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    Lucey Bliss lubrication

    Probably a little light for motorcycle chain but definitely bicycle chain and cables. Tri-Flow superior is commonly used in the vintage sewing machine community. It is a very light viscosity oil that also helps soften up and flush out the years old oil that has turned to gum. It would work fine in our machines but my understanding is the PTFE will not pass through the wicks. So since you need the regular sewing machine oil for the wicks, why bother having two products when one will do. Now if I was servicing one of our machines that had been sitting for a few years I wouldn’t hesitate to take off the side cover and give the mechanicals a good soaking with Tri-Flow. Nigel
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    Hi Kylie - thanks for your sweet comment. The art / craft / hobby / calling of making quilts is at least 3,000 years old. Yes, we meet together to hone skills, get inspired to try something new, gather people to bus to a quilt show, etc. BUT quilting really isn't about all of that when you look between the layers. It's about loving family (and making sure every member has several quilts) and loving each other. It's about the fabric and pieces and journeys of life. Quilters love to sew - but, I believe, for most of us, we love doing it with each other, as family. My favorite day of the month is when my friend Sally comes to spend the day with me in the studio - sewing and laughing and sharing and supporting each other through life. My routine is changing. The Lord has drawn me aside from designing quilts, developing patterns, and from most quilting jobs, to focus on making quilts for teens who have been uprooted from their homes due to their parents' arrests or other reasons, and are waiting to be placed in foster care. Check out Isaiah 1:17 House. My goal is 12 quilts this year for them. Sally is working with me, also, so I expect we will produce many more than that. This is all happening along with being enrolled in Bible College - at the age of 76! Yikes. I can hardly wait to find out how the Lord will weave this all together! Blessings and a beautiful day!
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    Jim, You explanation on the tension magnification makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing. Cagey
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    Turning you needle will help with skipped stitches, but not with tension issues. If you're using equal ruler tension in all directions, then I think it's a matter of tension adjustment. The direction you are sewing affects stitch tension by drag on the top thread. e.g. more tension in some directions, less tension in others. With very light tension the direction tension variables become magnified. My suggestion: Tighten your bobbin tension to 200 on you TOWA, then tighten your top tension enough to balance your stitches. With this tighter stitch, the direction tension differences will be a much smaller percent of total tension, and stitch balance will be easier to achieve. Jim
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    How does one delete posts?

    I do not believe you can delete your thread. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good if issues were discussed that may not directly address your issue or sale, then those posts or informational tidbits can still be found. It also gives both buyers and sells what items are going for on the site. Bad if your item has sold then your thread may continue to bump to the top of the page as individuals ask it the item is still for sale. I would suggest that "edit" the thread you wish to delete. You can edit the title and any items in your posts under the thread. For instance if you sold your Freedom, make the thread title "SOLD - Selling my Freedom". The put a final post at the bottom of the thread using 72 pitch, SOLD Just a suggestion.