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    Breath Of Spring

    I just finished this quilt which belongs to a good friend of mine--it's called Breath of Spring from the Buggy Barn book, Stir Crazy. The entire quilt is SID plus all the quilting using a ruler--it took me 14 hours--does that make me slow??
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    Is anybody up for a swap?

    Bonnie H, your package arrived today and I am so happy with everything that was in it. Thanks for the extra gifts. I know Nevaeh will love hers. These Sunbonnet Sues are hilarious. They are so adorable. Mine is going to take center position in my summer quilt. Oh, and I found the most awesome fabric to make sashing strips out of. I can't wait to put this one together. Then I'm putting it in my classroom which has a beach theme. Here are the blocks so far.
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    Quilt with the swirly star

    This pretty quilt just went home to it's mother yesterday. I can't remember where I saw this star done, Jamie Wallen maybe? Whoever it was, I thank them for posting so I could learn how to do this. I started with a terry twist all around and then went around again with the swirl. Click on the picture to go to flicker. DSCN1512 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr DSCN1508 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr DSCN1507 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr
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    Hi Ladies and Gents! I need help with a quilting idea for this peacock wall hanging. My friend made the top and asked me to quilt it. The wallhanging will be for her very first grandchild, a baby girl due in September. No pressure!!!! Anyway, this proud little peacock stands on a brick wall and has swirly designs around the body and head. I thought of using a greek key motif, but my friend didn't want that. So....any ideas? The border fabric is a jade green batik, that is gorgeous. So it needs stitching but not too much. It was hard to photograph this quilt with all of the white on white but I hope the quilting shows enough for you to see it . UPDATE Here is the finished wallhanging. 38" x 41" The batting was both W& N and wool on top. So Fine on top and bottom line in the bobbin. On the colored areas, I used Metro. I used the small Rope a Dope to quilt a braided rope for the border. I kept thinking that my friend wanted something simple, so that's why I chose the rope a dope. To make the brick wall, I freehanded the bricks and left the grout unquilted and then when I made all the brick shapes I went back and filled in the grout. I used a shorter stitch length and went back and forth about 4 to 5 stitches again and again horizontally on the horizontal grout lines. And then overlapped to move to down the line. Then I used these stitches to re shape the bricks if they needed it. The vertical grout I used both horizontal lines of stitching and topped it with vertical. Was there another way to fill in the grout? I didn't think pebbling would look right, but it would have been nice to have a more 'orderly fill' for the grout area. So my friend came over and picked up her peacock and she just loved it! She was so excited that she could barely sleep the night before. Anyway, it was fun to write a little story that will go on the back of the quilt: Once upon a time there was a young princess who lived in a castle. Inside the castle walls, there was a lush green garden and everyday the princess played in the garden. She smelled the fragrant roses and ran over to the pond, where she fed the fish pieces of bread. One day, after feeding the fish, the princess looked up and saw a peacock! He was so proud, displaying his beautiful feathers on the old brick wall near the pond...
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    Koi Wall Quilt

    I made this quilt a couple of months ago. La Juana blessed me the Koi panel that I dismantled , blue fabrics were from my stash. I came upon an image of this quilt in one of the fabric manufacturers website, did not use any pattern, I just wing it. Thanks for looking
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    A Baby Zig Zag Quilt

    Yes, I have been busy & loving it. I have to quilt 2 more lap size quilts before my trip to Fort Myers next week. I am looking forward to meeting Vickie Oliver and Debbie there. Just finished quilting this baby sized quilt, pieced by one of my students. I am so proud of Nancy's progress. ETE pattern swirl to keep the cost down. Thanks for looking.
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    NQR Prayers Please UPDATE

    I talked to the jury duty people and got moved to oct. I am a firm believer in that we don't get more than we can handle and that God does have a sense of humor. I believe the test is more about our attitude through the trial than it is the trial. To God be the glory because I could be in the loony been if He wasn't carrying me through most of this. I keep hearing "Be still, I got this". I am sure He has said it to me in the past but I was too busy trying to be in charge to hear. Thanks friends for "talking with me".
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    Quilt with the swirly star

    very nice design selection and execution.. pretty! Rita
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    Millie due Tuesday

    I really am soooo excited to get going! Thanks Dawn...I will get the disc out and do some serious reading before delving in too far (I prefer a good read through before attempting assembly of things!) I do hope to get a chance to meet some of you at MQX. My wife will probably not make it as she has several Art shows she is readying herself for now and Gallery work will have to be caught up too...but if time allows she will be there!
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    Today they came and took the car away as it had been totaled due to the flood waters getting inside the electronics and it was sewage. We weren't really prepared for it to be totaled as it was a nice 2009 Nissan Rouge with all the bells and whistles. We found a new car but I cried when they hauled the old one away. It still looked so good. We have put an air conditioner in the window of the studio so I can keep sewing and quilting right up till surgery. I had been told I might have been out of commission for up to 6 months but my Dr. is saying as little as 3 weeks. I will be very grateful for that. We had young people from a local Church come and help clean out what we had in the basement. The local news stations came to interview us because the kids were here. then the other channel came the next day because of the trash pickers. and today the third station interview us because the Church group came back to do a small room that had no light the first time they were here. As I don't get good reception for channel 8 I haven't seen it and channel 5 was just here today so I have been too busy to check out what they did with the interview. Channel 3 did 2 stories on our house. one about the kids and one about the water quality report for the flood waters. I do appreciate everyone's prayers. PS I got a jury duty summons today
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    NQR Prayers Please UPDATE

    Still praying for you Joyce! God Bless you!
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    NQR Prayers Please UPDATE

    Joyce, I agree that you've now had your third crisis - time to move on. So glad that the surgeries are manageable with positive outcomes. I hate hearting about the flooding - but love that you are piecing your way through that crisis. You are an inspiration. Lynn
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    classes at MQX??

    Quilt Guy, I decided the same thing. I have never been to a MQX ( or any machine oriented show) and decided to get to know the show and the teachers before committing to the expensive and time consuming hands-on class. And Jennifer, you also confirmed my thinking on this!! At this point I would rather be listening and taking notes from multiple teachers than struggling on an unknown machine and also trying to listen and take notes from one teacher. Loved your story about Sharon Schamber. I watched/listened to her teach ( didn't take her class but was taking a break from mine) a DSM quilting class at a retreat in our area years ago and she was so entertaining. I have been second-guessing myself over my decision to forgo a hands-on class, but I feel better now!! ) I also hope to meet up with some forum members. Blue ribbons on our name tags?
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    Millie due Tuesday

    If all goes well this should be her as delivered to one of my garages: And this would be the truest thing ever printed on any box (and the bow is a nice touch too!) The hardest part is that I need to finish clearing her space and we have family coming to visit tomorrow and due to that I won't have a chance to start assembly until at least Monday....arrrgggghhh! At least I am off Monday and Tuesday! How long did assembly take you folks? Final comment...I expected the machine box to be the heaviest...but it was a lightweight compared to the 14' poles! Kudos to the driver from ABF freight who helped me carry them down my reasonably long driveway and down a hill into the appropriate garage!
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    Wonky stitches, plus SR issue

    Cathy.... My hopping foot got out of whack somehow a few months back. I called Amy and she had me use a screwdriver to pry it back into level. It was scary for me to do, but it worked.