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    Strip quilt

    This is what I have been working on. Had a HUGE bag of scrap fabric that was driving me nuts seeing it sit there. Organized it and cut into strips. The block is called Diamonds are Forever. I have all the blocks ready, just need to sew them all together
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    My most recent pieced quilt and quilted on my Millenium. I used IQ and panto Earth wind & fire(I think?) by Darlene Epp. Pattern is by Kathy Doughty.
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    Thank You!

    I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone on this forum who takes the time to post answers to questions. I'm guilty of not posting very often. When I'm having issues with my Millie I know I can search this forum and get great answers. I send out a challenge to everyone to try and post once a week and get our forum content back to where it used to be. Anyone else accept the challenge?
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    My new quilter arrived two Thursdays ago. My first quilt was a cheater quilt that I used one of the Pantographs that came with my New to Me Lenni. The second quilt is a panel quilt that I used up some of my leftovers on to make it longer and wider. So far Lenni and I are having a great time. The Panel quilt is mostly free motion. I tried the ruler table and ruler for a minute but I wasn't comfortable so went back to just echoing seams. Thanks for looking, Susan
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    Pattern samples for customers

    To teach a class on overall designs, I used length of good white fabric as the backer (about 1 1/2 yards), some poly batting to show off the quilting, and a pale pastel batik on the top. I used my channel locks to divide an area and filled each with a different overall design. I used lots of different thread types, weights, and colors for options, both top and bobbin. Now I had a sampler of my personal stitching, what threads looked like on white and colored fabric, how colored thread looks when used in the bobbin, how density affects the feel of the quilt, etc. It was fun to make and when I suggest "something leafy" or "maybe geometric" I hang it up for my customer to look at. For the leafy meander, I showed many kinds and shapes of leaves. And sometimes changed the pattern to another similar one within the area.
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    Sharon Deming

    Pattern samples for customers

    I use the book-ring and plastic sleeve method. I primarily use pantographs, so I pull the thumbnail image from the seller's website, enlarge it to fit on a regular piece of copy paper, put it in a sleeve protector, and voila. The rings work better than a binder, because I can easily "audition" the printed sample on the quilt top to see if it seems suitable.
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    T-shirt quilt

    Thank you .. I quilted around it .. I know they are industrial strength.. but. not sure it would have looked at smooth as I would have wanted it to look.. it turned out like I wanted and I used the hard plastic lettered shirt as a tote to. carry it in .
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    Bobbin thread black with ???

    If everything else is clean, there are two thoughts. One--if you're using pre-wound bobbins, check the others in the pack for random black spots. Then yell at the manufacturer. Two-- If you wind your own, check the cone you wound them from. I place the cones I'm using at the back of the machine when I'm changing threads during quilting. When I stop for the day, those cones stay there when I move the head to the right to put her to bed. IF I push too far, or in the morning when I start again, I may slide the machine over a bit--- the track can hit the cone (right about the shoulder). Oxidation that builds up on the track can transfer to the thread in just a small area. (Yes, I clean the track as part of my daily routine, so the oxidation is from the day before and can transfer while I'm moving the head to oil, etc. Please don't think I'm a slob!) And, being in only one spot, the unwinding of the thread means you'll sew for a yard or two before the spot shows up again. It took me FOREVER to figure this out. Why was there a black spot on the thread? Grandma's Famous Spot Remover will cleanse the spot. Apply liberally but just to the spot, blot with a paper towel, and repeat until the spot is gone. You may also want to spot-clean the already-sewn spots, but it may make the spot migrate onto your white backer, so caution! Hoping this was helpful!
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    My biggest quilt yet!

    Here's my latest finish. California king, for us. So glad I get to keep it! Stopped at Renee's House of Quilting, in Williamsburg, MI, yesterday, to show Renee, since she helped me to choose the fabrics, and she took this picture. A special thanks to Kathy Schwartz (Tamarack Shack) for the border quilting idea and tutorial. It was perfect! So Fine! top and bottom thread, Quilter's Dream wool batting.
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    Good for you! I do a good bit of teaching quilting classes and have a few thoughts. I assume from the subject of your post that you will teach at a resort, rather than at a quilt store. I also assume that the resort management (or you, yourself) are aware that there are people at the resort who are quilters or who sew. I sure would not want to see you go to the expense and effort of developing a class just to have no one sign up, or have folks interested but do not have a machine to sew with. You may want to explore with the resort about advertising the class to draw outsiders into the resort to go to the class. Are there quilt stores in your area? Google them and check out what they charge for their classes. That might give you an idea of what the market will bear in that area. I suggest a class no longer than 3 or 4 hours, something easy, and that can be finished or nearly finished within that time. Make a finished product well ahead of time so a picture can be posted with the invitation. Since this is a resort and not a quilt store, it may be good to offer a kit at extra cost. I usually have a prep-sheet with yardage and pre-workshop cutting instructions, and a handout of some sort at the workshop. If you use a copyrighted pattern - you cannot just give the participants a copy of yours, they must own a copy of their own. Three, very important things about quilting workshops. People like to have fun at a workshop - laughter is a good thing - keep it lighthearted. YOU are supposed to have fun, too! So no stressing over how you "perform" or whether you do everything "right". Just be a happy quilter who loves to share what she/he knows. AND, don't sell yourself short. Whether you have ever done a workshop before or not - you DO know what you are talking about. So, charge the going rate in the area - don't sell yourself short! If you would like to have a discussion about this privately - just message me with your email address. Blessings!
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    Pricing T-shirt qjuilts

    I agree with Gail, $25/$30 per t-shirt as a minimum. Size of the blocks will depend on the writing/pictures on the shirt. 12-14 inch is a good size to work with.
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    Batting storage bar

    APQS made a batting bar for the older tables at one time but I no longer see it as an available item. I thought this forum members PVC idea was great. It looks easy to make, thrifty and moveable. The bars attached to your frame can be tricky to load bolts of batting on it. You can go to the forum search and put in "batting bar", you will see many ideas.
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    I understand that friendship, as I had one of those long distance ones too. My dear friend died from cancer as well. She has been gone almost 10 years & I still tear up thinking of her. I know how you feel & send you love, prayers & good thoughts to help you through this time.
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    What a wonderful story. The only friends some of us have are the ones here. I suffer from major depression and PTSD and many that I have met here gave me words of encouragement when needed . I feel a little sad that many are now on the Facebook site, which doesn't seem as personal as here.
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    Looking at a used Millie

    What year was it made? The serial number is inside the harp and will tell the date of manufacture. If there is a letter at the beginning of the #, the machine has been worked on after the sale by APQS. Is she the original owner? Millies depreciate about $1000 per year. Does she have any service records? Has she ever re-timed or replaced the bobbin assembly? I'd be more concerned about "only doing 4 quilts" than some heavy use. Sitting idle for potentially years doesn't do the innards a lot of good. Since this is maybe 10 years old, take off the left side and see if it's gunked up from old oil and that the rocker assembly has no rust and works as it should---it runs the hopping foot. Check that the wicks are saturated with oil. Leave off the left panel and run the machine. How does it sound? Test-stitch, using different stitch-lengths in SR and different speeds in manual. Make a circle and inspect the stitches. Check that the wheels are good by pushing in all directions and seeing if there are clunks from flat spots, which can happen when it sits un-used for a long time. Eyeball the rollers from the ends to see if they're straight. Make sure the advance works. If you can, check the fuse drawer and see if there's still an extra fuse in there---it's in a pop-out panel near the power switch at the back. If it's there, that will mean she probably hasn't blown a fuse. Which isn't a big deal, but will tell you if she really only quilted a few times on it. Finding a few issues means you have wiggle-room to negotiate a price---but nothing mentioned here actually hurts the machine. Plus, she will think you're an expert! These heavy-duty workhorses last for decades and are easy to repair---my 2004 Millie is a trooper and helps me finish many custom quilts per year. Best advice, find a local dealer/rep and pay them to inspect it for you. If you buy, they will be a valuable contact for help and lessons. Good luck!
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    SOLD 2008 APQS Millennium 12’ Complete Quilting System $7,900.00 OBO Cash only PICKUP ONLY near Albuquerque NM Original owner and lightly used with only 15 quilts run through her. Motivated seller. We just don't use this machine. Everything works smoothly as designed. You get these upgrades: Overhead Wiring System Hydraulic Table Lifting system Upgraded rollers Horizontal Dual Spool Holder Hartley Vertical Cone Holder Batting Bar You will also receive these Free Items: Quilter's Dream Wool Batting - Approx. 6 yards (seen on machine in photos below) Quilter's Dream Cotton Batting - almost a full roll. (seen on machine in photos below) Plus all these items pictured below. APQS Millennium Features & Specifications: Stitch Regulator Microdrive, Mill/Freedom Base Expander for thread cutter Interchangeable Hopping Foot Bobbin Options: L or M Synchronous Belt Drive System Self-Lubricating Bushings Fully Enclosed Motor Needle Positioner Laser Stylus Throat Size: 26” x 10.5” Complete Machine Footprint: 5’ x 8’10” x 12’ Needle Speed: 0-3500spm Deluxe Table: 12’ Adjust-Free Take up Roller Hydraulic Table Lift
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    Hello Dbams, Thank you for your kindness in letting me know. Have a great week!
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    This machine has been sold. Thank you for all that were interested!
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    Dbaz. What info do you need? From the factory 20 inch throat no stitch regulator (many were upgraded to Intellistitch) built until the late nineties or early two thousands. Like all APQS machines well constructed and reliable. Jim Erickson has one as his primary machine in his business. I’m sure he will pop in and answer any further questions. Nigel
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    Resilient Quilter

    Selling my Freedom

    Hi Everyone, Still trying to sell my machine. Thought I'd check in and say its still for sale. Thanks!
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    Gail O

    Pricing T-shirt qjuilts

    $25/$30 per t-shirt will generally cover your costs.
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    start button handles D will not work

    You would be better off going to a Gammill-specific help site, although there are Gammill owners here. You might want to change your topic text to include "Gammill" in it.
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    ORN: I think Nolting will install an Intellistitch regulator on a Discovery, if that's what you're trying to get. They are expensive, the one on my Ult 2 cost me $3200 back in 2011. If you're just wanting a robotic machine, then if this Discovery has needle positioner, it would be a good candidate. If on the other hand you want a stitch regulated machine for hand guided quilting, you're probably better off looking for a machine that is already regulated, unless you can buy the Discovery really cheap. Jim
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    Jim is right that the IQ requires needle positioning. My Ultimate 1 had it but it was an option. The Discovery was a later machine but I don’t know if it included or still an option. If your machine stops with the needle in the same position every time then you have it. To the best of my knowledge there are two aftermarket stitch regulator option available. Perfect Stitch and Intellistitch and each are affiliated with a robotic system. Nigel
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    2008 APQS Millie for Sale - $8500 10 ft. table with casters and auto quilt advance system, stitch regulator, lower bobbin thread cutter, two sets of handles, L bobbin, bobbin winder, Hartley base/ruler and complete owner's manual. The machine is currently assembled and ready to take for a test drive in Destin, Florida. Delivery/Shipping - Buyers responsibility. (Auto Quilt Advance not currently on machine but it is in perfect working order - I had to take it off to have enough room to get around the machine)
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    How to Shorten a table

    Have her advertise here and on the APQS FB Group, she might be able to trade tables with someone wanting a longer one. Post the length of the table and if it is blissed or not (probably not). Location of the table too. The table trades seem to happen fairly often.
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    Sue E.


    The IQ does the stitch regulation. You set the stitch speed/length. I have a Millie and I have to be sure my stitch regulator is turned off - machine is not beeping. Kueser, I think you are referring to the IQ asking you to set the speed when you first start the sewing process. ORNurse56, I would think that most computerized systems would take care of the stitch regulation, but it would be best to check with the company that manufactures the computer system that you are interested in.
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    Not familiar with this machine but I think you need stitch regulator with any computerized system. I know there are time my IQ tells me it need to be regulated.
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    Machine Quilters Business Manager

    It depends on what you want it for. I don't use it for my bookkeeping, and I gave up on using it for invoicing as it just didn't allow me to tweak the invoices the way I wanted. But I love it as a database to keep track of all my customers, their quilts, my threads and designs etc. I find it easier to use than making up my own spreadsheet and would purchase it again.
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    T Row Studio

    Baseball quilt

    Just finished making a baseball quilt for my daughter. She is hosting a ball reunion this fall so I made a baseball quilt to raffle off to off set some costs. This was a fun project that I did mostly on the long arm sashed a plain fabric and marked the stitching line with a frixion pen then put on my Maxine my Millie and applied the chenille strips now for the secret to fluffing it up.......Take your shop vac and vacuumed the strip roughing I up with the end of nozzle and it looks amazing. Going to show my daughter tonight
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    Baseball quilt

    I love this quilt and am in the process of making it. Found that one yard of red seems to do it. My red triangles are sewn, as you suggested (still to be cut into the strips that will become chenille). It looks like you might have quilted the white before adding the red “laces.” Is that correct? How long did you cut your laces? Maybe 6”, and then shaped them into a V when sewing them down? Or two 3” strips? Thanks so much! My grandson will love it! I’m using fleece for backing, with his favorite team (Red Sox).
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    I am so sorry for the loss of this special quilt friend....what a wonderful friendship you must have had.
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    Your story is beautiful. It's a great reminder to enjoy the people whom God places in our lives .. you never know when He might need them back. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friend.
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    I'm just a curious person. I was wondering if you prefer forums or facebook groups? I'm a forum gal. I love the forum because you can guess how long a person has been involved with a product or skill. I like how topics are divided into categories and doing a search for topics are fairly easy. I just feel cozier with the forum group than facebook, I'm not sure if that's the correct verbiage. I'm not against Facebook groups in fact I belong to a bunch. I just wonder how long a person has been using a product before they start giving advice, etc. I've seen bullies on both but not so much on forums now. Forums and Facebook Groups seem like two different environments to me. Wondering minds are curious.
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    leader grippers

    I used to use the leader grips and I still think they are great. But I have switched to zippers and find them to be even easier to use. It is easier on my back to sit at a table and pin to the zipper than to lean over my machine. snapping on the grips. But that strictly has to do with my back issues. Having used both, would have to say that the grips are faster but folks with hand or back issues may find them a bit trying. The zippers take a bit longer to pin in place but very easy on the back and hands. So you have to weigh the pros and cons.
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    My first custom!

    I got Millie in September and did two small quilts with a meander stitch. This one I went all out and did my first custom work with rulers and free motion. So thrilled with the turnout. Each stripe has a different pattern( stripes, plaid, cross hatch, meander, loops). The first border is wishbones and the outer border is piano keys. @quiltedjoy
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    That's your thread cutter. You have an activation button that will make the flat metal finger pivot and pull the bobbin thread between the blades to cut your bobbin thread, as long as the needle is up. You need a base extender made for one with a thread cutter, so your dealer gave you bad information and perhaps can remedy it for you. All Millies of your vintage have the cutters, so I wonder where the mix-up happened. The thread cutter can be removed and your base installed, if you think you won't use it. I use mine a bit and also can do SID without my base installed because the extra area on the left supports the template enough to get by. Search online or on this forum for the steps to remove the cutter. Edited to add---blow out under the plastic cover of the cutter to get the big ball of fuzz from between the blades.
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    Rail Fence

    Quick rail fence for a gift. I stewed and stewed on the dark, really thought it would show the "rails"..., but no, the light won out. The whole color/contrast thing still stumps/surprises me. Stipple and machine binding.
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    T-shirt quilt

    I would give that one back. I prefer working with t-shirts that are 100% cotton and using a woven stabilizer. I have found that the dry fit t-shirts don't work very well either. As stated by InezR, sew slowly over the designs. I like t-shirt quilts that have a little fabric around the blocks, not just blocks of t-shirts to add contrast and interest. A friend of mine used a "water" fabric as the base for her daughters water skiing t-shirts. Adorable! Here's one of mine:
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    A Lion-size Dream

    Posting here for those not part of the facebook group. Not a really great picture - but it's finally done and gifted to my son for his move-in at school next month.Applique center pattern "Majesty" by Gina Reddin Designs, borders are created with 'curved braid' by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Quilted on my Lenni with SoFine and Aurifil threads, Quilters Dream Wool Batting. All hand-guided - freehand faux McTavishing and some rulers. I've been pantograph quilting for almost 5 years and only started FMQ this year.This project stretched me in a LOT of ways - especially as it was for my youngest child as he leaves (1,000+miles) for college!
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    T-shirt quilt

    Watch out for the sticky lettering on some of the shirts. They would gum my needle and then I'd throw the needle away. But, Barb Mayfield said she just cleans hers in alcohol and reuses it. I have better success with a 4.5 needle with my Millenium.
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    For His Service

    It is finally finished and will be judged next week at the “Road to California” quilt shop I am so proud of this quilt. I paper pieced it using Harboured Lighthouse pattern by Quiltworx It was made to thank my husband for his years of service in the United States Coast Guard I machine quilted it using my new Millennium and was hand guided. I do not have a computer on my long arm.
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    Ribbon for Rita's Quilt!

    Hello Everyone, Yesterday, I received a package from Himself (a.k.a. RitaR's husband, Roland). Imagine my surprise when I found a ribbon and evaluation form, along with a letter from Roland. Here is what he had to say: Dear Betsy, Pray you and your family had a joyful and present Thanksgiving. Mine was enjoyable, spent with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids. Our quilt guild was in need of more quilts for our quilt show, so decided to enter the one you gals made for Rita. I was using it on the bed. It won a ribbon, so I'll send it on to you. I'm enjoying looking at it and reading the writing on it. I thank you gals again for making the quilt. She enjoyed when she first saw it, and was wanting to see it again later, but just never got up the strength to do it. Pray you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Rita's quilt won second place! I had tears in my eyes when I saw the ribbon and read Roland's letter. Wasn't that nice of him to send that for all of us to see? I know this was a group project, but I hope no one minds if I keep the ribbon. I never expected to have a quilt with my work win anything, and this means a lot to me.
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    This one was a Squeaker!!

    This baby quilt was done for a first time quilter. My customer made this for her very first grand-daughter who is due later this month. Unfortunately, she had not understood or forgotten that the LQS told her to leave extra fabric and batting on all edges of the quilt. Actually I think she simply followed instructions on how to prepare her quilt if she was quilting it on her domestic machine... She really wasn't quite sure but anyways... When she called me she told me that the quilt had been trimmed/basted and pinned and was ready for me! Yikes! Well, I said "bring it over and let's have a look and see what we can do". Thankfully she had left enough backing on the top and bottom so that I could add fabric to the backing to be able to load the quilt with my leader grips. There was barely enough extra on the sides and I was able to quilt it and keep it square without having to add extra fabric. I literally had about 1/2" of backing on each side... Had to watch QP VERY carefully as it quilted near the edges! It was quilted with Yipee Ki Yay panto by Patricia Ritter. Superior So Fine on top and Magna-Glide bobbin on bottom. Thanks for looking.
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    Christmas Lonestar

    I just put this one in the mail to my in-laws yesterday. It’s a Moda Bake Shop quilt pattern using a Jelly Roll, which gave me a little trouble and I ended up doing some creative piecing to get it finished. I used Superior Monopoly to ditch it, beside the ditch, as the seams are all pressed open, then completed the rest with a Glide 40wt. Lenni worked really well with the Monopoly, thank the quilting gods! ;-). It’s about 60” square after washing. And I need to give credit to Tracey Russell from Whirls n Swirls Quilting who came out with the background full video the day I put it on the frame!
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    Just a little peek of my Grandson's quilt and Neighbor's daughters quilt. I found my grandsons quilt pattern in the Fons and Porter Love of Quilting August 2013 Magazine, but changed the fabric up quite a bit to suit my grandson. The other quilt is a quilt pattern called Walk About designed by Ann Lauer and sold by Grizzly Gulch Gallery. Easy to make. I made the girls quilt out of Strawberry Shortcake fabric and Nemo fabric. I have no place to hang a quilt for good pictures, so please forgive me for the poor quality.
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    Ribbon for Rita's Quilt!

    Here's a picture of the quilt, for anyone who would like to see it.
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    Take A Vet To School Day Quilt

    As my daughter's school celebrated the 10th Anniversary of The History Channels, "Take A Vet To School Day" program. It is a program the media specialist brought to our school 10 years ago. Normally, we celebrate a day or so before Veterans Day, but with the school calendar, we brought about 100 veterans to the school to honor them for serving our country on 3 November. In honor of her service to our veterans, I made a quilt with messages of good will from the veterans celebrating with us last year. They signed on inkjet print fabric. I then heat set it a few weeks later. Below are some pictures of the quilt. She loved the quilt, and could not believe that I started working on this last year. The back was just a beige star covered fabric, and none of the quilting showed unless you are close up. I am rather happy with the way it turned out. Cagey Cagey
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    IQA Silent Auction Mini-Quilt

    Here's a photo of the back, Cagey. I first did the SID around the circles and the decorative stitching around those circles. Then I stitched all of the straight lines so I would have a way to travel from one area to another. Thank you for all of the kind comments, everyone! Brenda
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    Need advice

    Thanks for the responses. I thought about timing. Replaced the hook assembly. Replaced bobbin case. New tension check spring installed. I've been dealing with this for weeks on multiple quilts, dozens of different threads and bobbins. Given it a good cleaning. It should be a fairly easy fix. I'm just stumped. Thanks to all, though.