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    Help for securing stitches

    I do a couple of needle-up needle-downs, nearly on top of one another, then a tiny stitch forward, a tiny stitch back, then I'm off to the races. I've not had any trouble with stitches coming out, and I'd challenge just about anyone to find my starts and stops.
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    Quilting Time

    Great topic! I recently finished a custom quiilt for a customer, 60 x72. This was Gardeners Alphabet by CrabApple Hill. It is embroidery that is first colored. She did a beautiful job on this! It involved going around the embroidery and into some of the embroidery work. She wanted the threads buried, there were a lot of them. This quilt took 55+ hours to quilt it. Definitely did not charge enough. Here is a picture of the "Poppy" block
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    Help for securing stitches

    I use my Quilt Glide option. I turn it on, which starts the needle cycling up and down, then move the machine very slowly. If I didn't have Quilt Glide, I would use the single stitch button, hold it down and move the machine very slowly for the quarter inch, back a stitch, forward a stitch,pause, then set stitch length and go.
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    RoseCity Quilter

    Quilting Time

    Interesting topic. I have been doing more and more custom quilting, mostly Judy Niemeyer quilts, and I quilt them very intensely. I was charging 8 cents/square inch. After timing myself I realized I was not charging enough at 8 cents, and yet it seems that is more than most of you are charging. My daughter has a Business Degree with a major in Small Business Management. She has convinced me to put my price up to 10-14 cents per square inch depending on which designs I use. Her reasons are, I have a 8 month waiting list, no one has ever changed their mind once they heard my prices, and I am running a business and making a profit is the bottom line. Even at 10-14 cents, I wonder if I can't make more money with the panto's I do......
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    Lemon Tree Tami

    Class with Myrna Ficken

    Earlier this week I went to St George UT so that I could take my free longarm intro class with Myrna Ficken. It was too long of a trip not to also have an extra day of hands-on classes too. I learned some basic ruler work and bought a small ruler to try out SID work. Then it was on to longarm feathers and all the variations as well as quite a few filler patterns. Even though I have the IQ I wanted to practice some fmq. Every time I work with Freddie I'm so happy that I chose him. He is so lightweight and moves with such ease. It was a wonderful time and I learned a lot. Now to practice, practice, practice.
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    Just sharing a little progress on the Roseville Album! I had to take it off the frame for a few weeks - I needed a break and totally underestimated the time involved!! I won't lie, this one got away from me quickly! I feel like I'm back on a realistic time frame for finishing now. Wheew! I am so glad I took that break too, I've loaded it back up and have new found energy and motivation to finish. I've actually advanced the quilt and made a dent into the last border on this side...but it doesn't look very impressive any longer so I thought I'd share this pass before I moved the quilt up! LOL I still have to turn it and do the last borders but most of the SID is done so it'll just be adding the feathers and cross hatching. Woohoo! Hoping to have a "finished" post to share next week!!!! 10511081_845992678747320_6570653181248303823_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
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    Baby Quilt finished

    Here's the quilt I was working on... Pics loaded sideways??
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    Help for securing stitches

    Even using a computer you have the stops and starts. Just saying....
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    Help for securing stitches

    I did a large art quilt, heavily quilted..hundreds of starts and stops and color changes.I worked on it for two months..a month to quilt it, a month to knot and bury. It's very labor intensive and most quilters don't do it on client quilts. You can make them less obvious with practice. A busy backing helps. As a quilter once told me, if they don't like the way the back of the quilt looks, they need to make better backing choices. If they are objecting to the starts and stops on the front of the quilt, you need to work on your technique.
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    Hi Valerie, awesome quilting!! When using Invisifil Thread, what are you using in the bobbin??
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    Brave or Insane???

    I would love to go zip-lining. Not sure I'm brave enough for that though.
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    Cherries Jubilee Quilt

    I've found the perfect solution!! Appli-glue! You place and dot of glue ever so so and the vines have stayed in place in order to appliqué down. I'm going to love this now!! Photo next time! Thanks
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    Love your choice of quilting designs. It looks so traditional, like hand quilting. You have done a wonderful job! I can't wait to see when it is done.
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    Quilting Time

    The most I have charged on custom show quilt is $600, an 80x80 with loads of SIDS. Included are thread and tax. Linda Rech said it all, we don't make enough money with the time and investments (I believe) but I do love to quilt & STILL enjoy to quilt for others I like who will pay my rate. That being said, I now can pick my battles, my personal show quilts produced blue ribbons as well as my customers & I am grateful and content for that. I am perfectly ok if they don't line up my door.
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    Bliss Quilter

    Quilting Time

    I read somewhere that one quilter starts at $650 for light custom for Double & Queen and up from there. She would not do custom on anything smaller, not worth the time. Remember to love what you do and the $ per hour in this business is not consistant. It is a "Service" and like retail, engineering, construction, doctors, hospitals etc. the marked it siclical. Get it while you can and plan for the slow downs.
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    Quilting Time

    My customer just picked up a custom quilt where I charged 5 1/2 cents an inch. I seem to always underestimate the hours needs and undercharge for custom. I'm keeping track of my hours now and sometimes charge by the hour. It gets pricey! The last one required-- Extensive SID (if you're doing custom, you need to get good at SID.) One self-made stencil. Eight thread color changes. Micro-stitching (stitching density changes). Extensive marking--- feather spines, the stencil, border geometrics, divisions of small borders for design placement, divisions in pieced blocks for CCing, and some doodling on blocks to audition designs. Each of these techniques requires competency and extra time. That's why there are varying levels of custom work pricing. Realizing that I would need do lots of different techniques for the quilting helps me to give a solid estimate at in-take. This one should have been 6 cents at least, but it was my idea to stitch a border design that required lots of marking and measuring, so I couldn't justify the extra charge. For a 100" square project, you can figure what the add-on charges would be for each technique, based on the estimated time it would take to accomplish them. Figure a basic non-overall job will start out at 2 cents an inch, or $200, not counting thread charges and taxes. SID adds about 6 hours to a big sampler with sashings and a couple of borders. That should charge out at $25 per hour or $150 extra. That's just added to a basic 2-cents-an-inch job. Thread changes--standard charge for those who do this--$10 per color after 2 colors. Extra $60. Designing and making a stencil--maybe 1 1/2 hours if you start from designing to finishing (plus materials)--$40. Micro-stitching--density of stitching is what makes areas stand out and what defines custom quilting. I'd bet stitching behind applique and in other areas would take up to 3 hours over and above regular quilting on this size--$75 extra. Marking and then removing the marks-- I'd guess for this one it would have added 6 hours on this specific quilt--$150 extra. ( I marked a tricky outer border, one inner border, 116 (!) triple-strip sashings with the stencil, and spines for feathers in the setting triangles). Added up, it's $200+$150+$60+$40+$75+$150= $675. Which is 6 3/4 cents per inch. So I didn't charge enough... While this break-down is specific to one quilt, you can see where charging for the things that take extra time is wise professionally. It's just like any other service by any other professional.
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    New thread shelves

    Great idea! I think I need more coffee this morning. I kept thinking, what did she put up there to hold those cones in a hanging position...then I realized the photo was upside down
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    Apricot sauce for pork or chicken

    Well, I put the chicken in the oven. Cooked some apricots, hot water and sugar...then attempted to puree them in the blender. After cleaning the floor and mopping up apricot puree, I put it in a little crock pot to finish cooking. Note to self: Do not puree hot fruit in a blender....let cool first.