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    We have a Good Samaritan in our neighborhood! DH and I spent a couple of hours outside this morning (at least it felt like it was a couple of hours!) clearing the drive and sidewalk and helping the neighbors with theirs. We came in the house to warm up and - you guessed it - the city plows went through! I looked out to see "snow boulders" piled up at the end of the drive. We just couldn't go right back out - needed a chance to catch our breath before taking them on. A little later, I looked out the window to see what was happening out there (lots of wind and snow in case you're wondering), and I saw that some wonderful, nameless person had come through and cleared out the end of our drive for us. He/she had done the neighbors' drives too. I don't know who it was, but I sure do owe them a big ol' thank you! From the looks of it, it was someone with a plow or something on that order, as all the boulders are piled up at one side of the drive rather than both sides (as they would have if someone shoveled them). What a great Christmas gift!
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    Sylvia, does that mean you never had a "snow day" as a kid? Better yet as a working adult! One of life's great unexpected pleasures.
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    Giving it Away

    I'm with you ! I don't have a job outside the home, but I am 65 years old and feel I have earned the right for ME time. I don't quilt for others as a business and only for a few of my quilting friends. I don't need or want the stress of "bad" quilts from people I don't know. Also, the ??? about cost, etc. I bought my sewing machine and quilting machine for my enjoyment. I will be very selective in my customers this coming year.
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    Mariners compass

    Here's the last quilt of the year off the frame. It had lots of fullness issues so I had to heavily quilt it. I also got to use my quiltazoid to make the stars. I also meant to put a star in the middle but I forgot. There's so much fabric under there though that its probably best that I didn't try. Jess Mariners compass by butterflyjess03, on Flickr image by butterflyjess03, on Flickr image by butterflyjess03, on Flickr image by butterflyjess03, on Flickr
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    Giant Dahlia

    I take December off from quilting for others and just focus on my own projects. I've had a productive month so far and just finished another quilt. This one is a Giant Dahlia and the pattern came with acrylic templates so the cutting and piecing was fairly simple. The fabrics are all Stonehenge and I had some fun with the quilting!
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    For Sandy Hook Students

    I got this email this morning and thought I would share with those that have an embroidery machine. The PTA is going to decorated the new location school with snowflakes. Please see this site! http://www.emblibrary.com/EL/Free.aspx
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    p akers

    Merry Christmas to Everyone at APQS

    The last quilt is finished and out the door for this Christmas , thanks to a great machine and the staff ( that has so much patience ,integrity that is showed with this company . I wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas. Please remember the reason for the season ... May God Bless All Of You Pat Akers
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    Enchanted Quilting

    Practice Feathers

    I bought this hand pieced top at a garage sale for a whopping 25 cents. Yesterday I practiced some hook feathers. You all make them look so beautiful I think that many of mine look more like claws or talons than feathers. I was thinking as I was quilting that maybe they should be named "f-laws" or "fe-lons". Have a fun day!! Practice feathers on a garage sale top by Edna807, on Flickr Practice overall feathers by Edna807, on Flickr
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    Here's the quilt for our son-in-law in his Cowboys football colors. I think I really messed up on the boxes as I considered the dark blue the inside of the blocks but I think they are the outside and the white the tops, now that I have it laid on the bed........ ggggrrrr! O t h e r w i s e, I am tickled my shoulder held out long enough to finish it today!! Yaay! (I see I'm to my max on photos so have to figure something else out...)
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    Busy Quilting

    Practice Feathers

    They aren't practice feathers..... They're real ones!
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    Please help me post a pic

    Thanks, Meg. I would have never figured that out. And you're right....it's easy. Can't believe I said that. Now if I can figure out how to move pictures around in Flickr and create some sort of album thing, all will be well. Jess
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    Hook Maintenance Instructions.docMarci, That's indicative of a burr somewhere on your hook assembly, and it's hanging on to the thread long enough to carry it around the hook another time where the needle can find it and it begins sewing again. Remove the needle plate and needle, then look down from the top into the bobbin area. Rotate your fly wheel UP on the left side of the machine so you get the correct hook rotation. Turn the wheel until you see a part of the silver hook assembly that resembles the thumb of a mitten on your left hand. It will be rounded. The area that might be considered the "webbing" between your thumb and palm is where a burr can hide. The needle just misses this area as it travels down, but if it deflects enough and scratches that area, you'll have a burr. The other part that can get a burr is the forward-facing portion of the hook's rim. Examine that very carefully. If you find a scratch or burr, rotate the hook until that rough spot faces the floor to prevent any shavings from falling into the hook. Then use fine emery cloth (found in the hardware store, often in the plumbing section) to smooth out the burr. After doing that, give the hook the heavy-duty clean with WD 40 and oil to remove any other residue. I've attached a "hook maintenance" document that may help. If you still have trouble, let me know!
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    Marci, I have an Intelli-Stitch stitch regulator on my machine (Nolting 24 Pro) but am no help to you with any answers about timing and the I/S. I would think there is no correlation but who knows? I hope you get it figured out easily! I have had this thread break but stitch keeps forming thing happen to me once and it was the oddest thing indeed! I trumped it up to the batting as I had troubles with a certain roll of Hobbs 80/20, but I, too, was quilting with Glide thread at the time. Good luck, and if you don't mind posting what you figure out, I would like to add it to my log of things to think of!
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    Practice Feathers

    Very pretty, Charlotte! Great feathers! I'm curious about the outer border....can you post a close up and let us know how you stitched it? Just kidding...I looked closer and now I see it is lying on top of something else.
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    Merry Christmas to Everyone at APQS

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words! It's always nice to hear that your work is appreciated, and we can't tell you enough how much your loyalty, support, and faith in us means to us as well! We are covered in white today! The factory is working with a skeleton crew, and I'm working from home today looking out at 13 inches of snow that must be scooped later today when the blizzard winds die down. It's nice to have a white Christmas, but it's equally as nice to have it spread out a bit and not all dumped at once! We are open through tomorrow, and then closed December 24, 25 and on January 1. To all of our extended APQS family members....Merry Christmas! May God's blessings shine upon you at this holy time, and may all your wishes come true.
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    Bracing for the Blizzard.............

    Stay safe and it sounds like you are ready! Got ya in my prayers!
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    For Sandy Hook Students

    I too am going to be sending snowflakes, I have a batch that I made to put in my windows. I think that Sandy Hook would be a more fitting home for them.
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    Prairie Quilter

    Santa's Studio Helpers

    Your boys are too cute, Joan! Our golden, Abby, is my intake inspector. Every new quilt that comes in gets the "golden review" - head buried in the bag, nose twitching like mad. The ones that come from other pet-friendly homes usually get a series of follow-up inspections - I guess they smell irresistably good!
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    Some custom quilting piccies

    Will give it a go posting some photos on the new forum... I custom quilted this small quilt - I had some fun... she particularly wanted a fern border, and I suggested the rest ... she loved it when she picked it up today and I felt good .... there are some more piccies on my blog http://www.j-quilts.co.uk/blog/2012/12/18/Custom-Ferns-and-feathers.aspx?alt_id=G6M11-2A871-1L9&ts=1355869327346
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    Santa's Studio Helpers

    I love animals! I love animal pictures! I can't allow my dogs in the sewing room. Champ will hike his leg in a heartbeat! He is supposed to be house broken but will take any opportunity to mark the spot! And yes, I have considered diapers along with other options.......
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    Quilt Path

    Meg, The beauty of the computerized systems is that you can do other things at the same time, but (always the "but"), as was mentioned in another post - staying close is good. I have learned to listen to both my systems - when something goes wrong - the sound changes in both. Also, both systems will normally stop if something gord crazy, but don't count on it. I stay in the same room - run out for coffee, etc. but if I need more time, I will put the systems on pause - push of a button - and then resume when I get back. If you are doing an E2E - let the machine do it's work. Most people stitch each row from left to right but I have found that with both of my systems, when doing E2E, I split each row in the middle and then stitch the first half of the row from center to left and the 2nd part of the row from center to right. A tad bit more work but have found drift, draw-up, etc is almost nil when I do it this way. When doing borders, blocks, etc. I "mark" on the quilt and realign for each new area. As you work through the quilt, things change due to draw-up caused specifically by the quilting. When you free-motion a quilt, your eyes adjust for these slight changes and you automatically adjust your quilting. Unfortunately, the computer does not pick up on these changes and will only quilt what you tell it to quilt - therefore you have to "mark" (program in) the changes as you go along. The different systems handle this a bit differently but all do this process quickly and easily. The "marking" will keep you at the machine more and sometimes you will feel that you can't do anything else but watch the machine stitch for the little amount of time per block and then it is time to "mark" the next block. Other times, the quilting will take a longer period of time between "marking" and you will be able to piece or whatever for a bit. There are also the the situations where you want the system to take your designs clear to the edge of the area you are quilting and you will have to be at the machine and do a bit of hand manipulation (easy to do) to help the computer driven head hit it's mark. Since IQ is a motor driven system, once the motors are released from the rails (push of a button), the head will become totally free moving and the added weight is minimal. If you find it too much, you can do all or most of your IQ work and then shut it down and remove the IQ from the head & return it when you need it again. A simple process but takes a little more time. I don't know anyone out there who has found the added weight of the head a problem. Most systems are cable/belt driven. Going between free-motion and computer work means the cables/belts have to be disconnected. On my Innova, it is a bit of a pain but easy and only takes a few moments. I guess some systems with cables/belts have come up with a better way to go between free-motion and computer driven. Once my belts are disconnected, my head is exactly as if I had no computer - my computer is off to the side with nothing on the head. I bet if you did get a computer, you would use it on your work too (LOL) - most of us have learned that our work becomes a mixture of both free-motion and computer work. As an example of mixing for my last 3 quilts: 1. all computer - one design in the body of the quilt and a different design in the borders & nothing in the sashing. 2. computer designs in the body and border of the quilt & free motion in the sashings. 3. computer only for the border and everything else free-motion. Computer systems allow us to do more intricate work without the headaches but many things are quicker and easier when done free-motion. I would recommend that you look at and try out a couple of systems to see how they feel to you. You might also chat with Barb Mayfield since she already has the APQS system. I am sure she would be happy to answer any questions you might have. I love my computer systems and also love to quilt - I am lucky to have the best of both.
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    batting for warm climate

    Bambo - Just quilted with it and it was a dream.