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    FOR SALE Vintage Singer Featherweight 221- . Cleaned, oiled and ready to sew. Includes case, 3 bobbins and original book. $350 + free shipping
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    Batting Choices

    I don't know how much longer this will be up on the web, but Debbi Trevino has had this 'Ultimate Batting Chart' out for some time. It's a PDF you can download. Many of the new battings are not on it, but it can give you a good overview. http://www.villagequiltworks.com/image_info/UltimateBattingChart.pdf
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    Heritage Keepsakes

    Terrific Thursday?

    Oh you girls are awesome! It's fabulous to see Terrific Thursday is terrific again. Joan, your quilting looks amazing. And I can't wait to see what everyone else is doing and will share here shortly. When I get the hang of posting pics, I will post them here too. My Thursday was spent finishing a biggish panto that I used King Tut on for the first time. And the machine didn't mind the thread. Phew!
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    Enchanted Quilting

    Terrific Thursday?

    This will be going on "Edna" today: http://www.flickr.com/photos/edna807/ Enjoy your Thursday
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    Terrific Thursday?

    I finally got in a quilting non-stop groove yesterday, and quilted from 3:30am to 5:30pm. Finished one quilt, did another start to finish, and did half of the other quilt. I've been quilting for 10 years now and have never been caught up. Wouldn't it be nice to actually do a quilt right away when it comes in and send it out the door? BTW - I love the way we can now attach more than one photo with the new forum! I used Quilters Dream Cotton Select Loft & Wool to get the puffy loft. Morning light is always great to show quilting shadows!
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    Moxies planned anytime soon?

    OK - I put it on my calendar and will plan to be there. See all the Moxies then. :wub: