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    I have to say, today I appreciated the new skills that I am constantly learning from longarm quilting. Just one of many so far: Bobbin tension on a DSM can be tweaked when it's needed, by the owner of the machine! I remember way before I got my (longarm) machine when taking DSM classes being told, "You never touch the bobbin tension!" Today I was happily sewing along on my DSM and suspected an issue. Tested the bobbin, way to tight and proceeded to grab my screwdriver and fix it. All without a second thought. Results? Immediate return to beautiful stitches. And this is the result from bobbin tweaking on 'Pearl' whenever the need has arisen. I love the skills and confidence that longarm quilting continues to gift, to any that take up this rewarding form of creative art.
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    My new (to me) machine

    I got my new machine. After a whirlwind tour of the states of Missouri and Iowa, I have my new machine. We left a 5 a.m. Saturday and arrived home at 8 p.m. last night. It was over 13 hours over driving in the rain both days, but I have my new to me Lenni in boxes and tarps in the middle of my dining room floor. I can't wait to get him put together and start quilting. I have to clear the Ultimate II out of the room first. : ( If anybody wants an entry level machine at an excellent price call me or send me an email. $2000 for the Ultimate II on the 12 foot wooden table. You will need to pick it up.
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    Home from Paducah - Wow!

    Well if there is one show that anyone who loves to quilt and/or sew needs to go to is Paducah! I had a great time and saw and learned alot! I came home with lots of goodies not only for myself but also for my business. Too many great vendors to mention not only in the convention center but throught the entire town. I also got to go to the National Quilt museum and Bryerpatch Studio and meet Caryl Bryer-Fallet-Gentry. She is a lovely lady and such a talented artist! Our Pellon legacy batting sold very well and was sold out by the end of the show. I also got to play on every long arm machine available ( I needed to get my long arm fix in since I wasn't home for almost 2 weeks!) How funny that amid the thousands of people I would run into Libby G from this forum at the show not once but twice in a few days - it was great to see a familiar face! I saw met people from all over the world , including a gorgeous gal in full kimono regalia! Finally the quilts were to die for - such talent and what an inspiration to us quilters! If anyone is interested you can check out LOTS of pictures of my adventures plus pictures of quilts on my business page on Facebook. Go to Phoenix Rose Quilts and enjoy! I'm very blessed to have been able to go and will get back there sometime in the future!
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    Enchanted Quilting

    Lake Life

    Large (102 X 102) Lake Life quilt along with two shams (each with the Adirondack Chair on them). Used a variety of colors on the top and bottomline in the bobbin. This is the 3rd quilt or throw I have done from this line...one more is in waiting:) Lake Life by Edna807, on Flickr Lake Life by Edna807, on Flickr Lake Life by Edna807, on Flickr Lake Life by Edna807, on Flickr
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    I use a mister bottle from the beauty supply shop that I fill with water and lightly spray the backer with if it has any folds or creases that don't easily come out when rolling on the bars. I load and roll onto the take-up bar first, so when I back roll onto the belly bar, I spray a little water on the creases and roll. It's cheap and works good even when the backing is really wrinkled and creased. Give it a try it before buying a steamer!
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    A very dear friend is in the final stages of Alzeimers under Hospice care and I ask that you join me in praying for peace and mercy as she readys to meet her Lord and King. thank you. Jeanne I am happy now that her comfort quilt has been finished and is on her and holds all the love of many of her quilting friends. I will post a picture of the finished quilt later, didnt have time to take pictures, but will get some later.
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    Good luck with your search. Check Longarm University for their used machines for sale list. Also Craig's List. For a serious local search, look for longarm clubs or guilds and also any quilt shop with an in-house longarm since they usually know the local longarmers and who's trying to sell a machine. Right now is a great time to get an APQS since a lot of the reps are upgrading to the latest model and the market seems to have lots to offer. Please don't discount machines outside your area. Even if you may not want a machine shipped for you to set up, you probably have a rep locally who can come and help and give you a first lesson. Our reps are great!
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    2010 SR Freedom (12 foot table) with Bliss tracking system and quilt glide for $13,500 Machine and Table Length:: APQS 2010 Freedom, 12 Foot Table Location: City and State only: Hill City, South Dakota Price:: $13,500 Contact: Email only: pahasapa@enetis.net Description:: This is my personal machine (2010 model) used for teaching, demos and quilting. It has been very well cared for. It is factory pre-wired for a CompuQuilter should you ever want to add one. I am selling in order to upgrade to the newest APQS Freedom model because I am a dealer. Free set up of this machine of you live within local driving distance from my studio. This machine has the following , 26 inch throat, 12 foot table with Bliss tracking, motorized power fabric advance, Quilt Glide (a secondary form of stitch regulation), laser light with front and rear posts, free standing turbo bobbin winder, stitch regulator, needle up, needle down, APQS M & M wheels on vertical movement. Purchaser is responsible for pick up or shipping costs. This sale includes machine, table and all these extras for $13,500. Intelliquilter optional for an extra $12,500. Free training. I will include all my designs from my website on the tablet. JoAnn 605-574-4885
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    I hope my in progress pictures aren't annoying! It is taking me a few days to complete this one and my Husband is pretty much sick of hearing "honey look what I did!" Lol* I'm really happy with this because - guess what I used??? ***cue the music** RULERS! Ok nothing fancy. Just my stitch in the ditch ruler. This quilt is a large queen and I'm ditching every stinking little seam. I figure if I can't get the hang of my ruler by the time I'm done with this then there's no hope for me. The first pass was pretty sketchy...but now my stitches are starting to actually fall in the ditch! Woot! Also the first true custom on a full quilt I've done - custom blocks and borders that is. I'm so glad I am doing this on MY quilt though - I had really no plan other than I wanted something in each patch when I started...so there is really no rhyme or reason to the direction of any of the flourishes or feathers! Crumbs! DSCN2376 by pumpkinpatchquilter, on Flickr DSCN2386 by pumpkinpatchquilter, on Flickr DSCN2384 by pumpkinpatchquilter, on Flickr
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    I know I can't be the first to discover this, but I must not have seen it before or age made me forget it if I did! I was telling a customer I will have to charge for ironing the oversize backing she brought to me because they always have fold creases from the folds on the bolt. This is a major PITA with those big ones. She asked why I didn't just steam it. Light bulb moment! She offered to let me use her clothes steamer to give it a try. It worked like a dream! I would wish for a longer hose but when I buy my own ASAP I will look for that quality. I just draped it over the rollers on my machine and steamed away, then shifted and repeated. I was done it a fraction of the time it took me to iron it. I no longer feel like I will have to charge for that, it was so quick! Totally awesome!!! I have used Heidi's method of spraying a backing and letting it hang overnight and that works well too but sometimes I have to move along to the next quilt without the wait in between.
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    Bonnie H

    Redwork quilt finished

    I finally found the time to finish this little table-topper. Our garage faces west, and when the afternoon sun starts to switch to that side of the house, it gets unbearable out there. I need to switch my day up a little and quilt more in the early morning! The pebbling on this quilt could have been better but I found it difficult to get into the little tight areas and I was a bit of a nervous wreck planning where I was going with them so I slowed my speed down and in the end didn't stay on my circles as well as I usually do when quilting faster. Does this happen to any of you? There's a couple more pictures on my blog if you are interested. Thanks for looking!
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    Life gives us opportunities and sometimes we just need to take them! Last fall my hubby and I went to Arizona to visit friends, while there we found ourselves suddenly searching to buy a house of our own!!! We left a week and half later owners of a cute small two bedroom house! We are now official snowbirds! We returned there mid December and spent the winter furnishing the place and finding our way around and getting the feel of the place. The only down side was I was without my Millie and truly missed quilting! About the time we started thinking about coming back to Idaho I was fairly insecure about not having any work; did my customers find another quilter they could trust not to take off suddenly, would they still want me to quilt for them..... Just before coming home I sent out invitations to all my customers for a Drop-in and Drop-off party. I offered door prizes, refreshments, and a good time. I offered free return shipping for all my out of town customers who sent me quilts before May 14th, and will be holding a special drawing for them on the 15th of May. I asked them to sent pictures of themselves as there are some I have never met! It helped me feel like they were a part of the festivities. The party just ended and I have a very large stack of quilts to be quilted! My customers are the BEST!!!! We had a great time, shared ideas and tips, ate too many goodies and laughed a lot. They were happy to meet other quilters and make new friends. This will be an annual event for Cotton Candy Quilting! Now back to relearning the forum! I have joined Facebook, I suppose you would look for Shar Schmutz. I have posted a few pictures there if you are interested. Doing the happy dance to be quilting again!
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    i bought the pattern..does that count!!! these are beautiful. perhaps you can host a sew-a-long through this forum...and we can all get one finished!
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    My new (to me) machine

    You will love Lenni but my Lenni was a sweet GIRL!
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    my friend passed away on Saturday evening in her sleep and went very peacefully, although it is hard to say goodbye, it is a comfort to know that she is in a much better place and free from all the pain and suffering and has a clear mind as well. Praise the Lord for his mercies, My uncle passed the same way on Sunday Morning so we have a double reason to grieve but also a double reason for rejoicing that they are both with the Lord!!
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    That looks great. Awesome use of the spaces and designs.
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    diane c

    Terry Twist Rulers For Sale - SOLD

    Hi Lisa, Wow! You're fast! They're yours! I'll send you a private message, and we'll work out the details. Thanks, Diane
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    My Millie has arrived

    I am back home from the QOV bus trip. Today I get to play on my new machine. Well, if you call making pockets on my leaders for Red Snappers playing We got home on Friday from the trip, then on Saturday we moved our son to his new apartment in another state. So now it is my time with my Millie.
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    Claudia's book

    Bonnie, if you are coming to HMQS I can tempt you more.... Being able to carry my practicing from home to anywhere is awesome.
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    Just finished repacking the grease in my millie, changing out the pigtails, check spring, and a good cleaning, and wish I had ordered motor brushes so they could be finished too, they are not quite there but why not? I'll do those next week. She is purring along again and we are both happy. It feels like I have a new machine again! And, it really was easy after taking Amy's class on machine maintenance! All that to say, I was once so afraid to take apart anything on my machine and now realize how easy it is! APQS really makes the machines easy to work on!
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    Vickie, I'm getting this visual of you and your spa treatment ... your hair with barrettes strategically in place, but, of course, that one stray lock falling down that you continually have to blow and push out of eyes, Rubbermaid yellow gloves so fingernails don't get grease under your manicure, big floral apron with pockets, and a few streaks of grease on your forehead and cheeks.
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    I think you have been punking us with your stories of being a newbie! You work is great. Lovely curves, beautifully spaced-everything is just perfect looking. Keep up at this pace and we will all be coming to you for help in no time. Claire
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    Looking good, Val! I, too, have been looking at this pattern. Love it and I really like what you are doing with it. I think my other half is getting tired of me dragging him in to look at every detail. Lol Rest assured we love seeing it.
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    Celestial Jewels Quilt

    If she wants light custom, I would out line each of the stars and then do a meander in the background and charge her a little more than E2E.
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    thank you all, your prayers are greatly appreciated. It is a comfort to know that petitions are being sent up to the Lord on her behalf and he too is waiting for a joyous reunion, It is a beautiful, yet a very hard thing for us left on this side of eternity.
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    Batting storage?

    This is what my DH made for me, the bolt on the end keeps for pipe from sliding out the end. The pipe is just the kind for chain link fence you can buy at Home Depot. This is the batting supervisor. All battings must pass the soft-to-the-paws test. :cool:
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    Batting storage?

    I forget where I saw the picture - but one gal stores all her rolls in the guest bath shower - & just moves them on the occasion she has a guest ............ me - no room for the rolls and use lots of different battings so I get the packaged batting and mist & throw in the dryer to puff them up and get rid of the wrinkles prior to loading - works great - plus gets rid of a bit of the shrinkage.
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    Batting storage?

    Edit, the closet rod holder was one that was made to hang down, not mount on the wall. another set of chains could be hung from that and another roll added. I'm considering hanging one over the seldom used end of the quilt room, at the end of the table. Won't be in the way yet will be handy to use. We hung a closet rod holder and got a piece of galvenized pipe to hold a roll up in the closet-cut-out in the sewing room. A full roll, 45 yards of W&N will fit there above the TV, thread shelves, velcro rolls, stencil hangers, etc. etc. only problem, LOLOL is to stop it from rolling when we have enough unrolled.. Found a pair of grabbers, pickerupers.. the long tongs for picking things up off the floor or trash along the road, works real well as a brake, until I get it cut off, then he pushes the side with the cut edge up towards the top of the roll to hold it in place. Works quite well. The other rolls are in our front entry. Only politicians and sales people use that door, so we don't care.. it isn't crambed, to be a safety hazzard, but might send a crook etc rolling around in the batting. LOL, gotta love that idea. RitaR
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    Batting storage?

    Hi Lore, Ikeep several rolls of batting on hand for my customers. If you have a tax-id, you can get the batting wholesale at quite a saving. Storage is a tough one. I can hold a regular batt (90" long) and a king batt on the roller under my machine. The batts are folded in half, like Boni mentioned but they can be pulled up and cut pretty easily the way Linda R (ffq-lar) explained. I have a batting storage solution that I have been nagging my DH about for months. So far, it is just a photo. I think this is from Vicki Welsh over on MQ Resource. This would be my cadillac of batting storage.