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    My sweet mail lady brought a package to my door today. Elmer had known Lana since she was a small child so when I realized the box was from Teresa I invited her in to see the quilt. It is beautiful......so much prettier in person than in pictures. Lana and I both cried...her father died from cancer too. All I can say Teresa is.....thank you.
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    Sheri Butler

    The New GEMS board

    Well, here's the modern quilt, that inspired the GEMS board. Love it! TY Michael & Kay!!! Cloudy day when I took the pics of it draped over my sofa, not bound yet. So it's really purple, NOT blue. The close-up 3rd pic is more true to color. Quilted with Glide color LAVA. Warm and Natural batting. Going to bind it in the yellow/orange color to make it POP!
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    Just finished this customer quilt using my Circle Lord Rosebud Ribbons board, along with Tumbling Teddy panto in the plain blocks. I used my Circle Lord Pushbutton stylus to stitch the board from the front so I could stop and add the Teddy Bear in the center of the plain blocks. https://www.flickr.com/photos/95121367@N02/sets/72157645428024346/
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    First large quilt on George

    I am a new user of George, just got it a few weeks ago. What I find is that I don't tire as much as on my domestic machine. Can sit and quilt for hours. The large space is great also, you aren't fighting with your quilt.
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    absolutely breath taking Teresa

    Cheri, I am so glad that you are happy with the quilt. I have made hundreds of quilts, and quilted quite a few also, but for some reason I was really obsessing over this one. I knew it needed to be special for you and several times I doubted my ability as a quilter. Thanks for giving me the honor of making it for you. I hope it fills a void in your heart.
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    absolutely breath taking Teresa

    The quilt is absolutely beautiful and the quilting is also. I am doing the binding and glad to be a part of this project. You did an awesome job!
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    Linda's book is awesome, my favorite go-to. I also find a lot of inspiration in Sue Heinz books. Linda R recommended them one day, so I bought her series of 3 books.
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    Nice job on those circles. I did that panto on a Halloween quilt once and as I quilted I kept say, "Double bubble, toils and trouble." LOL Couldn't get it out of my head and when I looked at your picture that was the first thing that popped in my head!
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    You should never doubt yourself again, you did an outstanding job! It is beautiful.
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    Lemon Tree Tami

    First real quilt done on Freddie

    After practicing on two muslin quilts I've finally taken a stab at quilting my first real quilt, a supersized nine patch baby quilt top (Anita Grossman Solomon's tutorial for Quiltmaker magazine). I used the pantograph Double Bubble by Patricia Ritter. Perhaps I made it too big so next time I'll close it up a bit. Also I'm thinking that I still need to loosen the top thread tension just a wee bit. It looked good but when I used a magnifying glass I saw a few bobbin dots. And there's a bit of puckering on the backing. Either I had the side clamps too tight or I didn't have the backing tight enough when I started stitching. All a learning curve. Oops, and I forgot to mention that I rolled it up too much on one pass. My top circles got flattened because there wasn't enough room. Fixed that on the next pass. :-) Quilted on a 2014 Freddie with an IntelliQuilter.
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    First real quilt done on Freddie

    I actually have the paper panto and use it on baby quilts, too. There's something about bubbles that is just so cute.
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    I love my Circle Lord boards tooooo!!
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    Waaay easier, Anne! I love my CL boards!!
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    borders - borders stump me all the time. I can envision quilting everywhere on a quilt, except for borders. Do you have a book or website that you love to refer for border inspiration?
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    Excellent! You're on your way and doing great! Joan
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    wow, your circles are perfect. I had to think if I read right, that you aren't computerized!
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    Good job I really like the circles.
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    Nice job, Tami! It looks great.
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    Hi Andrea! Email me lindarech@comcast.net and I'll send you the info and a peek at a couple of pages. Thanks for your interest and others recommendations!
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    Echo Quilting

    I stitch echo quilting at a moderate speed (not a million miles an hour) with my elbows in and my feet braced apart. Sounds weird, huh? But the wide stance and elbows close to the body give me better control. I start at a not-so-prominent spot on the SID of the motif (like a dip in, not a poke out) and stitch a spiral. I'm usually going for a "look" of echo quilting, not the perfection of concentric stitching with continual starts and stops. Stand back and I bet yours looks great!
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    Oh thank goodness Kathy chimed in about the magnifying glass. I was tempted to say something, but then realized I have my own perfection roadblocks at times. LOL It looks super! Way to go!!
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    Your quilt is really sweet and the quilting design suits it so well, good job! Now I have to tease you about something though....please stopping looking at your stitches with a MAGNIFYING GLASS!!! You only need to use those for finding slivers in your fingers or trying to identify minerals in a rock!
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    Looks great, Tami! You and Freddie make a great team!
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    Wonderful job!!!! Your circles look great-not sure that I could have done as well. Carol
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    T Row Studio

    Metro Hoops Quilt

    Kathy that quilt is beautiful I was on your blog and I think you should add the before pictures it is always interesting to see that. Thank-you for sharing you pics they are inspiring
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    Although I did not know Elmer, I have been honored to have the opportunity to work on this quilt. I hope it does justice to his memory. Thank you Cheri for allowing me to do this for you. Assorted fabrics for the top, Kona white cotton on back. 17 top thread colors, white Fil-tec bobbins, Tuscany wool batting. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jtconcessions/sets/72157645495994175/
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    K. Szymaszek

    Pink and Grey Basket Quilt

    Here is the basket quilt I made some time ago. Many may recognize it. I still haven't bound it yet, hopefully soon. More pics at www.ksquiltsandquilting.com . I can get the pics a better size there. QDWool and So-Fine thread. Thanks for looking, K