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    Got to share this one with you all....if you don't already subscribe to this magazine you are seriously missing out....check out my blog for bigger photos.... Someone asked for details of how to find Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine.... If you go to my blog post ..... http://borderlinequilter.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/cover-girl.html ......there is a direct link to Machine Quilting unlimited.... you can subscribe for a hard copy or download from their website...http://machinequilting.mqumag.com/ http://flic.kr/p/ki4LbQ
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    New Hexagon Pattern!

    My friend Lori and I just self published our 4th pattern last week. We thought we would give a super sized hexagon quilt pattern a try and we used the fabric collection called Little Black Dress 2. I normally prefer batiks but we were really drawn to this collection and its good to work out of your comfort zone sometimes! Lori's husband started to call our pattern Lug Nuts when we were working on it and the name just stuck! I have lots of pictures on my blog and links to our Etsy shop.
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    I purchased the micro drive handles for use with my millennium about a year and a half ago. I tried to use them and they just don't jive with my bifocals. So I have decided to sell them. I will make a real good deal. You can give me a call (402-760-1360) or respond back here.
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    Beautiful work Cindy! That's a great idea to display your customer's quilts.
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    Congratulations, Kay! I was so lucky to get to see this up close and personal in Portland. What a lovely quilt. I am in awe of your talent!
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    Congratulations again Kay! Your work is fantastic and you deserve this publicity!
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    Blizzard Forces an Early Close at APQS

    My daughter in Kalamazoo said she was shoveling snow during a thunderstorm yesterday! Fast changing weather, for sure.
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    Peggy (SewAsylum)

    Body Rite Posture Pleaser

    Well, this is encouraging. I started using it yesterday, a little at a time. Don't want to overdue as I am already sore. But definitely pulls me up straighter and my shoulders are down and relaxed. I was able to sew a bit today so I am hoping it will help me. My son, a carpenter, wants to try it because he hunches over all day, using a nailing gun or whatever. I may have to get one for him. Peg F.
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    Congratulations, Kay!
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    Toot toot...great cover....

    Mine was in the mail today too, but between work and chasing my new puppy I have not had a chance to look yet...but that is on the list for tonight! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations! I am looking forward to receiving my copy. I agree with Linda, your Scottish Thistle is stunningly.
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    Toot toot...great cover....

    Congratulations Kay! I've seen your quilt in person and it's stunning!
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    Hanging Customer Quilts For Them to See

    Plush Plumes panto visible from the back. back of Marilou's quilt by chrometopquilts, on Flickr
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    I call this "Randomness"

    My grandson asked me last month to make a quilt for his girlfriend. My response should have been "no", especially since I had less than a month to do it and I've had such health issues lately. Ordinarily it would have been a breeze because he chose a very easy and quick pattern. Well, actually, there wasn't a pattern. He wanted triangles, modern and random. He was very emphatic about the colors though...had to be shades of gray and one "Periwinkle blue". The blue was very precise. Do you know how many colors of Periwinkle blue there is? I played it safe and bought all Kona solids and the name of this blue is "Periwinkle". I should be ok. The hardest part was not to "arrange" it in some orderly fashion. They wanted the "randomness" of it. I finally took it off the design board...stacked all the HST in a pile and started sewing them together as they came off the stack. It drove me crazy. He has seen a pic of it and loves it and swears she will too. Well then, mission accomplished. I used Michael's Circle Lord board "Square Dance". I call it "Wonky Squares" so it sort of fits. I love his boards. I wouldn't have gotten this finished as quickly and nicely if it wasn't for the boards. I realized last night this is the first quilt I've quilted in almost two years. It's hard to believe. Maybe this will be a catalyst to get me working on some more. I have to get it in the mail today because her birthday is Sunday. How's that for cutting it close...lol.
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    Customer incentives

    My customer incentive is to give a coupon card to my regular and most prolific customers. This card states a 'free' quilting (E2E of my choice) of a lap size (size is stated on card) or smaller quilt, to be used within 6 months and is not transferable. This has been a big hit with my ladies. Some get a coupon card twice a year while others get one maybe once every 1 1/2 years, just depending on how many quilts I have done for each person.
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    Quilt marking surface

    I have a huge cutting/drawing table in my studio, but you could use your big board or maybe the kitchen/dining room table with perhaps a pin-able mat on top? My table in my studio has those really big pin-able (spell check doesn't like this work, if it is one) mats on it. It really helps to keep your fabric flat and stable if you can pin down the edges while you're marking.
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    Two wallhangings

    Cindy, She used a super small border in there. All she could remember was that she made up the border design. She's really into Civil War and reproduction quilts and likes everything to be quilted as it was back then. So as long as I have feathers somewhere she's usually happy.
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    Body Rite Posture Pleaser

    Yes, I have one and wish I could remember to use it more often. It does work and feels good when I use it. You hardly notice it's on, but it keeps you more upright and relaxed. I tend to hunch over so I really need to use it more. I think you will be glad you bought it.
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    Hanging Customer Quilts For Them to See

    I hang customer quilts on the bannister railing (with bicycle clips) in the foyer. The quilt is in full view when they enter. It is heart warming to see the expression on their face when they see their finished quilt top for the first time. Leslie P.S. Love the red pineapple quilt