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    HELP!!! Dawn, Mark...SUPPORT

    Thanks everyone. I persevered and gritted my teeth and looked at Amy's video 10 times front to back. It is all together and i am on the third row of my Quilt with good tension front and back and no thread breakage. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed please that everything is where it should be. Thanks again for your help and thoughts.....and YES, keep hands clear of bobbin area when you pushing buttons, or better yet, shut power off when cleaning and stuff.... Monika
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    Success at Festival of Quilts, UK:)

    Delighted that I won two first places and a judge's choice and that Kay took a highly commended at Festival of Quilts UK - visitors were rather impressed at what we had achieved on our APQS machines no pics online yet just pdf winners list: http://www.thefestivalofquilts.co.uk/files/foq_2013_winnerslist.pdf Best I can do is send you to my Flickr photos... http://www.flickr.com/photos/sewlinzi/
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    Not exactly sure about an Ultimate but on my Milli you take off back top cover, unscrew brass screws on motor, you may need a photo from tech dept and the brushes pop out on springs... They should be around 1/2 inch long. They wear away eventually. Easy to change...
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    Circle Lord Micro feathers

    Make a sketch of feathers wreath section/or any drawing you wish to stich on a piece of Saran Wrap or pattern paper and place it on the half triangle area to stitch. I use to do it is way before IQ. Hope it's helps Bonnie.
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    I love the colors and the quiting is fabulous!!
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    Wow!!! You did an awesome job!!! It is beautiful!
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    Doodlebug's 30's Block Exchange Quilt

    Fabulous job! It looks totally vintage! Congrats!
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    The quilt and quilting are pretty, congratulations on the ribbon!
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    Doodlebug's 30's Block Exchange Quilt

    CONGRATULATIONS ! I will be sure and look for it when we go to the Fair next week. I like that they have all the Blue Ribbon winners in one room.
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    Congratulations!! Ooh, how exciting, and I can see my block in your quilt. I'm excited too!