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    Fair winner

    Hi fellow quilters. I am so proud to say that my first ever entry in the Sonoma County Fair took a 2nd place ribbon. Wow was I surprised. It's stitched with Tonga Treats batiks. Have a fabulous stitchery day. Barbara
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    Baby Quilt

    I won't go into the issues with this quilt and the amount of frogging I've done. My customer pieced it for a friend's new grandbaby. I played on this quilt to force myself to think about design issues rather than doing an allover. The front of the quilt barely shows the quilting in this lighting. I wasn't happy with a plain black backing since I knew it would show all of my errors. Still, at a distance, I love the back.
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    I won a 1st place on my orange outfit. I made pants and a top for it. I won a 2nd place on my cape. They are in Oconomowac, Wi. I love the name of that town and someday I hope to go there! Ribbons are so fun...you can never guess the judges decisions...you can only wonder! They must have taken pictures before they put the ribbons on.
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    Bonnie H

    Is anybody up for a swap?

    1/8 off is no big deal, in fact, I have gotten used to it in my own piecing so it won't even be noticed! As for stressing about the deadline, I'm in no hurry and would rather wait a bit longer for every one's blocks than not get them! Claire, I feel your pain, too. Life teaches me every day not to be judgmental of what others do (or say) as surely the second I am, it gets me back in some way, shape or form! Sometimes I think God is watching me, just waiting for me to mess up, so he can show me that I really am not doing something as perfect as I think I am. And, unfortunately, I prove him right far too often -- especially in piecing quilts!!!
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    Bliss Quilter

    NQR-Name change

    All, This is formally Junbugs-Quilt-Garden; changed name to Judith Washburn Quilt Studio. Thank you all for your encouragement and sharing your thoughts in this decission making. Will be posting more soon. Again - Thanks!!!! Judith Washburn
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    Is anybody up for a swap?

    Blocks are in the mail!
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    Backing Is Too Small

    Instead of making this your problem can't you just tell her to supply a larger back? I guess this is why I'm not a pro. It's bad enough dealing with my own mistakes. I don't think I want to deal with other people's.
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    Panto question

    I too do the same as Meg, but I don't have the plastic sheet anymore, I melted mine so I just use painters tape and tape it down
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    Backing Is Too Small

    ummm...probably really unprofessional....but years ago I made a huge queen sized quilt (it was supposed to be a pillow but I was new...and sort of over bought fabric!) The backing was too small width wise....I had bought quilt backing fabric and thought it would work, without measuring the top of course.......so...I took some fabric that sort of went with it...and stitch a four inch strip down each side....turns out...it really has worked great over the years....no need to guess which is the length or width of the quilt when I put it back on the bed...those side strips really give me a clue! Could the backing be split and a strip inserted with the owners consent? Lin
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    Is anybody up for a swap?

    It will be wonderful when they come and I don't believe anyone is in a hurry! Life happens....
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    I think I'll make a "Things I've Learned from the Mistakes I've Made" journal a part of every new machine owner's "Welcome" package! Now why didn't I think of that a LONG time ago instead of just yesterday?! I'm a slow learner.
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    Is anybody up for a swap?

    Thanks Oma. I just hate being late because I thought I had this so under control. But then I told myself what I always try to remember when life throws me a curve ball. "If this is the worst thing that happens to me today, I'm probably having a much better day than more than half of the people in this world". And then I decided to take a Starbucks break, pulled up to pay for my drink and was told that the person in the car ahead of me had paid for my drink. Random act of kindness just when I needed it!
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    Is anybody up for a swap?

    Oh my goodness Claire...you sound so much like me at the moment. I shouldn't have smiled at this, but I guess I felt your pain because Lord knows I've done this myself. Take a deep breath and a nice break then go at it. It will all be fine.
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    Is anybody up for a swap?

    Well, while doing the final thread clipping and pressing of my blocks, I discovered that one of my background pieces was put in wrong side up! And since I had a stack for assembly lining I have consistently made this mistake on 21 blocks. I'm In the process of trying to disassemble and replace this piece but since it's paper pieced I might just have to remake this half of my block. I'm haunted by all of the times I used to chastise my children for finishing school projects at the last minute and tell them they needed to allow time for something to go wrong. I will work, work, work on this ( better call husband to bring in take out if he wants dinner tonite) and hope to have this fixed by sometime tomorrow or Friday at latest. I can't believe I didn't notice this sooner but the white on white difference didn't show up blatantly until I started taking off the white foundation paper from behind it. Everyone's blocks look wonderful and I can't believe that I am going to be the "late guy".
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    OK I'll try. Radiance was posted a while back but I'll put them both in, if this works?? Here is Radiance And here is Venus Fly Trap
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    Is anybody up for a swap?

    All finished and ready to mail! 22 blocks...12 1/2 inches.....all signed except 1......I named the fish Elsie!
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    Minky like backing -help needed

    Fabric top and furry backer--without batting? Selvedges attached to the rollers, which I hope places the seam parallel. I've gotten the best results with some care when advancing. Treat each stitching field as one section. Leave off the clamps and let the two layers relax a bit. Pin the snot out of it all over. This will stabilize the two layers and avoid stretching the back, which will bounce back if it is stretched and leave you with pockets of "puff" on top. Then put a bit of tension on the top to flatten it for stitching. Place your side clamps on top of a couple of crossed pins at each point so you don't stretch the backer and only tighten enough to keep the edges in line. Open quilting works best. I did a throw for my soon-to-be DIL with polar fleece on one side and furry leopard print on the other--no batting. I stitched a simple four-inch grid and it was beautiful! Another bonus was I stitched an inch in from each edge and then pinked the perimeter. No binding!! The "fur" was pretty long but much of it eased out from under the stitches when it was laundered. Have fun--it'll be great!
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    Just finished this book....

    I have been looking for that one Sandra. I heard that it was good. I just finished Water for Elephants. A wonderful story and a great read.