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    21st Bday Present

    My customer's daughter turns 21 next week. The customer was cleaning out her storage boxes this fall and found all of her daughter's little girl clothes. She asked me to make a quilt from the clothes. We picked a very simple pattern to keep the focus on the clothing. The customer didn't want an all over pattern, so I pretty much put in everything but the kitchen sink including my first use of curved cross hatching in a block, several clam shell blocks, and lots of quiltazoid designs. The non-overlapping egg/dart sashing ties things together. I added a label on the back that has a picture of the daughter in one of the dresses and a note from her mom. This is one where I really like the back better than the front. We still have fabric left, so I will make a baby quilt for my customer to tuck away until she is a grandmother:) The customer picked up yesterday and was thrilled. She is meeting her daughter in Nashville this weekend to give her quilt. I hope she sends me a picture of the daughter with her quilt.
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    Amy Stuart - APQS Service

    bobbin winder

    Hi, Betsy...I sent an e-mail with some information to your comcast address...its a wear part inside the winder that needs to be replaced! Easy Fix! Happy Quilting! Amy Stuart APQS Service Team amy@apqs.com
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    Baskets and chickens

    Theresa made this quit and asked me to do my magic on it. Here are a couple of pictures. There are more pictures on flickr. There is one block I had completed and then we went back and added more quilting to it. That block is before the additional quilting was added. She loved it! 006 by delld1964, on Flickr 002 by delld1964, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
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    Just to update... The pieces and parts need to get custom manufacturing .... This is a pricing issue... My goal is to have it ready for roll out at HMQS in Salt Lake!
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    New Iron

    Vickie: I looked a bit more. Sewing Machine Outlet has it on their website for $169. Jim
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    New Iron

    Vickie: Looking at the photos that come up on Yahoo, I think it's a PSI 5E. It's gravity feed, and not steam generator (the steam generators are a lot more expensive). There are other gravity feed irons out there that might serve as well. If you order one of them, make sure it has a heat shield. These irons get hot. A friend bought one without the heat shield, and she has to wear gloves to use it. They do not shut off automatically, so you must remember to turn it off when you've finished using it for the day. One other thing, the iron sits flat, you do not stand it up. Comes with a teflon tray you sit the iron on when you're not pressing with it. Jim
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    New Iron

    I think I would ask her what kind of iron she wants.
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    I Spy Fabric Swap Anyone?

    On a few packages I added a few cents. Please don't send me extra money. I call these lessons learned from my first swap. The issue was one of two things. I asked for postage in early January and forgot that the US Post Office was going to increase postage at the end of January before the end of the swap. The other issue, I think, was the weight of different fabrics being returned. The fabrics sent may have weighed less than the ones returned. A couple of people managed to spend much less on shipping based on the way they shipped the fabric. They used a gallon sized bag, separated the fabrics into four stacks and slipped it into a large manila envelope. It stayed flat and the fabrics arrived just fine. Shipping this way cost much less than the little priority box. Mary
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    Wow, I have been thinking of trading in my 2009 Millie. This is very tempting!
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    I've never remembered to post a picture of any of the quilts I've done, so here is one that I did remember to post. It's a churn dash pattern quilted with the Circle Lord Babtist fan template. I made it for my sister in law who is undergoing her second round of treatments for lung cancer. She lives in NC and will be here for the week end to see Mom who also is very ill. Today, I will give her the quilt. Something happy today for both of them and me!
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    I Spy Fabric Swap Anyone?

    What I have done in the past, and will do for these - I will fill the sink with room temp water, some woolite and a shout color catcher. I will swish them around, let them sit a few minutes, then rinse gently a couple of times. I will squeeze the water out then throw them in a dryer at regular temp. I like them preshrunk and prewashed. I spy quilts are to be used and loved so I like to make sure the fabrics will hold up to real world conditions. Out of the dryer I throw them all in a laundry basket, spray starch and mix them like butter on popcorn. I will iron them on high with lots of steam. Once ironed I will cut them all to the same size. I am hoping that I will only lose a quarter inch in size total for the squares. Unfortunately one or two fabrics may need to be replaced if they shrink much more than the others. Shout color catchers are the best product ever. They save so much time when prewashing so many different prints. I used to separate small squares by color to prewash. I contacted the company to see if they sold them in individual packaging so that I could include them attached to the instruction card I include with all my quilts. They said they don't. I can't believe they are not packaged for a laundramat. If anyone sees them individually packaged, please let me know. Hope this answered your question. Mary