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    Going Modern

    Here is a customer quilt I started today, having lots of fun with 'modern' ideas and just playing away. Thanks for looking!!! Joanne Flamand Artistic Quilt Design Proud to be a Ninja Quilter from the fabulous Sparrow Studioz!
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    Antique DWR Finished

    Here it is finished.
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    Antique DWR Finished

    And here is the back
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    My prayer is answered. After dreaming & hoping, my DH & I signed the contract with Four Seasons to build my studio. 12 feet by 25 to house my Millenium & Longarm gizmos only. One of our bedrooms is still my fabric room & finished quilts storage. The cement was poured 2 weeks ago, the bamboo flooring were purchased yesterday & we are scheduled to be done by the 1st week of Dec. It is going to be attached to the back of the house, next to the patio facing the backyard overlooking my garden. No more customers coming inside our house.
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    DWR FInished

    Just finished the DWR quilt Linda R helped me with the quilting design. I love how it turned out. It is 90 by 100 inches! 001 by delld1964, on Flickr There are more pictures on Flickr Thanks for looking!
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    Antique DWR Finished

    The customer washed and dried this top in the dryer before it came to me. Just one of the issues it had
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    I actually haven't done any quilting since the move. Spent most of the time unpacking, repairing sprinkler heads, and all of the fun things that come with moving into a new to me but older home. Today however I spent most of the afternoon getting ready for all of the little hobgoblins. I think I get a bigger kick out of it than they do. We bought some cheap little pumpkin and ghost lights to string up and then my wife showed me this great idea using toilet paper or paper towel rolls. You cut out scary eyes and then we bought some dark purple Christmas looking lights that will go inside the roll. Poke them in the shrubs, plug them in and you have little creatures looking at you . We gave it a trial run on a few this evening and I think it's going to be the coolest. Maybe I'll be able to take a decent picture and post it anyone is interested. scary eyes by jandcembroidery, on Flickr Untitled by jandcembroidery, on Flickr Halloween decor by jandcembroidery, on Flickr
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    I found this very interesting, thanks for posting it! I love knowing the history behind things. It gives a sense of pride that you are carrying on tradition.
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    Here's another thought: When I am adjusting my top thread tension, it is important that you have enough tightness (tension). If you don't then your thread will move unevenly through the tension discs and it will cause it to break. So the way I adjust my top thread tension (always) is I follow Linda Rech's tried and true method. I have used this method for years and years and it works like a charm. I thread the machine, including the needle, and I pull on the thread (evenly and smoothly) and while doing this, I tighten (or loosen) the tension disc until the spring is is approx 8:00 o'clock position. I also make sure that as I am pulling on the top thread, that I don't feel any bumps, bouncing or uneven tension. Uneven tension as it goes through the discs will cause your thread to break. Turn the knob a little tighter (not looser) until you feel a smooth tension as the thread runs through the discs.
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    Thread Breaking Issues...Please Help

    When all of my options are used up I do this: I only wrap the top thread through the last tension guide hole before the check sping. If thread keeps breaking, I run a bunch of Sewer's Aid on the cone. That usually helps a lot and fixes the problem. If that doesn't work, try a different thread.
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    Bonnie H

    DWR FInished

    I love the quilting design, Dell. And the wonderful video on how you went about quilting it!
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    DWR FInished

    Absolutely beautiful, Dell...great job! Joan
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    I think my wife saw it on a Facebook post. I would have never even thought of such a thing. It's fairly inexpensive, but since it's toilet paper rolls you have to plan months ahead
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    DWR FInished

    Gorgeous quilting, you have made this quilt a treasure!
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    Pinterest has that same DIY idea. Saw it last year. Cute!
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    I haven't bought one yet because we're still in our rental house that doesn't have a basement. But I'm really leaning very heavily in the direction of a Gammill Statler. Our local dealer is awesome and has lots of classes and in-person support, plus she's only 45 minutes away. I still haven't tried the computer yet but am renting time with a Gammill Vision hand-guided. I did try out an Innova at Let's Quilt in St. George, UT on the way home from a trip to Cali. It was nice too. I'll probably make an appointment to try out the Millie before any actual purchasing happens. At this point that looks to be a bit in the future. In the meantime I'm having a lot of fun practicing.
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    Batting, right and wrong side

    If you can tell which way the needle-punching went through the batting, place it so your needle goes through the same way. With Warm and White cotton--dimples up, pimples down. When you hold the batting up with the light shining down, one side will be dimpled. That's where the needles went through. The other side is messier--thus "pimples down". Warm and Natural has the dirty side up. The side with more flecks of debris is the top side. This is problematic if the quilt top has some white fabric used, since the dirt can shadow through. Most wools are the same on both sides so it doesn't matter. Poly batts are the same unless needle punching is prominent--then follow the directions above.
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    Donald A

    New Quilt Rack

    Just completed my new quilt display rack. Made out of quarter sawn white oak.
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    Domestic machine purchase

    I have really liked my Pfaffs with no repeated repairs (actually not any). The dual feed is wonderful, it is small and out of the way of vision and makes no noise. Have her check into some of the traded machines when others have upgraded their own. I have my Pfaffs for 15 years.
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    Peggy (SewAsylum)


    As a newbie, I have no idea what I would charge and will not be quilting for the public. But as a long time machine embroiderer, it seems like people would just expect me to do it for free or trade. Nobody wanted to put out any cold hard cash. They just thought it was so easy and quick and the machine did all the work. No matter the years of skill I had developed. It got kind of frustrating and I just stopped doing it. Now I embroider for myself, grandkids, family, charity.
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    family issues/question

    Life is too short to hold grudges or feel bitter about other people's behavior. Do what you want to do. Give freely from your heart, and if it makes you feel good, just do it regardless of the outcome you may or may not expect. That's all that really matters in the end ... what matters is YOU and your happy heart...and what you live for every day to be happy. Remember, that's all that matters in the end when you are dead and gone, passed away. So, just live for today. Live right now (be happy) in the moment. Do what you want - today. This moment.. Give what you want. Don't fret about the past, and don't worry about the future. Don't be mad at other people for how they act or how they behave. Why bother with that stuff? Life is way too short to be mad or disappointed or upset. Just be how a dog is... a dog only lives in the moment and only wants to be gratified in the moment. A dog doesn't hold a grudge from the past. A dog has no idea what the future is. So....what about those other people? Think about it... in all truth, they only care about themselves. They are focusing on what makes them happy. People are selfish in general. Yes, You should be selfish! I don't mean "selfish" in a bad, terrible way, I mean "selfish" in a fulfilling happiness way. You should focus on you... you should care about your own self and your own happiness. All of us... We only have the power to control our own happiness. Nobody can control our happiness. We do this for ourselves. That's what I mean about selfish. So, everything else and everyone else??? Forgetaboutalready! This is how I try to live my life every day and guess what it has really changed my outlook on life IN GENERAL. Do what is right. Do the right thing. Do what makes you happy. Most of all, do what you can to make the world ...and the people who live in it ... a better place. Always always. (((hugs)))
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    A great trade!

    I have a fellow quilter in the area who has Parkinson's. She asked me to help her put a quilt top together. She had most of the blocks finished but was having trouble completing it. I told her I would be happy to help her, to just come on over when she was having a good day. She didn't need to even bring a sewing machine as mine are always set up. Long story short, we spent a number of days over several months when she felt up to the task and finished the top. Then she asked if I would quilt it for her and take some of her quilting stuff she no longer uses in trade for the fee. I told her that was fine. I never charged for the "help" as I was happy to help her. I also gave her a discount on the quilting. The Parkinson's makes life and sewing difficult for her. I was floored when she called me after the quilt was done and delivered, to come to her house and see what she planned on giving me in exchange. She handed me a cutting system she felt was too complicated for her to use. Then she gave me a large shape cut and a brand new Accuquilt Go, yes, the big one. She decided it was too much trouble for her to use. I told her I couldn't possible take all that in exchange as she didn't owe me anywhere near what the value of the items totaled. The shape cut alone was close enough. She insisted I take it as she didn't know anyone else that could use it and she didn't want to donate it to make room in her sewing area. Holy Cow! I even offered to pay her! She wouldn't hear of it! Well, so far I've spent about $200 on dies and a wheeled tote! I told her I would be happy to cut anything she ever needed. I'm going to make time to do a thread painting for her to help even things out! I'm pretty sure she won't turn that down as she loves that type of art. I'm still in shock!!!! I still feel weird. The trade was way too much in my favor.
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    Dear, sweet friends. Thank you for your advice, help, and phone calls. I spoke to a wonderful forum member a couple hours ago and she offered an air mattress, a meal, and washing machine if Brandon will call her. I am waiting for him to get off work and call me back. There may also be a lead on a house that might be available in exchange for some cleaning, minor repairs. We are waiting to see. Things are still very much up in the air, but I knew I made the right decision by asking for help here. You all hold a very special place in my heart. God bless each one of you. (((((((friends)))))))))