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    The APQS Family is the best!

    I just returned from Iowa where I was treated like royalty by the staff at the APQS Showroom in Des Moines and the APQS factory at Carroll. I'm in awe at the opportunities and training provided for us by Tony, Dawn, Amy, Angie, Mike and others. I personally saw the care, craftsmanship and quality that goes into APQS machines. From engineering and the birthing room through calibrating stitch length to packaging for shipping, from sales and accounting to repairs, I experienced good people who were obviously loved and valued by the company they work for. While in Des Moines I had the opportunity to audit a Beginner and Advanced Beginner class taught by Dawn. She is an awesome teacher! If you ever have an opportunity to take a class from her, I highly recommend it. Everyone, including dealers who were able to audit the classes, left with resources and a better understanding of achieving that perfect stitch quality that APQS machines can provide. While in Carroll, Dawn and Amy gave us an understanding of the parts and repair of current and vintage machines and Quilt Path. They taught us the tricks of the trade as we were guided through trouble shooting and repairing or replacing the needle bar and bushings, changing out the hopping foot, rocker assembly, hook assembly, cleaning the drive shaft, circuit boards, motor armature and replacing the motor brushes, changing out washers and adjusting the thread cutter, cleaning and packing the gear box and timing, timing and timing machines. And that's not a complete list! Mike, APQS engineer and inventor of the M&M wheels we all love, taught us about the electrical components and protecting our machines from fluctuation in power supply. Everyone was so generous with their time, resources and an abundant supply of chocolate! It was truly a privilege experience! With no time for sight seeing, I may just need to make another trip to Iowa!
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    I quilted this quilt for a customer a few years ago. I can't seem to find the pics on this computer though...I think they're on my old computer... I remember using a lot of pins. I did use a wiggle type of stitch on the strip piecing on the cabin blocks and on the triangle piecing. I think also some leafy fern. I used the wiggle stitch to avoid doing SID and I have better luck with easing in fullness from blocks that are a little too big. If I come across the pics, I'll post some. Good luck. I don't think I would baste the top to the batting though.
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    Sew Spooky in Progress

    It's been a learning curve attempting to get back into quilting with a new baby in the house - but I'm grateful to have a job where I can be with my kids - leave the dishes in sink and work in my pajamas. This is the third Sew Spooky quilt I've worked on in the past year and a half and I am trying to make it a little different. Using double batting (Hobbs 80/20) and trying to keep it simple yet clean. 11709816_1012681645411755_7482478944966826352_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 11698932_1011398328873420_6346337331441830379_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 11141260_1011976522148934_1896931996052417830_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr
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    Yep I have been Busy

    I been around but not a lot here on the forum. Here are some of the quilts I have been stitching away on. 20150707_104907 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr This is what I'm working on with Quilt Path. It was given to me to quilt and I wasn't happy with the choice of quilting designs. So I call the quilter and she came by. She was a wonderful lady and the piecing was perfect. That was July the first. I told her I would have it ready the next week. So I put it on Frannie Ann on July 4th. Been working on it every day. Yesterday I checked our local twice a week paper and there is was. She died on July the 4th. I'm heart broken. I have three more rows to do. When I'm finished I will call her family. I had hope to get to know her. She was so special!!! I will call the family this next week. This is a quilt Patsy T made for her sister. 99 % free hand quilted and a little help with Quilt Path using two of Sally Teryy's designs, Here is a sneak peek and there are more over on Flickr. 20150704_204242 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr This HIp Kitty also designed and make by Patsy T. IMG_1680 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr IMG_1681 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20150611_150604 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr Then this was done with Quilt Path using Geometry Swirls 20150628_162456 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr There are more over on Flickr. Thanks for looking.
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    Firefighter T-Shirt Quilt

    Proud Mama here...My daughter is a Firefighter/Engineer/Paramedic with the Orlando Fire Department. She has been there almost 14 years. She loves it and the brotherhood of the department. They truly are family to her. We decided she needed a T-Shirt quilt. She narrowed down many shirts and I even put in a patch from her Grampa's vest. He was a 65 year firefighter/EMT before he passed away last year. I thought she needed someone to watch over her while on shift. Why are my pics all upside down??.
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    I have Micro Drive Handles to fit a Millennium for sale $75 plus US shipping. Anyone interested? Thanks.
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    I just completed a 2 day beginner class taught by Angela Huffman from Quilted Joy. She is a fantastic fun teacher. She and her staff are so friendly and helpful. I never thought I would be able to do free motion/custom quilting, but after taking this class, I have a new outlook. Of course it is going to take that p word we all hate, practice, practice, practice. LOL I feel confident with the foundation she started us on that I will be able to build on this. I just wanted to post this to thank her for all her dedication, patience, and help she gave us newbies. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from her, I highly recommend it. Head on over to quiltedjoy.com and check her out.
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    Oh my! What a treat to pop in here and trip over this post! Thank you so much for the kind words and I'm delighted you enjoyed your classes! You've got me smiling from ear to ear!
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    The APQS Family is the best!

    I totally agree with Heidi!! We were indeed treated like royalty! But I think I left my brain in a puddle on the factory floor on Saturday afternoon..... And there's a test coming!! Whether you're an owner or an APQS representative, if you get the opportunity to attend classes in Iowa, it's worth dropping everything to get there! I've been selling and servicing APQS machines for seven years, and I learned so many things this past week.... Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dawn, Amy, and Angie (our primary APQS "angels") for everything you did for us during our visit!!! :P :P And thank you, APQS, for the opportunity!!
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    Oh My.....I will never be a show quilter......I press my binding in half...stitch it on the back...pull it to the front trying to just get the edge over the stitch line from attaching it....and stitch it down with my walking foot using a "wobble" stitch...works for me...no glue or clips or anything...yep...sometimes a bit of the stitching shows on the backing...but lots of times the stitching stays on the edge of the binding on the back and looks fine to me...still takes time to get that binding on a big quilt...but I don't end up with so many band-aides on my fingers. I have on very few occasions stitched it down by hand.... I just quilt for me and have far too many to get done....Lin
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    Trouble getting quilt to lay correctly

    I agree that seeing the whole thing laid out so you can identify the problem areas is a great idea. Unfortunately, basting it to just the batting is problematic. Your DSM won't be happy with the batting next to the feed dogs and it might add to your problems. With the top laying flat you should be able to identify the bad spots. Maybe draft the top, labeling the problem blocks with what the measurements should be. Pin post-its to each bad block with corrected measurements before you load. Check borders for straight and square. Then after loading it again you'll know where the whoopsies are and can pin or stitch-baste carefully as you advance down the quilt. Good luck---get some rest and start with new energy tomorrow. I feel your pain.
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    Firefighter T-Shirt Quilt

    Thank you. I did mark the panto but I also had my DH come and stand on that side and tell me when I got near it. Didn't quite trust myself...lol. I am very proud of her and can't wait to give this to her.
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    Marci Baker has some tutorials on binding and she advocates not pressing. You can view her stuff on quiltwithmarcibaker.com. She has a good tutorial on binding 60 degree angles. I have pressed and not pressed and am of the opinion you should do what works for you.
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    I can't attend her classes personally, but I got her DVDs...........they are great.
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    Yup....she is really good at what she does. She has been a friend for a very long time and I have seen her develop into the person that she is. She loves her craft and willingly shares it all. You learned from the best.