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  1. Hi sweet Sylvia! Birds nests are caused when the bobbin continues to spin after the machine has stopped. It keeps regurgitating bobbin thread until it stops spinning. Check your bobbin case. Pry the fingers up on the check spring if necessary. If you're using Magna-glides, be sure they're placed magnets-to-the back. Check the bobbin tension with a Towa gauge if you use one. Good luck and don't chuck it out!
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  2. maggienoella

    Thank You!!

    I just wanted to post quickly as I'm still running around like a headless chicken. The jelly roll quilt with the diagonal lines was perfect...thank you for your advice. She actually gave me just enough backing fabric to complete the first one. Now for this second one, I'll sacrifice a sheet. If she has more, we'll have a talk. Must go...still running back and forth from the hospital but my DH and DD are a tremendous help. He is quilting and she cooked us scrambled eggs for breakfast. She's 10 and loves to cook. How great that I can just get out what she wants to put in it and l
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  3. What is it they say??? "Don't worry, it will quilt out". haha
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  4. Thanks for the inspiration. I've got one of my own coming up that is going to be custom. Let's see if I can get the camera on the phone to cooperate.
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  5. Thank you!! You are way too kind. I really am having fun with my machine...sometimes I do want to yell and scream at it...but mostly I just have fun. Hmmm....pointers....well truly I think the fact that I did a lot of quilting on my domestic before the long arm helps. Nothing but practice seems to really help me...and I know nobody wants to hear that! LOL I have pictures of my very first attempts at continuous curve way back in March - and if you look at what I'm doing now, while still not perfect, it is worlds better. I haven't even attempted it once since March either!!! So I
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  6. Oma

    Studio Cutter is on sale again

    Heidi, you can still cut out your shapes just don't put the iron on stuff on the fabric. I've never done that anyway. Look at some of the shapes AccuQuilt has. The circles for making the little "Penny Rugs". They have a Rose of Sharon set of dies. Can't get any simpler than that. Really...google some info on it or check out their YouTube site above. Imagine perfectly cut circles in all sorts of sizes. I know people say how easy it is to cut layer cakes and charm packs by hand, but I'm telling you I can do it in two passes and they are perfect. I can make jelly rolls so quickly. What
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  7. So far this week I have quilted 5 QOV quilts, and I fall wallhanging for a friend.
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