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    I just finished this quilt which was purchased by my customer at the Mennonite Relief auction for only $45!! I used Circle Lord curved cross hatching board for the centre of the floral wreaths and Circle Lord piano keys board for the borders. I hope I didn't overdo the filler quilting. I'm still teaching myself about custom quilting and it's all about design choices isn't it? This is only my 3rd 'custom' job - but I have done tons of edge to edge.
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    Maybe this isn't for me? Update

    Hi my friend. I don't know what to tell you about how long it takes to know if this is for you. If you're lonesome in the quilting room, remind your hubby to come get you after two hours. Have him sit and talk for a while or both go outside for a walk around the yard to get some air. He might be missing you too! If you're in the groove, ask him to come back in a half hour. Make the quilting room as inviting as possible. Have your iced tea or coffee out there--going to the kitchen to get a refill or more ice can be a nice break. Noise (TV, music, audio books) is a nice way to feel not so alone. Call an understanding quilting buddy to get some moral support. Now here's my take on this --I think you're not happy with your progress. You have to suck at something before you can be good at something. It's a rule. Give yourself permission to be not perfect and find some comfort that every stitch you make gets you closer to where you want to be. Piece something goofy like a panel with borders and go with the flow. Try things and challenge yourself. I think you'll find some parts of it you'll love and others not so much. When you unload it, take the scissors to it and cut out the great quilting and throw the rest away. Hang the pieces in the quilting room to remind yourself that you'll get ever better. If you reach a decision that this isn't for you, please don't feel guilty about it. Just know that you tried and it didn't work. If you need a kick in the butt--give me a holler!
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    WW Quilter

    My first J N quilt-Amazon Star!

    My friend, Rose, made this Amazon Star quilt and I got to quilt it. It was 104"x 104" and I felt pretty intimidated at first. I borrowed largely from posts by Linda Rech and Rose City Quilter for design ideas. (What to quilt is still the hardest part for me!). Thank you for the inspiration. Rose was happy with the results. Thank you for looking! image by huckleberryjo, on Flickr image by huckleberryjo, on Flickr image by huckleberryjo, on Flickr image by huckleberryjo, on Flickr
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    I just finished this one for my friend and client Cindy. She plans to put this on one of her tables for decoration...another that I like the back as much as the front! 10407825_930842276929026_300223743080824459_n (1) by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr 10968375_930853416927912_7398228910884175000_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr 10959762_930853446927909_1130148660182095148_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr 10947202_930848330261754_5711509003291586808_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
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    Valerie, it's gorgeous. Are you snowed in today?
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    Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear it! I have heard of folks before who decided after getting their long arm that it isn't for them. I think that's ok, and I know it might be a bit of a disappointment, I'd say don't beat yourself up. I kind of knew right away that I was in love...but I'm also a stay at home Mom who spent quite a bit of time home - and it actually helps me keep sane because being home can be very lonely! I understand your feelings though. It's a commitment, it really is. I have had to work my butt off to get better - and with each quilt I do - but I enjoy the whole process. I am also lucky because at the moment, my long arm is in our second living room. So often times in the evenings the whole family is watching tv right behind me while I work!! LOL Have you tried quilting from the front? Maybe you might enjoy the creative aspect more from free hand custom work? I find that's where I find most enjoyment...keeping my brain working and thinking and trying new designs. Or maybe find some books on cd or put a tv in there?
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    Either way works, Tonilyn!
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    Circle Lord Wave/Zig Zag question

    When I used the Circle Lord boards I always stitched right to left, although you could stitch back if you want to do so. The reason I did it this way is because it was easier on my brain and I did not have to think about the movement back in the opposite direction. It seemed to flow more easily for me.
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    Hi Tonilyn, I don't have the wave/zigzag boards so I'm not sure how they are supposed to stitch out, but I never have a problem stitching back and forth on my CL boards. I do it all the time. Maybe someone else will pop on here who is experienced with your boards. Hugs, Debbie
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    Another beautiful creation by Valerie! Love it!!
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    I hate it when a company just leaves you hanging with no response or poor responses.
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    Do not go with Quilters Cruise control. I had a Gammill Classic and took it to Missouri to have it upgraded. He did not tell me it was the afore mentioned SR brand. I just assumed it would be the right one. After that when I shut down SR my machine only ran 1/10 of the original speed. Ruined it as far as I was concerned. I looked it up and it is for a midarm, not a longarm. Buyer beware. I sold it and bought a Millie but I still don't use SR as I do pantos. Carol
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    Check out Quilt EZ. They have an after market stitch regulator called Perfect Stitch. APQS is listed as a brand they can upgrade. Chris
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    Sorry Val…trying to get a photo from Barbara. You did a splendid job!
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    I have quilted any number of odd things for customers, including an envelope quilt as described. I explained that there was a danger of tucks, and that I couldn't quilt up to the edges because I needed to have a place to attach the quilt to the frame and clamps, and the customer was good with it. I wrote all this on the intake form and the customer signed it, acknowledging the risk of tucks and that there wouldn't be quilting within an inch of the edge of the quilt. I then pin based the quilt sandwich about every 5-8 inches. I pinned strips of fabric (about 4" wide) to all the sides and then attached the fabric strip to the leaders and clamps. I did a very large meander, taking out the pins as I approached them, and easing in any fullness on the top or backing. I checked the back often to see if I had any problems. I did end up with a few small tucks, but they weren't very noticeable. So - it's not the best situation, but not impossible. I find that setting expectations with the customer up front really helps. \ I've also added additional quilting to an already quilted and bound quilt. I did the same trick of pinning fabric strips to the sides so I had something to pin to the leaders and for the clamps. It worked just fine. Julia
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    Just Left APQS Showroom-Houston

    Bonnie It's located off the Southwest Fwy which is Hwy 59 South...the actual address is: Quilt Your Own 11925 Southwest Fwy Suite 8, Stafford, Tx Ph: 281-795-7635. It's in a small shopping center. There is also a quilt shop a couple of doors down from it...I think it's Quilter's Emporium. Forgot to stop in there. David
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    I started with a little grace frame and a brother 1500. I wanted more quilting space. So these forums allowed me to find my Patience, 2004 Millennium on a 14 foot frame with fabric advance. I'm very happy with Patience. We have yet had an argument lol. She has taught me to have patience. I was prepared for the learning curve and frustrations. But I fretted for no reason. Between the forums and all the wonderful people at APQS, APQS was the right choice for me. Now if money was not a problem, I would want to have the new millennium with thread sensors, lift, bliss and IQ.
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    What Machine Do You Have?

    I have a 2013 Millennium on a 14' table with bliss and hydraulic lift and motorized advance etc. (essentially I have everything you can have without computerization). I love it...but honestly while I am certain that these machines and their bells and whistles may make some things easier...there is no substitute for talent and PPP. I will never be half the quilter the lady who posted above me is even though I have a newer machine (heck I'd be thrilled to be 1/4 the quilter she is). I know you have seen the amazing work the ladies (and men) on this board do...I am constantly in awe.