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    Beach Theme Swap Blocks

    I received all my blocks except for Claire's. We have all told her we understand and it's ok because I'm not in a hurry to get my quilt put together. The ones that are in a hurry will start getting her block first. All I can say is "Wow"! They are all so nice. I just finished trimming them all and they all came out 12½". I don't fret over a scant less in spots. That could happen in the pressing process. I had to go back to the original swap posts to connect names to blocks, but that was my fault for requesting no signatures on mine. That's the down side of my decision. I decided to take pictures of them so you all could drool. Thank you Teresa for all your work on this and to all of you who made blocks. ♥
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    Ina May Gaskins sent me these two panel in Feb of this year and I just now finally finished them. I did one about two years ago. Each block is in memory of a woman that died in result of child birth. Here is a picture of the two panels. If you click on the picture you will go to Flickr and will be able to see more of the panels. When you click to Flickr click on the arrow on the left! Thank you for looking. Now you know why I haven't been on the forum. They are 40 inches by about 17 feet! 001 by delld1964, on Flickr
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    Is anybody up for a swap?

    An explanation about Nevaeh's arrangement She arranged her blocks using very concrete reasoning, as most 8 year olds would. She put the things that are highest at the top, the things that are near the ground in the middle, and the things to do with water on the bottom. She is putting the hatstand and butterfly on the back because those are for spring and it comes before summer. When I asked her where the popsicles block should go she said the top. I'm not sure why..... maybe because she gets a brain freeze when she eats one. I just wanted to let you all know that each of your blocks was equally important to her, she just had to do it her way.
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    Thank you Dell for sharing. Like Rita, my heart ached for all those futures lost.
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    APQS Quilting Machine System Ultimate I with Regulated Stitch 14 ft. table, Hartley extended base plate, raised edge hopping foot, edgerider wheels, laser, Regulated Stitch, bias tool, 4th rail, thread cutter, 26" X 10 1/2" throat size! *The Ultimate I was the best Ultimate (comparable to the Millennium in size and for add-on's) Circle Lord stylus and Swirls boards INCLUDED! Bias Line Tool for Cross-Hatching INCLUDED! 14 Foot Table, (plexi-glass with optional vinyl) You can Quilt 130"+ Thread cutter (needs to be re-attached) - cut the bobbin thread from the handle! upgraded Extended Base Plate - Hartley for ruler work upgraded Raised edge Hopping Foot added (used with rulers) upgraded Edgerider Wheels - so smooth Adjustable Laser Light (battery, no cords to deal with) - includes changeable tip size upgraded Regulated Stitch- large basting stitches to very fine micro-stippling stitches (Intelli-Stitch- $2,950.00) Single Stitch Up or Down needle control Stand alone bobbin winder Horizontal Channel Lock Fourth Rail - store batting, load any additional filler 26" X 10 1/2" throat size (you can quilt as far as you can reach!) finish a large design in 1 pass! *Very Low Usage and runs great! I bought it in 2008 from a gal who hadn’t used it in years (dusty, buried in corner) and since then I’ve probably done a half dozen quilts a year on it (just for family and friends). Gear Box repacked, raised sides hopping foot (guide fits against edge of any rulers you want to use), Including the Swirls boards by Circle Lord (this is a favorite!) http://circlelordswirls.blogspot.com/, snap on bias rulers for easy cross-hatching, a couple of acrylic rulers for ruler work, timing set, extra bobbin case (can adjust for those special fun threads) and bobbins, will throw in manual (binder filled with tips and trouble-shooting notes!), extra needles, some 100% cotton thread cones (new), misc thread (some variegated) and a few pantographs to get you started. $6,500 - less than 1/2 the price of a new system. (plus shipping if necessary) Set up to try in West Point, UT (between Ogden and Salt Lake City) call me at 801-726-5343 or email at ckeindl2atyahoodotcom with any questions! *Thanks for considering!
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    Thankyou for sharing these, it must have been hard to work on this and find yourself thinking about these women as you worked.
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    After a very very long day ... Lucey is set up and ready to run .... 3 hours drive to pick up... Dismantle and 3 hours back ... Reassembled and all ready to quilt ...
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    Wow, I thought those looked long. Great job!
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    Wow! Amazing project! What a wonderful thing that you are associated in helping her by doing these!
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    Chevron pattern quilts

    http://www.craftsy.com/project/view/chevron-baby-quilt/68961?_ct=iuqhsx-kdyluhiqb-huikbj-fhezusj&_ctp=68961 This is one I saved because I want to do one just like this some day.
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    I had a similar problem with George a few years ago. His lights would come on but he wouldn't work. I replaced fuses (more than once) and called the factory. I ended up taking him to Carroll and they replaced the motherboards in George and the foot pedal. There was a short in there somewhere. He was still under warranty so there was no repair cost and Amy had the job done in a morning. They do ask for an appointment time if you are bringing the machine yourself. I hope it gets fixed quickly for you. I see you are from SD, there are some nice quilt shops in the area to keep you occupied while you wait for service!
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    Check all of your plugs...both on the machine and into your power strip, etc. I had this happen awhile back, and apparently I had knocked one of the plugs a bit loose when vacuuming. The machine turned on initially, but apparently my moving the machine just a smidge was enough to make it not make a good connection somewhere in the process. Hopefully, the fuse replacement will work and you can be on your way quilting. Yes, I miss the good old days when we could have a book of instructions with our purchases!
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    Teresa, I live in Lewisville which is just east of Flower Mound. They are both great communities and an easy drive to Farmer's Branch. Some of the neighborhoods in Lewisvile are not so nice, especially near I35, but north of main street they are wonderful. There is an area called the Valley in Lewisville with lovely homes for rent and decent prices. Also Denton is a terrific college town with lots of rentals at great prices. The drive can be a bear down i35 in commuter traffic however, but some people don't mind it. As Christine said, you just learn the best ways to deal with it. Highland Village is one of the lowest crime rates in Texas. Just north of Lewisville. Really nice and next to the lake and also terrific schools. And of course, like Vicki told you, more quilting shops than is good for the bank account. Vicki and I have met a couple of times and had a good time. ))) Feel free to message me, too. Sharon
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    If like the photo in size, that is on Face Book, they are huge!! And so badly needed. It makes my heart and mind hurt.. Big ((((((((((((((( HUGS))))))))))))))) For taking on this project. Thank you! Rita
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    Wow that must have been an emotional experience to quilt those panels. Nice work. Will the panels be part of an exhibit?
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    Wonderful work on the quilting, Dell.
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    Is anybody up for a swap?

    Here is a picture of Nevaeh's top after all the sashings have been attached. We still have to do pink and teal outer borders. The better picture is the photo of her after she had arranged her blocks and did her "TA-DA"
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    Hi Teresa, We just moved here and are waiting to close on our home in Sachse which is outside and a little east of Dallas proper. Most of the areas just run together and we are in an apt in Plano which nestles up to Allen, both good communities. I think the best thing to do is to find a good realtor that can steer you into the right neighborhoods. One area I was told that I would not enjoy would be the colony area north of town, but all else seems to be fine give or take a few small areas... If so it is only about 1/2 hour drive to there from here (Plano), McKinney is just north of the 121 loop and is very nice which would add another 20 mins or so to a downtown commute. However, because this is a big city, you should know that most of the schools will be big. Our kids are grown but my sister lives here and has moved up to Argyle because the schools are so much smaller there. Lots of people like the Lewisville area and most offer the extra curricular activities that you are looking for...but again, touch base with a realtor, they would give you the best information.... Now that I looked at a map, I see where Farmer's Branch is, maybe Flowermound would be a good place, north of town, he could commute down 35E and the schools are smaller and cost of living a little less outside of town. When you come to visit him (if he moves here) there are so many quilt shops you would not know where to start....
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    Thanks for your comments! Intelli-stitch was added 1 1/2 years ago! We went back and forth, should we add it, should we look for something with RS, etc etc but this is a great machine, so we added it (even though I really would like a 12 ft. table and motor advance), Have so many projects at home, you should see my husband's face when I ask about shortening my table?!
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    UnitedKingdom ~ Lucey 10ft for sale

    meet the lovely lady in essex .... so excited .....
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    I agree wholeheartedly with Jim. My machine is older than this one and it quilts away wonderfully. This is an excellent machine for not only someone starting out but for someone who also does customer work. I always hear the comment 'it's good for a newbie', but considering other brand machines out there being sold to start businesses with this machine is far more robust, sturdy, reliable, and smooth operating than most of those. I truly hope someone jumps right in and purchases this from you, Cathy. If I had twice the space I'd buy it and bring in a friend who loves to use mine.
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    To anyone considering this machine. Don't be concerned about the age or date of manufacture. These machines DON'T wear out! The only difference between this machine and a new one is the ammenities. This one has been upgraded with an Intellistitch stitch regulator. That means all the controls including the motor has been replaced. I don't know when the I/S Turbo was installed, but I don't think that version of the I/S was available until 2004. If you like the features of this machine then consider buying it. One made in 2000, or even 2008 won't get you a more dependable machine. Simply one that is accessorized differently. I have an Ult2 with I/S, and it is a very good stitch regulation system. Jim
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    I'm told it's probably 1991 - BUT, that checklist I have was from when the head was re-built in 2003 and seriously, the gal before me didn't use it (I have photos of where it was) and I've used it very little - as a matter of fact, when they installed the Intelli-Stitch it got a brand new motor. I'm only considering selling to downsize (rather than try to cut down the table) and for the motor-feed.
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    The Ult I Head Box Checklist I have from 4/28/03 from AQPS says the serial No. is 388 I'll have to call and check, I'm sure it's the 90's - that's all I have in my notes. But we've added the raised edge hopping foot, the including the Hartley extended base, upgraded with Intelli-Stitch, and a laser.