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    Ruler work

    I still find it amusing that folks think stitch in the ditch is an easy and cheap way to get their quilt quilted.
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    L Bobbin Quickly Runs Out Of Thread?

    Two options for you---spend the $$ to convert to the M size bobbin. Or wind your own (or purchase pre-wound bobbins) using thinner thread. There is no rule that the thread weight, or even color, has to match top and bobbin. BottomLine (Superior) thread is poly and 60 weight---and designed to be used as bobbin thread using other weights of thread as top thread. The pre-wounds hold 119 yards of thread. If you wind your own, probably 90-100 yards will load, depending on the tension and how full they are wound. With a 3000 yard cone of BL, you can wind 30 bobbins at 100 yards each. The cost for a cone is wholesale $7.90 and retail $14.49. If you do the math you'll find out how much a bobbin will cost in just materials. If you can figure out how many yards you load when winding say a 40 weight thread to match what you're using as top thread, then figure the math using the cost per spool/cone, you can see if the thinner thread bobbins are more economical. I know they will last much longer. I do custom quilting almost exclusively and find a bobbin of BL will last me close to an hour of medium-speed stitching. If you opt to try thinner thread, ask opinions here for what colors blend the best and which neutrals are good to start out with.
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    APQS 2005 Millie for Sale - Nebraska

    2005 APQS MILLENNIUM FOR SALE with auto stitch regulator, lower thread cutter, horizontal and vertical locks, and laser pointer. 12 foot table with automatic fabric advance. Hartley base extender. Turbo Bobbin Winder. Several paper pantographs. 5 sets of Groovy Boards with stylus attachment. Zippered leaders Solid, well cared for machine. Used a lot for the first 6 years and then light personal use since then. Asking $5800. (Some photos show portions of Quilt Path cables which will be removed.)
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    Getting started on Millie 2005

    Ditto on missing the old gang!
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    Getting started on Millie 2005

    Patty, APQS on You Tube and Quilted Joy Clubhouse (Angela Huffman)on You Tube are both great sites for videos. I'm not sure if Myrna Ficken has videos but not sure if she has them online but your could google her. Be sure to join the I love APQS group on Facebook also. This should et you started.
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    Stitch regulator

    Thanks that was the problem.
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    Part name question regarding stylus

    Donna, you're missing a post which holds a laser pointer (see photo). Send an email to service@apqs.com and they'll get you going!
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    Bliss 14’ Table Not Level

    Barb types faster than me.
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    Ruler work

    Custom work using rulers - this is a highly specialized skill that take months, if not years to perfect. If it were me, I would charge by the hour, not by square inch. Don't underestimate your time and skills. I rarely do ruler quilting for customers because it's so expensive. I find other ways to quilt, or I choose to use minimal amount of rulers and then freehand the rest (combination) Find the going rate for custom heirloom quilting in your area, or ask other quilters in your area what they charge for ruler work. If I were doing ruler work, I would charge at least $35 per hour. For estimates, you could guess that it takes 40 hours and give them a quote. I'm not giving my time away for minimum wage. No way! I've had many customers ask me to SID their quilt. I kindly explain the costs and time involved and I offer other solutions for them.
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    Batting poking through on back

    This is from the Hobbs Batting webpage, it may help fix some issues. Cagey What are “pokies”?This term usually refers to small bits of batting fibers appearing on the back of the quilt during the quilting process. This is most common with cotton or cotton blend battings and the bits on the back will wash away during laundering. Occasionally seen during the long arm quilting process, it is most often a result of an oversized needle or a needle that has a slight burr that is not visible to the eye. Changing the machine needle will usually correct the issue. Thread choice can also be a factor. Cotton is a dry fiber and occasionally cotton threads will pull at the cotton batting fibers during the quilting process. Changing to a polyester thread can alleviate the problem. Using high quality thread is very important to successful machine quilting. Lower quality threads generate a great deal of lint and break easily at the high speeds used in machine stitching.
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    Instead of buying the Grip Lite Clamps - I go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy the Oxo Good Grip Clamps at 2 for 4.99 - 20% off coupon = cheap + awesome! These are fabulous. I've used them for years. Long before the Grip Lites came out, the Oxo's were out and doing a great business...from me anyway They look almost the same. Good Grip Clamps have a hole in the handle to put in velcro or elastic...I have a combo velcro with a strip of elastic. They really hold well onto the sides of fabric due to the rubber strip on the inside. Check them out. Debbie in Austin
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    I bought the Grip Lite clamps, too. Soooooo much easier to use and they hold a longer bite of fabric, so it stays more even. I never did like the clamps that came with my Millie. Too hard to squeeze open - especially left handed. The Grip Lite are lightweight too, so they don't pull down on the edge of the quilt.