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    No quilting fun for me this week

    No quilting fun this week. Out with my horses enjoying a great trail ride from mineral wells into Fort Worth for the cowboy gathering. Absolutely beautiful fall Texas weather. Planning to catch up next week though.
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    Saga of the Porta Potty is over.

    After the retreat we were on, I called the gals ins adjuster as requested in the letter from him.. She didn't give a true account, (of course) and I told him not only was her report sadly lacking of truth, she forgot to tell him she was illegally parked and blocking public access to the only porta potty in that side of the park. His only answer to anything I said was of course the same. " But you hit a stopped car." I asked him how he'd "investigated the incident" and he read her report as proof". What an idiot! I suggested he visit the site, he said he didn't need to do that. I also told him we went out and parked our van in the drive which clearly shows there isn't room for 2 cars but also shows the 3 signs that clearly state "Parking for off loading only." and I'd send him the pictures if he wanted. He said it wouldn't do any good, I'd hit a parked car. At that point I told him that he wasn't interested in the truth, so needed to be told on the recording, That I'm not paying "for one fourth of a $2,523.00 paint job, so End of topic! end of subject!, do Not call me again. I called and tried to talk with the gal with the car, and she screame at me asking if I was going to *********** pay to fix her ************ car! not paint, but "fix". I think body work, or fiximg something else, was included in the price. I told her No I wasn't paying for a fourth of a .... and she informed me she knew where I lived, she had my address and she'd be right here. I told Himself to keep her outside the storm door and I'd be out of sight in the sewing room, calling the sherrif. She didin't come. She did call the ranger and told him she was off loading. Funny she off loaded food for a family gathering, and left just a few min. after the incident! The ranger called us and told us about his end of it. Anyway, I told our adjuster called me and I explained what had gone on from the time of the incident,, It did call my homeowners Ins. Co, on Fri, I didn't hear from anyone until Tues. I was getting very upset as I'd been told I'd hear from her the same day. When I told heer what Aangela said on Fri., she said "Thats funn, as she was very happy sounding and told her that she wasn't going to pursue the claim and was very happy with that. So, as it stands right now, the case is closed on my end, unless something else happens. Thank you all who suggested I call our homeowners Ins.! It worked wonders.
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    Windows 10

    Send me your email address and I will send you an invite. My email is georgene@cox.net
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    o2b Quilting


    A "white" board became my best friend and I still use it today. It is one of those white boards that you can keep wiping off the markers. It is large enough that it barely fits in my lap. I practiced drawing 15 - 20 minutes every night while listening to the news. I practiced drawing leaves and feathers going every direction. It saves a good deal of fabric. DO NOT move the marker with your wrist, but rather move your arm like you will when you are moving your machine. It is called "Muscle Memory". I actually use this white board each day to "warm up" or practice a new design before I go to the actual quilt. It allows me to "wrap my brain around" a new idea or to get a feel for the size of a pattern I want to do. After I have decided the size or proportion of the design (especially on an all-over) I leave the white board sit on the end of my table/frame as a reference so I can keep comparing my stitching to the pattern on the marker board...am I getting smaller or larger as I travel down the quilt??? Also, when you are practicing, you can keep changing thread color to a darker color (as mentioned in a post above) and stitching over the previous color. Then you can just lay another piece of fabric over the top and start with a light colored thread again. You don't have to keep using a new backing and batting.
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    Dawn Cavanuagh contacted me by email Sunday afternoon (thank you Dawn!). It seems the pulley wheel on the drive shaft of the carriage belt for QP became slightly loosened. I had to use an allen wrench to tighten it a minuscule amount. I successfully stitched a block pattern afterwards and then a full pantograph pass across the quilt. The stitching is lovely! Nicholette
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    Purchased for my own use; machine has been very well maintained and has been used to quilt fewer than 10 quilts a year. Have you been looking for a system you can computerize, or are you looking to expand your current workroom with a second machine? You could add the APQS Quilt Path to this machine and have a great computerized system for under $20,000! This 12' machine comes with automatic stitch regulator, ergonomic adjustable handles, built-in laser, electronic channel locks for horizontal and vertical straight-line stitching, base expander for thread cutter, and external (APQS) bobbin winder. Asking Price: $9,500 This machine is located in South Jordan, Utah; take down, shipping, and set-up must be arranged and paid for by the buyer. I am moving and unfortunately Millie can't come with me. If you would like to contact me, please email: nanettepearce20@hotmail.com Also included are: Rulers and guides Straight pin tray Elastic straps and clamps Hartley Fence Needles Manuals, books, and instructions for longarm quilting, both from APQS and purchased separately.
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    I'm dying to know what the new Apqs addition is. I think it's named Larry.... Anyone?
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    Quilting Grammy

    My first blue ribbon

    I took my "Across the Wide Missouri" quilt to the local quilt show and was plesently surprised. I won a blue ribbon, they don't have different catigories and it is judged by all the visiters that come through. Grand Prize went to a hand quilted quilt.
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    Leida Glez

    Problem with vertical encoder

    Hello. I have a 2015 millie; I had to replace the vertical encoder because it stopped working. With the new I have a problem, when I make a vertical sometimes accelerates and becomes smaller stitch, as if the regulator were not set. Horizontally there is no problem and sometimes oblique. I have adjusted the wheel encoder until makes squeak, but I still have the problem. Is there anything else I can do ?. There may be another problem which marred the previous encoder? thanks
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    My customer doesn't want this "over quilted" . . . I look at it and just see a blank page. Any suggestions??? I put this up here about a month ago, and just delivered the quilt last week. I decided to SID around all those brown sashings; watery meander in the gold area; meander and outline in the wolf pictures with invisifil thread, and curved lines in the borders (thanks Kathy at Tamarack Shack for the tutorial on that!). The customer made the quilt for her husband, and he was over the top pleased!!! Once the quilting was finished, the centre wolf almost looks 3D - like his nose is sticking right out of the quilt! This quilt had wool batting, so nice for texture!
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    My customer sent me a message last night she won second place at here local quilt show with this quilt I did for her. I was so excited this is the first quilt I custom quilted that has won a ribbon. Happy dance I have had several people ask to see this quilt here it is the customer was very happy with what I did with it thanks for all the advise. Thank-you everybody for your Ideas I ended up pin basting and I am very happy with how it turned out. Here is a picture. I could use some guidance I am working on a Judy Niemeyer quilt, Cattails in the meadow. I want to start in the middle and quilt out from there. Anybody have suggestions or step by step instruction so I do not get wrinkles in the backing. Thank-you in advance if you can help me.
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    Quilting Heidi

    Maddie sewing

    It was my weekend with Madison and I had lots of sewing to do. Maddie was excited to get started on a quilt. We started it months and months ago but only got in an hour or two. I usually get it started and then let her sew the seam but I'm right by her side. Well what a difference a few months makes! This time I set up my 2nd machine, showed her once what to do, lowered the sewing speed and let her go. She was doing it all, lining up the 2 1/2" strips, starting, ending, the whole bit. She sewed 27 sets together and only had to unsew the last one. She begged to go back down to "our" sewing room after dinner so she could work more. When I told her it was time to stop she begged to be able to do one more! LOL Yes I think I've created a monster. It was wonderful that I could actually get my sewing done too but I had to share my pressing surface much quicker between units then I expected. LOL The goal is to make a chevron quilt so next step will be to cut the squares and sew them back together. She is a natural. She raised the sewing speed many times as it was "just too slow for her." LOL yup she is my niece.
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    Mary Beth

    Favorite Ruler

    If you were on a deserted island with a longarm machine and a big stack of quilts, which ruler would you sneak onto the island?
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    No quilting fun for me this week

    I have a friend who passed your caravan and took a picture, I would love to do that someday!
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    Hum, I know I'm about 5-8 hours from Indy, I'll have to look it up. I was going to look up her hubby Dave anyway to check out some accessories.
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    Saga of the Porta Potty is over.

    I am glad to hear things worked out for you. I would suggest you get something in writing from the insurance agent stating that the issue is now settled. You do not want something to pop up 3-5 years from now, just before the statute of limitations ends. Cagey
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    You might also consider loading some fabric and batting, to simulate the drag of quilt on machine, but take out the needle and stitch, concentrating on making smooth muscle movement. Also, buy some old sheets at garage sale or secondhand shop and use those for practice rather than new/unused fabric. You could draw out the design you want to quilt, such as loops, feathers, curls/swirls, and then follow that with varying colors of threads as suggested previously. Draw or stitch straight lines and then stitch out designs in them. Be patient with yourself!
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    Bobbin Washers?

    I love them in my Penny, and also my domestics. There are two kinds of Genie washer, the ones with holes, and the ones without the holes. The ones without holes are for drop in bobbins.
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    Bobbin Thread hard to pull

    To help ensure you bobbin stays in shape after a few falls, you can use bobbin dewarper; http://quiltersapothecary.com/tools/longarm-tools.html Cagey
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    T Row Studio


    If you are just worried about moving your machine around and practicing loops and lines put a plain cloth on and cover it in practice stitches in one color the next day switch colors and stitch over the same piece of fabric any design you want to practice you can stitch over in another color and stitch again again just switch to another color of thread. this way you are not waisting a bunch of fabric then use a middles of hot pads or donate to animal shelters for the bottom of their cages.
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    Pepsi Girl


    I got cheep baby panels and practiced on them. Then I gave them to the local Next Step Charity. While practicing drawn squares on fabric is good practice I found it a huge transition to actual quilt squares. But maybe that's just me! Don't give up, and don't be to hard on yourself. It always looks better to someone else than it will to you!
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    Bobbin Thread hard to pull

    Probably a tiny burr or scratch on the bobbin case.
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    It takes LOTS of practice, maybe more than one hour a day. When I first got my first machine I would spend all day Saturday and Sunday in there, just making lines, swirls, cursive e's and cursive l's, etc. The more you practice the better you get. Even now, before i will try a design on a customer quilt I will practice it first on a small piece, using the thread, batting, and same weight material- so I know how it will turn out. Use your practice pieces for hot pads for your table, throw rugs to catch the winter snow and mud, pads for your pets to lay on, bathmats. They might not look pretty, but they do have uses. If you find that you did a really good job on one little section, cut that piece into a little square and slip it into a clear plastic sheet protector in a binder. That way you can go back and look at the design. Don't get discouraged. If you find your machine is hard to move it might be that you are holding on too tight. Use a very light grip and steer with your body instead of your hands.
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    I had a plain brown pegboard in my quilting room and decided to paint it to look like a sampler quilt. I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm trying to post a picture painted before hanging my stuff on it and after. Deb.
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    Resources http://www.threadwaggle.com/p/quilt-path.html http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/36436-quilt-path-instructions/
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    It's called screen scaling in QP. It's in the manual. It's also here. http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=23598
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    Have you calibrated QP? Known as screen scaling in QP. Calibrating assures that what you see on the screen is how it stitches out. Also are you a member of the QP user group on Facebook. It's very active and responsive. If you're not a member, you can send me your email and I will send you an invite to join.
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    Pin baste to Center in 4" grid, pins parallel to bars, stitch from Center to bottom of quilt, then roll back to Center and stitch Center to top edge. I have done this a few times, and I think especially for Judy's medallion style quilts is a good choice....