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    Chuckle for the day....

    e3b27092ccb3a48308b06fa27be8c344[1] by DyanCT, on Flickr
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    before and after 40 years

    here are the before and after pictures from our Anniversary. Dont all laugh too much, It was the 70's lol
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    Tiny Feathers

    This is a customers quilt that I finished up this past week. I quilted tiny feathers for a background fill instead of cross hatch, I thought it made the piece a little more interesting. The center motif was just echoed because I didn't want to quilt into any of the cross stitching. This is the last of customers quilts for awhile so I can finish up some of my unfished tops that have taken a back seat for a couple of years. eeegads..... that sound horrible, (a couple of years )
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    Two designs from one quilt.
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    Newbie Tips

    Being a newbie, I have been reading this forum and looking for information to help me get started. I've searched the forum for information on favorite threads, batting, pantographs, books, etc. and put this reference document together for easy access to information. Hope it helps other newbies like me! Quilt Tips.pdf
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    Pearly arrives on Thurs. 4/18!

    Oh my stars! My new girl, Pearly will arrive tomorrow! What a thrilling phone call to receive today while at work, that they will be bringing her home! I have truly been bouncing all afternoon.
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    Well my baby is back and the high price was worth because Amy did a fabulous job. My baby had a spa treatment first ever! New m and m wheels, interchangeable hopping foot, and she sews like a dream. No more possessed needle either, up down craziness is gone. I had to play and do a quick quilt to test her out. My hubby even made her a light bar from rigid galvanized pipe that we painted and led lights from Ikea!
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    Metro Sigma Thread Sale

    I just used Magnifico on a quilt and really liked it, too. I also tried some Superior Twist on a stonehenge quilt and loved the look. Its also a strong thread with no breakage. My favorite is still Glide, which to me gives a more even (or dense) look to the stitching. I guess what I mean is as it comes off the cone, it is more smooth in texture than either Magnifico or Sigma. Magnifico and Sigma are similar in appearance both on the cone and on the quilt. For a thread with shine, any of the above are really nice. To me, it just comes down to which one is the best color for the project since they all perform about the same.
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    music, do you or don't you

    I listen to audiobooks--I find it keeps me quilting instead of going to find a snack, or checking email, or---------!!
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    Here's a pretty picture to promote the festival this year. And here's the link to the festival's facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jackson-Hole-Quilt-Festival/398392136886000 It's a great time. Jackson Hole is beautiful in the fall. This year's classes will be announced soon. Thanks for looking!
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    My granddaughter standing next to me with her hand on her hips handed my a piece of batik and said to me "make something beautiful Gram" I made this for her and name it "Something Beautiful". I showed this at my quilt quild and they talked me into entering this in the Minnesota Show. So I took them up on it and entered it in the Art Exhibit. I used scraps of kona for the border, two layers of cotton batting, white & yellow So Fine thread top and bobbin. Finishing off with crystals on the front and back. So I dedicated this to her..... She is an 8 yr old quilter too! Thanks for looking....
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    well...my thread cutter just came in handy. i inserted a fresh bobbin, and the thread got wound around the spindle to where I couldn't pull up the bottom thread...so I used my trusty thread cutter so I could move my machine and fix the bobbin.
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    great! thanks Claudia.
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    Circle Lord new boards

    this is the link to the new boards Michael has made which I just love: http://circlelordfigure8.blogspot.ca/ They are shown on my blog on a few quilts I completed. Michael has a link to my blog on the above blogspot. I was planning on taking the quilts to our guild meeting last night, however, I purchased what I thought were bran & raisin muffins that turned out to be Trail Mix muffins. Took one bite and almost had to use my EpiPen. What a nasty day. The bakery is returning my money and giving me real raisin and bran muffins, plus changing their display. Back to the boards, they are very easy to use and customers love the effect on their quilts.
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    Newbie Tips

    Great job, Lynn! I've added this thread to the "Help" section, too!
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    Whole Cloth Quilt Patterns

    You are very welcome Vickie. I had purchased a couple through this site a few months ago and when the topic came up about Whole Cloth Quilts, I couldn't remember where I had got them. Old age is a terrible desease Well, they sent an email out and WaLa... here it is!
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    Heirloom Quilter

    Tiny Feathers

    The feathers are really pretty. They set off the Cross-Stitch perfectly.
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    Heirloom Quilter

    Chuckle for the day....

    I love it. Makes me smile. So true too.
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    Enchanted Quilting

    Chuckle for the day....

    A great morning laugh!
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    Chuckle for the day....

    So true, so true
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    Chuckle for the day....

    This cartoon cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh, Dyan.
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    Chuckle for the day....

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    RoseCity Quilter

    Chuckle for the day....

    Thanks for the chuckle!
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    I also have a Millie and use my channel locks on each and every quilt. I also use my thread cutter a lot of the time.
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    My first Bargello!

    http://i49.tinypic.com/2vtnx4m.jpg[/img] http://i46.tinypic.com/oa8ap5.jpg[/img] http://i46.tinypic.com/2d0w7s.jpg[/img] Sorry I always have trouble posting my pics - keep in mind I am doing this queen sized bedspread on a tiny little brother machine. Someday I will own a long arm from APQS- someday!
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    Julie, here are two pictures of a quilt I did. If you click on them you can go look at all the blocks in Flickr! 021 by delld1964, on Flickr 020 by delld1964, on Flickr
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    Chuckle for the day....

    Agree!!! Thanks,
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    Chuckle for the day....

    I love it, Dyan! Thanks for the giggle!
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    I love my A to Z book. Thanks Claudia!
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    I purchased the first e-book! And, people...Claudia put SOOOO MANY ideas behind these letter designs. What you dont realize, is that there are hundreds of designs, where you dont see you've used a letter repeat pattern! It's AMAZING! I've been quilting for over 10 yrs now, and I was so impressed with these designs! So different, so beautiful! You out-did yourself again Claudia! We are truely blessed!
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    lol, My favorite baby poops are So Fine 449 Celery, 423 Straw, 403 Putty, 489 Lewis & Clark 408 Silver - this is a great one to have in the superbobs. It is amazing how this disappears on so many colors. I like Kristina's idea of 428 Copper. Need to get some of that. White, black and a good cream. These are my go to colors. I fill in as needed for special colors.
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    Anne from Guam

    Mariner's Compass

    Here is the Mariner's Compass I have been working on. I like the way it turned out and I think that using a thinner batt was a good thing because otherwise this king sized quilt would have been super heavy. I used so fine on top and bottom line in the bobbin.