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    I want to ask some information

    A few months ago, my neighbor's 13 year old daughter asked me to help her make a quilt. How could I say no? Twist my arm? LOL! Anyway, this Christmas break, we got together, she picked a quilt pattern (The Road to Oklahoma) and then we went shopping for fabrics. Ultimately, I wanted her to be the decision maker for her fabrics, batting, backing, etc... I didn't want to say "NO" so I gave her some gentle guidance with fabric choices, and she chose a variety of pastel pinks, blues, grays and a tone on tone white for the background and we added a pretty light pink inner border fabric and outer border that had all of the colors of her quilt. We used the extra strips of pastel gray and pinks for the binding. She chose ultra high loft polyester batting and the backing was lusciously soft pink and white minkee. I told her to buy extra minkee backing to make sure we had plenty of backing and I told her if we had leftover minkee we could use it to make something else... And if you're curious what we did with the leftover minkee... I had enough to make two pillow cases (I surprised her with those!!) Can you imagine how soft that might be to lay your pretty little head? We also made a label and sewed it on the back "Made by Jacee, January 2018, North Pole Alaska" when it came to the quilting part, I showed her all sorts of adorable quilting designs she could pick from... but surprisingly, she wanted a meander. OK, girl... you got it! She is absolutely thrilled with this (she now realized how much work goes into making a quilt!). I told her the more you wash it the softer it will get and it will last many many years. So here she is cuddled inside her quilt. She's a beautiful girl. It felt good to share my love of quilting and inspire her to possibly do this again in the future. She's really into soccer (like serious stuff -- she could be an olympian...she's that good at soccer she plays in soccer tournaments all over the west coast!) I can imagine her bringing this quilt with her to the soccer tourneys, sleep-overs with school friends, etc... it will be loved and used for sure! A bonus to the story, her mom and dad are completely over the moon about this. In fact, Mom came over and helped us pin and lay out the quilt while Jacee sewed. When Mom and Jacee were out of state at a soccer tournament, her Daddy came over one day to sew the outer border on the quilt. So, it was a family project that all of them can take pride in. YAAY! Anyway, thought I'd share this sweet story. Happy quilting everyone!
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    Same size Backing and Top

    Even if you sew scraps of fabric to all four sides, if the quilt top is the same size as the back, it's absolutely impossible to avoid quilting the extra strip's seam line into the quilt while quilting it. Trust me in my 15 years of longarm quilting, it is nearly impossible to accomplish this very difficult and extremely stressful situation. I would contact customer and ask her to provide you with larger backing fabric that is at a minimum 8" wider and 8" longer than the quilt top. My job is to quilt the customer's quilt without pulling my hair out... it's not my job to perform miracles due to the failure of the customer to provide ample backing fabric. IMHO.
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    Hi Pat, Connie's suggestion about your leaders is good. However, I don't know if you want to...or need to buy new leaders, or if you want to give your current leaders a "hair cut" ... There's plenty of extra canvas on you rollers, if you want to try the hair cut route. These are the steps: Pin the take up leader to the bottom leader, overlapping the edges a few inches. After pinning, pull these two pinned leaders taught as much as you can. As you roll out the take up leader and roll the bottom leader canvas that's pinned to it, do this until you have about 12 inches or so of fresh new section of canvas from the top leader. Next, if you have channel locks, turn on the horizontal channel lock and using a cream colored thread in top and bobbin, slowly sew a line across on the fresh new section of the take up leader. While everything is still pinned together, roll forward until you have about 12 inches or so of fresh new section of canvas on the bottom leader. Repeat with channel locks on stitching a line of thread across the bottom leader. Leave the pins in. It's easier to trim the brand new straight line while everything is taught. The thread line you sewed on each leader is a line as a guide to carefully cut your brand new fresh clean straight edges for both take up leader and bottom leader. You will want to clean up the edges on your top leader, too. Repeat steps for pinning the take up leader to a fresh new section of the top leader (about 12 inches down), stitch a line across the top leader leader. Leave the pins in. It's easier to trim the straight line while everything is taught. Viola!
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    APQS Facebook Page Postings

    Something like that, I imagine - we've seen a lot of facebook friends suffer through the same thing! But Mark Caraher is looking into it and will get the bad posts gone!!
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    I know that I am one person who is thankful to be an APQS owner, and thankful to know that there are people with expertise and knowledge building these machines, and available to help me out. That gives me some confidence in jumping in to work on my craft. I hope that all of you who will be enjoying this appreciation day, know how much you are appreciated by all of us out here in sewing land!! Thanks for all you do!
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    Hi Pat, It's hard to see if the canvas has stretched or after years of rolling become off square. It's probably time for new canvas leaders. I have a 2009 Millie and mine is the same, I'm getting ready to change them out. If you go to the online store, parts and notions and search canvas, it will come up. The price isn't bad and well worth your sanity.
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    APQS Facebook Page Postings

    I've seen those posts, as well, but I am positive that the folks at APQS are not behind them. I don't know who in the company is responsible for the FB page, but I'm sure they will have the garbage cleared out soon. And you don't need to unfollow APQS, just "hide" the ads you dislike.
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    Debra Dixon

    Motorized Fabric Advance

    Back to Quilting! That was an easy fix! Thanks for your advice.
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    I'm selling an APQS FREEDOM LONG ARM QUILTING MACHINE, Verified all the functions work on this machine. Performs like it should and in great cosmetic condition. Comes with 46” forward/back slide but does not come with the large table for side/side movement. Sewing light and laser work perfectly. Comes with user manual and maintenance manuals, 26” long arm, Model: A03970. Asking for $3500.
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    Kat quilts


    I agree with Sharon. I found the APQS video by Dawn Cavenaugh on YouTube to be the most helpful. I must have watched tit ten times before I attempted my first pantograph. Then when I did start one I had a brain cramp at the end of the first row and had to go back and rewatch that part of the video (with lots of pauses) before I moved on. I’ve done three pantograph now and I’m hooked! I love them. Stick with it Dee Dee and don’t give up. I made a busy scrap quilt so hide boo boos the first time. It turned out good. This is a quilt I just made for a wedding gift. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.
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    Since i've gone computerized, I will be selling ALL of my CIRCLE LORD EVERYTHING! I will be updating THIS POSTING with the prices, which will be HALF OFF the Regular price! If anyone is interested in the Circle Lord itself, or any specific boards, shoot me a text at 402-450-8321, or email at 1sheributler@gmail.com Heres the Start of my list, starting with my long boards: NOTE: The prices do NOT include shipping. I will be adding my design boards, and my background fill boards here as well. Most of those have the pattern books that go along with the design boards as well. Circle Lord Basic System $250 (Regular $400) includes: The Manual and: Back Stylus Set Crossbar Slide Arm Center Clamp Base Plate 12" Circle Sqircle - concentric circles separated by 1/16th inch Stepping Disk Set of 4 small Sqircles I also have the upfront Stylus system and will sell that for $75 Cable $150 SOLD - 7 Treasures of Buddha Queen $150 12" Egyptian Eye pattern boards King $165 15" Egyptian Eye pattern boars King $165 Gems King $165 SOLD - Swirls King $165 Zig Zag King $165
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    2005 Millie table

    We flipped my wheels last night....life is once again gliding smoothly along!
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    I had to down size to a 10 Foot table after I moved. This 12 ft bliss table is boxed and ready to ship. Jamie Bennett Bellevue, Idaho 208-961-0064
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    Same size Backing and Top

    I agree with Shana. Save yourself to quilt another day. Do you have a set of rules for customers? It's a good rule of thumb to add your requirements to the invoice or contract when you accept the customer's quilts.
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    I have this problem with a brand new machine and table and I've been long arm quilting for over 2 decades. May I ask if you are floating your quilt top? If so try to attach the end of it. Hope this helps.
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    2008 APQS Millennium with Quilt Glide and Thread Cutter (Serial Number A 05272) Fly Wheel Cover 12’ Bliss Table with Plexiglass and Lexan table tops Turbo Bobbin Winder Original Owner’s Manual and DVDs Roller Brake (purchase price $59.95) Interchangeable Foot Kit: "Clog" foot, "Flip Flop" foot, "Sneaker" foot ($299 purchase price) ¼” hopping foot ($140 purchase price) Scoop Foot ($65 purchase price) Micro Handles ($199 purchase price) Hartley Base Expander, With Thread Cutter ($170 original purchase price) RulerMate ($149.99 purchase price) Original owner: The machine was purchased for personal use has been well maintained. A new hook system has been installed by owner. The machine is easy to maintain and time. I recently bought a 2019 Millennium which is a testament to the reliability of this brand of longarm quilting machine. The machine has been disassembled and can be shipped using a commercial carrier such as ABF. The approximate cost of shipping is $400-500. Located in NE Ohio PayPal
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    Thanks Jim and Shana. Jim -- I don't use my channel locks as I advance but I will start doing that. By just eyeballing it along the way it appears OK, but I don't see that gradual shift happening until but obviously it is. Shana -- thanks for the good instructions on the canvas leaders! I give this a try after I have my QOV quilt off the frame. I appreciate all suggestions!
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    Client's Labrynth Quilt

    I finished this quilt recently for a client. She absolutely loved the way it turned out. It's great when the pieces fall together and the client celebrates the job with you!!!
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    Client's Labrynth Quilt

    Wow this is beautiful
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    Quilt "grows" on one side while advancing

    How old are your canvas leaders? The leaders can/do stretch over the years. One side may have stretched more than the other. This would cause your quilt to roll uneven. Most of the time the canvas stretch cannot be seen with your naked eyes. If you have zippers on your leaders, zip them together and roll a few times forward and backwards. You can also zip them together an roll fairly tight, spritz with water and let dry. There's probably a "how to" on this website, I'll try looking for it when I get home from work. I'm sure others will chime in with this idea. Oh no zippers, you can pin. New leaders are also reasonably priced in the APQS store but try correcting the ones you have first.
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    Selling due to downsizing and health. If any question please feel free to ask. Accessories are Hartley clamp supports, and Hartley base Expander. Willing to talk price.
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    Hi fellow quilters. I am needing help with this Irish Star. I made this one, so there is not a problem with how I do this. I made three of these and two of them I used a panto on. I am wanting to custom this one. I have attached a picture of one with the Panto on it, and also pictures of the one I am wanting to custom. I have drawn a complete blank on what to do. As you can see, there are three different blocks in this quilt, so it should not be so confusing, but is. Thanks for any help you can give.
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    well i'm glad it "spoke" to you. The one you showed quilted was gorgeous so I had no doubt you would come up with something that would work well. Pics later?
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    Thanks all, I guess I've been doing it right! Good to know. Thanks, sometimes these quilts are just too friendly!! Kathy B.
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    Hi, all, has anyone ever added extra batting underneath parts of a quilt on the frame because, no matter what. it won't steam or lay flat? If so, do you use batting tape or just lay it in there? I get fooled sometimes when I lay a top out as to how it will behave at the borders. TIA, Kathy Baumbusch
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    Thanks Cathy for your valuable information will have to try this. Thank you for sharing!
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    What kind of batting were you using? I will try this when I need to take up excess border fabric. So do just place it where the fullness is or does it go the length of the border?
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    Does it not make the border fuller than the rest of the quilt?
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    The M bobbin holds almost twice the thread that the L bobbin holds. Jim
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    The size. The M bobbin holds more thread than the L bobbin.
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    Sew Tweet Finally Complete!

    Sew Tweet, a pattern by Chitter Chatter Designs. I hand appliqued and embroidered the blocks in 2014; along with completing the top. Finally this year, I free motion quilted it on my Mille. This was a very fun project began by me and Lisa E. in 2014. It was my first attempt at embroidery; I was so blessed my Mother used to do all my embroidery, but she has since passed away. The blue birds remind of Cinderella birdies!!
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    Sew Tweet Finally Complete!

    That is truly beautiful!
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    Yes it's still available. It's a 12 foot frame it also has stitch regulation, fabric advance, bobbin winder, Hartley base expander and clamp supports, needles and thread also. I live in Indiana. My cell phone number is 574-371-7152. Your welcome to test drive the machine. I'm willing to negotiate the price.
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    For Sale - 2016 APQS Lenni

    2016 APQS Lenni purchased new in November of 2016. 10 foot table with bliss track. Includes Hartley acrylic table for ruler work, Hartley fence, templates and circle maker, micro handles, and zippered leaders. Machine is in perfect condition and runs like a dream. I am upgrading to a larger machine. I am in Southern Calif, but will ship as i have the original box for the machine. Email me for pictures and additional info. Carol