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    Just sharing with my pals a few of our maternity/family photos from yesterday's session! My good friend Amanda from Edward Rose Photography took these for us - it made it even more special because we've known her since high school and we've watched our children grow up! 11060998_10153228449116280_7402361148018646919_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr 11188240_10153228481426280_3903450799395177512_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr Another forum I frequent is Connected Threadz...and a group of the ladies from the site collaborated and made us the MOST BEAUTIFUL quilt for our new lil' one! I was so excited, it arrived just in time not only to surprise me, but to be included in the photos! Below is an O that my sister in law made for us to decorate, the quilt we were given from my CT ladies, and Minnie Mouse shoes we bought for baby Olivia! 11026048_10153228489881280_1544220891512038447_n (1) by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr 11203091_10153228487081280_1655249657361447591_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
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    Catching up on some work after a couple of weeks off. Used my new favorite Eqyptian Eye Circle Lord board. Easy peasy; 3 quilts in 2 easy days Easier to quilt than post pics!! Trying!!
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    Been busy again 3 more quilts!!!!

    Here are three quilts finished this week! First one is Florida State quilt with David Hudson's Alternating Feathers Panto. Glide thread and Filtec bobbins. Sheri made this for her son! 20150503_172430 by delld1964, on Flickr This one was made for a young man hurt in an accident and recovering, which will take a long tome. Gail made this for him. It was a free pattern from Digitec. Glide thread and Filtec bobbins again! LOL 20150501_175255 by delld1964, on Flickr This one was made by Pam and I think she will keep it. Perfect for our island life here on Amelia Island. The panto is Lynn's Seashells and of course Glide thread and Filtec bobbins! 20150429_205028 by delld1964, on Flickr All three were quilted by my quilt path and I have been able to work on the blanket stitch on my Spring Garden quilt!!!!! Love doing two things as once!!!! There are more pictures on Flickr. Thanks for looking.
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    I spent today trying to clean and organize the sewing room to make room for the bigger table. Looks like I will have to spend tomorrow and Wednesday after work in there, as well. I have no idea how I have amassed so much fabric, batting, rulers, thread, sewing machines, embroidery machines, book, patterns, and other stuff. I think I need to have a major quilter's yard sale. The only problem is I cant think of anything I can do without.
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    I didn't want to say anything until I was sure I was getting it, but the certified 2010 Millie on a bliss table is coming to live with me. It's been a long time coming, and if I don't make enough each month to pay the payment my husband is going to kill me. I have had to turn down some quilts because of the limitations of my Lenni , so this should be a good move for growing my business even more.
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    Hi David. If you decide to add backers to your offerings, remember that the cost of the backers will tie up profits in inventory that you may never sell. It isn't like thread which turns over and where you can keep a wide variety of types and colors without a huge outlay of cash. The businesses that offer backers will sell extras-wides since they don't require piecing. They charge by the running inch (just like batting on a roll) and the customer buys the whole amount necessary whether they need the entire width or not. The excess is returned to them. I'm nor sure if Sew Batik still has their longarmer program where you become a member and offer Sew Batik backers. You keep samples of their very pretty batiks to show your customers. You don't keep fabric in inventory, but order it as your customer makes a choice. It's a handy system but I don't think you make much money with it. I realized early-on that I can't be everything to everybody. I don't supply backers but I do offer batting, which I buy wholesale and sell retail. I don't make binding for my customers but am happy to sew their pre-made binding to the front while the quilt is on the frame. ( I charge $25-$40 depending on the size and it usually takes about an hour. It's pretty easy money!) If I get yardage from a customer instead of a pieced backer, I charge $10 a seam to piece it. Don't offer something that doesn't make you money. This is a convenience for your customers and while you'd expect to make a profit on the fabric you sell, remember that shipping costs and even the time you spend finding and ordering fabric either online or at a store, are things that should be considered when pricing your retail offerings. I don't offer finishing the binding by hand-stitching it to the back, but I refer customers to a friend who offers this service. I think she charges about $50 for a Queen. She says it figures out to about $5 an hour! I guess as an overview, you need to find the fine line where what you charge a customer for a service or product is more appealing to them than having to take the time and energy to do it themselves. And you need to make sure it's profitable for your business.
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    Shall we call you Super Vickie... good job
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    Enchanted Quilting

    Seaside Runner

    This is a little Jaybird Quilts runner (15 X 40) that I made and quilted for our P.E.O. noisy auction. I did not come up with the quilting design...used Angela Walters plan from the cover of the pattern. I used So Fine on the top, and BL in the bobbin with an 80/20 batting. Again, these seams are all pressed open, so had to quilt with that in mind. The piecing uses a Sidekick ruler by Jaybird quilts...I think I will have other uses for the ruler...made the piecing of the triangles very easy. Seaside Runner by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr
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    From Woodworking To Quilting!!

    I mentioned when I first joined this wonderful forum that before quilting I was a woodworker. Had planned on doing that when I retired but health problems decided differently and that's when I chose quilting. I get the same satisfaction from working with fabric as I did working with wood but I do still miss my woodworking. Thought ya'll might allow me to post some of my instruments that I made over the years. I mainly made musical instruments. Had a pretty good part time job going to dulcimer festivals teaching autoharp workshops and selling my autoharps and dulcimers. The last picture is a picture of my wife playing her custom dulcimer to our new grandson that was spending the night at our house in his new swinging crib I made him. David
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    Beautiful red and white customer quilt - she wanted it "serene and peaceful - not heavy modern quilting" - we planned the quilting together - Stencil in the plain blocks, cc in pieced blocks, cross hatching in setting triangles, LOTS of SID! but it really makes the quilt! I'm delivering it tomorrow - the customer is going to love it - she did an amazing job of piecing and pressing all the seams just right - made my work go smoother. Have a look . . . front and back pics
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    Returned from trip to Michigan and found my stash of beautiful red fabrics. Thanks to all and to Linda...
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    Great work, Dell! I love the shell design.
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    Lol, Terry! It's all in having the right tools....
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    Very nice! I am looking forward to using my board too....
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    Norma H

    Been busy again 3 more quilts!!!!

    You've been very busy quilting. Echo Charlotte - love the variety of quilt designs. Quilt path . . . some day . . .
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    I dew quilting

    Quilting on flannel

    Started a new quilt for my husband. He said "I want the fancy stuff" meaning feathers. Made with flannel, two layers of 80/20 and Glide thread. Wonderful combination. I think he will like it.
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    Well done....love To see the variety!
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    My local quilt shop owner and I have a great relationship, so in my particular situation it would be a bad idea to offer backing fabric or batting to my customers. I meet all my customers at her shop, where they often end up buying what they need from her. So, even though she has several longarmers who have asked her to hand out their cards, guess whose card gets handed out first! I also charge $10 per seam to piece backing fabric. Carol
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    Wow, Vickie, you have been busy. Love love love our circle lord boards. Can't wait to see your fill ideas quilted out.
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    Beautiful my friend!
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    Beautiful family, Valerie! Best wishes to you all as you await your new little blessing!
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    Guess who is getting a new machine

    Teresa, it all multiplies while we are sleeping. That's the only logical explanation.
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    Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!
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    Great pictures Valerie! Thanks for sharing with us.
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    Beautiful pictures. I know you will treasure them. I saw the quilt photos on Facebook. It is adorable. You have a nice group of friends.
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    You have a beautiful family. Nothing more precious than your children and then grandchildren!
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    Amanda really has a great eye. The pictures are great. Wishing you all the best!
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    Gorgeous...God bless.
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    Those are wonderful. You will treasure them forever.
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    Awww! Very beautiful photos and family Valerie. I am being blessed with my twelfth grandchild in May, too. A baby girl and this makes only 3 girlies out of 12. I love the name Olivia! You are in my prayers for everything to go well.
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    I am out of likes for the day - but all of your comments really make me feel SO wonderful, you cannot even know!! There is nothing like getting praise and positive feedback from your quilting peers. I really had so much fun with this one...I am very honored to have had the opportunity to quilt it - and I am also really thrilled with the progress I have made over these past two years! I really truly and sincerely love what I do - and while some days I cry out of frustration, or come here with panic, or think I'm ready to walk away because running your own business, even a small one, can be SO hard - I love my job. I absolutely love what I do and cannot actually believe some days that I get PAID to have this kind of fun!
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    That quilt is beautiful. Both the piecing and the quilting. That back is way too beautiful to be on the bottom where it can't be seen. I would use it on the bed right side up for a week and then turn it over for a week so that the back would become the top. Only way to do this quilt justice. David
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    How to Heirloom quilt this?

    spam reported! That post wasn't very helpful, was it Beth! The top is very pretty. You might have to do some thread color matching and if I could find a color that worked on several colors I'd use it as much as possible. Realizing that the only places that some intricate quilting will show are the cream colored areas that surround the center and the blue-green border, I'd figure something pretty to quilt there. The odd shape of the cream areas might take some pencil and paper time to find a graceful design. Maybe a double oval with curved crosshatching inside and curls or feathers to fill the rest? Or stitch a butterfly, echo it, and fill behind. And since she fussy-cut the squares with the butterflies, outlining them and doing a dense filler behind would allow them to shine. The butterfly print border has an issue that two borders are thinner, so a running design of feathers or leaves might not work. If she wants regularity you could stitch piano keys or beadboard. Or the thinner sides could have running feathers or leaves, and the wider border could continue the design with curling spines if they fit. That will allow the design to be continuous. A thin gold thread would make the quilting more noticeable there unless you want to use a cream. A matching design could be stitched in the inner butterfly fabric surround. CC the triangles and HSTs in the piecing---that will be a lot of stitching. Change thread colors when you need to but I think gold would work on almost all the fabrics and make the heirloom quilting that she asked for more noticeable.