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    Dust cover for Apqs Milly ?

    I keep mine covered with a sheet.
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    roller brake

    IMAWARD, what year and model is your machine? Just asking because the older machines have a wooden brake and the new ones have a metal one. The info above is good advice.
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    roller brake

    I ended up taking off the Velcro after several years of fighting the mess. Works just as well.
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    roller brake

    Yep as Sharon says. You need to release it to advance or roll the quilt. I did some adjusting of mine at first without loosening the brake....yikes....what a mess.....the Velcro did move out of place leaving a goopy mess.....I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol I believe...it took a while....then ended up applying a new valcro strip.....good news though....I haven't had to replace it for several years.....I have had to take my Allen wrench and tighten the handle a few times though.....I bought one of those multi sized allen wrenchs that had the same size in it.....I like it better because you have a bigger handle to use when tightening.....
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    Mariners compass

    Here's the last quilt of the year off the frame. It had lots of fullness issues so I had to heavily quilt it. I also got to use my quiltazoid to make the stars. I also meant to put a star in the middle but I forgot. There's so much fabric under there though that its probably best that I didn't try. Jess Mariners compass by butterflyjess03, on Flickr image by butterflyjess03, on Flickr image by butterflyjess03, on Flickr image by butterflyjess03, on Flickr
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    Mariners compass

    Hi - I'm not sure if this thread is active, but is there a pattern I can purchase for this quilt? It is so beautiful. Thank you.
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    Lesson Learnt

    Legally, you can send a registered letter to the customer stating that unless payment is made within xx amount of time (60 days where I live but I think 90 days elsewhere) the quilt becomes your property to sell to recoup the quilting fees. You'll be surprised how quickly they can find the cash! If they still can't pay, you have to hope that the quilt will sell. Or donate it to whatever charity you like. Get a valuation from the charity for tax purposes. I wouldn't be a bit concerned about losing a customer--she lost you as a quilter through her own actions.
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    Mariners compass

    Yayyyyy! It worked! I can post pictures!!!