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    My wonderful husband really gave me a great gift I was having problems with my Ultimate 1 and called Amy and ordered all new parts that were worn then had to leave to see my parents since my dad has terminal cancer on return my hubby completely went through my machine and replaced parts, timed machine, and even added new led lights on the head itself. he spent about 8 hours doing everything and it purrs beautifully now. I have to say that was a great Mother's Day present! Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! Sandy
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    Baby Owl Quilt

    This is nothing fancy, just a little panel baby quilt. I did it today for a baby shower at work. I just have to do the binding. It turned out really cute. Purple thread on pink backing fabric (my mistake) and color match thread on top. Double layer of low loft polyester There are 4 pictures on flikr https://www.flickr.com/photos/jtconcessions/14161966212/
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    10325230_791666954179893_8694798302638438359_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr Just Sharing an in progress photo of the client quilt I'm working on now - this is just a small snippet - but I'm thrilled with it! The quilt is 120" x 120" so we're talking a postage stamp portion of the quilt - but I am just tickled to death so I had to share. Hope all of our Mothers on the board are having a wonderful Mother's Day!
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    Enchanted Quilting

    Bubbly Pig

    I think this is such a cute baby quilt. My customer wanted light custom....easy to accomplish Marly's piggy by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr
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    I found the time to actually write an article for my blog , with pictures too! It's geared more toward a beginner quilter or someone who quilts but doesn't really understand what is involved with loading a quilt onto a long arm machine. http://www.phoenixrosequilts.com Click the Blog link on my home page! If the spirit moves you, feel free to check it out and give opinions. I'm going to try to occasionally post more articles for people! Thanks!
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    reputation vote

    Good news! My reputation is not ruined after all! Dawn has the IT people on the case and I am sure they will solve he mystery. Whew!
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    Happy Mothers Day.

    To all of you who are, Happy Mothers Day. Zeke ...
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    Happy Mothers Day.

    Happy Mom's Day to all moms, grandmoms, foster moms, moms who have been there for their kids' friends, moms who have had to give up their kids to better their lives, and moms who have no kids but who step in at church, school, community, and government to help kids in need. And a special tribute to those who have lost a mom or mom-in-law this year. It's hard the first year. I'm in this boat and am thinking of Den's mother today.
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    Great tribute...and guess what...I like the panto too!!
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    reputation vote

    When I try to click on "like" at the bottom of someone's post I get the following message. There was an error storing your reputation vote. I don't understand what this means
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    Sheri Butler

    New Egyptian Eye on Judy's QOV

    Isn't that design FAST and AWSOME to use? It looks like it's waving on that QOV too! Nice work Dell!!!!
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    Love it! No wonder you are thrilled with it so far. Can't wait to see more!
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    If that is Roseville I may have to borrow your ideas for one I know that will be coming my way!
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    Just love it when you put circles around something. The definition is just beautiful.
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    Oh yes. It's beautiful. I do hope you are making a bundle on this one.
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    Beautiful work, Valerie. Please put a quarter or ruler in the next photo you post…the scale of your pebbles and feathers is truly wonderful. Lucky Barbara to have you working on her quilt! Nancy in Tucson
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    This is going to be a very special quilt. I hope you are getting top dollar for this beautiful and intricate quilting.
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    Valerie, I love what your doing so far. I am sure it will be gorgeous.
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    I'm thinking I need you to come quilt at my house. This looks great.
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    Whew! Just done with the tear down for the show, dinner, and now at room packing up and thinking of all the work I must do before sleeping. Some explanation of the "Precise" Pantograph System now that I can talk to you about it. This system is not for everyone, just those of us, me included, that wish to have more control over the "tracing" of our panto pattern lines. While the system was attached to a machine at the HMQS show the reviews were unanimous that it is a better way to have more control. I had the users sit and do a few rounds on the panto then stand and do the same.... All takers were amazed at the difference. Some were seasoned, some not, but they were quick to tell me that my system made them feel more at ease in following the designs on the panto and the accuracy in which they could easily follow the lines was incredible. This system is designed to allow the user to attach the system without any drilling or permanent modification to their machine using only 2 wrenches to tighten. Really it only is 3 nuts that you need to tighten and then attach the laser light that came with your machine. So far it seems that the older APQS machines with the laser light that plugs into the rear outlet need no additional modifications. The "New" generation such as machines that have the Bliss will need a longer laser light cord, this cord is NOT included. These are readily available like this one: RadioShack 3-Ft. Shielded Cable with 90° 1/4" Plugs Catalog #: 42-2487 Price: $8.99 This system is designed to use from the back of the machine and allow the user to sit on an adjustable height roller chair while quilting, no, the chair is NOT included in the $249.95 price! This system is perfect for those that may have a hard time standing, "mature" eyesight, neck, shoulder, back, hip, feet, or knee issues. This system is not going to give you the tired shoulders, neck and legs from standing and "tweaking" your body while trying to use the original handles and look to the side and down to follow this tiny line about 3 feet away. Many of the testers told me that the hardest part of doing pantos was that it was not a natural way for us to do "tracing" of designs, many also expressed that sitting made it a more natural way to "trace" the designs as the laser is positioned directly between the handles. This system has handles that can be held in many ways to let the user be comfortable in their grip. None of the testers expressed a "death grip" feeling while using the system. This system is priced at $249.95 and can be shipped in the US for $20.00. This system is pretty cool to use as is available for APQS machines, both older and newer with Bliss, and will be available for other machines as well in the future.
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    The number on the new ones matches a package of 8 for $52.00 on Amazon. My guess is somebody got some off brand ones and put in it. We went ahead and put the new ones in and repacked the gear box grease, cleaned and oiled everything really well. Now Lenni looks brand new and purrs like a kitten instead of barking like a dog. I'm happy. Best birthday present in the world- a grown son who will take the time to come work on a quilt machine.
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    Beverly, Want to come spend some time in NC? Hands-on QP classes have already started here. There are several other dealers that are either teaching classes or are working to get to the point. As with most things, we have started with the basics and are working our way to advanced training. There are 4 of us, that I know of, that have taught classes in the past 2 weeks. So it is happening, it is just going to take some time. I am really glad that I can do something to help. I have been kind of absent this month because of working on a different project. In the next month. or so. I will once again get to dedicate more time to blogging about Quilt Path. If there is something that you want to know more about, tell me and I will work on it. For now, I am finding it easier to do most border work without the system. It is just faster for me to do it the way that I am already comfortable with. I do a lot of E2E and block designs with Quilt Path. Sashings also seem to be easier, for me, as I don't have to turn the quilt when I do them. In all honesty, I avoided all quilt turning before Quilt Path, so that probably is impacting doing borders with the system. I am sure that will change over time.