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    I haven't had much time to piece this year, but I did manage to finish this UFO from a few years ago. I took a class through our guild on sashings, and decided to try using the ruler I bought on the panel these blocks came from. Pretty happy little quilt with all over quilting, but nothing fancy. It's hanging in my studio for now.
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    Quilt Number 7

    I finished my seventh quilt in just just under 2 years from starting quilting. I have quilted about 5 to 10 other charity quilts from my local guild to gain practice on quilt I would never see again. I know that I am no speed racer compared to many of you here, but I am happy with my progress. I have learned a great deal from all of you here, and from watching videos and taking a few local classes. Thank you for being so helpful to us new quilters. While I still see a number of errors in both my piecing and quilting, I would love to get some constructive criticisms to improve my skills as I move forward. Here are some photos of the quilt I gave away yesterday for my daughter's roommate that graduated college early. In the above third picture showing the side and the cross, it took me about 1.5 to 2 hours to quilt the 32 by 8 inch outside border. Is this a normal about of time to quilt that sized area? I think I move rather fast, but seem to be rather slow compared to some of the videos I watch online. I also want to thank all of you that provided input as how to quilt around embroidered words. After following your instruction, I think it turned out nicely I see some backtrack errors, and some thread build up on the stems. Do you normally break thread or just backtrack a few times and live with the thread buildup? I used Robison Anton 40wt thread. I know it is not the normal thread a number of you use, but the store was getting rid of their stock, so I got some 140 - 5000m spools for $2 a spool. I could not pass up the deal when I was just getting started in quilting. I had been wanting to change out my one piece fixed hopping foot with a two piece interchangeable foot, but am now thinking it is not needed. I used a cutting square ruler and a few circles to draw out my lines and then free handed the feather quilting. I followed Kimmy Bruner's DVD instruction to draw out the stems on the side boarders. I followed Paula Reed's input for drawing out the heart and then stitching it out to fill the space. The squares look square, and the circles look round to me. What do you all think? Do most of you use rulers to guide your hopping foot on George or find yourself more using them to draw out your lines? I think the rulers work a good bit better on a long arm. They seem so hard to hold while moving the fabric at the same time. I can follow a thinly drawn line much more easily and probably more accurately then I can move the ruler fabric together at this point and time. Thank you in advance for you input. Have a great day, and balanced threads. Cagey
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    Hi Leida! Are you looking to do a software update, or a firmware update? Software - When you go into Quilt Path look at the top of the screen. If it says you are on 3.05.06 you are on the current update. If you are on a previous update, you will want to call Grace product support to get your update. Firmware - If Quilt Path is telling you to update your firmware, it will give you a message with directions when the program opens. The issue is that you can not see your black box, it is inside your carriage. If you look at the side of your carriage that has the belt on there is a hole drilled at about the half way point. Use the eraser end of a pencil and push the button in. I kind of pulse the pencil to make sure that it registers that I pushed the button. In Basic and Advanced mode, you control the width of the pantograph by the number of repeats you enter. If you tell us more about the issue you are running into we might be able to come up with a workaround for you. As Linda stated, there is a very active, private Facebook group for Quilt Path. If you are Facebook friends with any APQS dealer they should be able to invite you to the the group. Or you can private message me with your email address and I will send you an invite.
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    Quilt Path Facebook Forum

    For those of you who have already purchased your Quilt Path, there is an awesome group over on Facebook. The interaction there is a little bit faster than here on the APQS forums - as of today, we have 150+ members! It's a closed group, so you need an invitation to be able to join. Contact the APQS Rep that facilitated your QP purchase, or send me an email at info@tmequilting.com, and we'll arrange to get you that invitation!
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    Hi Regina, Facebook has it's good and bad points. The good part, from a support standpoint, is that a lot of our dealers are active on Facebook and have it on their cellphones. I know that I respond faster to FB because my cellphone notifies me when there is a post. The QP Facebook is extremely active. There are people posting what they are doing with the program, pictures of quilts, questions on how to do things and inspiration. It is what drove the Tech Sunday post on my blog for over a year. The reason that they were not posted in a logical manner was because I was answering questions as they occurred on the group. The group has driven the blog and the classes that I teach on Quilt Path. It's a great group. If you have not found it yet, you might want to check out my website, www.threadwaggle.com. There is a Quilt Path Tab. At the top is a a link to the compilation of Tech Sunday posts. It has all the post from the blog with a table of contents and has them in a logical order. APQS has a YouTube Channel, I am late to that forum, but have been shooting videos recently. Right now, I have one video on my channel, but more should be posting in the next couple weeks. I know Facebook can be an issue. If you decide to give it another go, I would suggest locking down your privacy settings and then not tell people you are back on. I primarily use Facebook for my business. I was very anti-Facebook for many years, because I just don't think people need to know that much about me. But from a business standpoint it has been a huge advantage for me to be on it.
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    Needle finish: chrome or titanium

    The bad thing about the titanium needles is that if they snap while quilting they will leave a much bigger hole in the fabric then the chrome needles. Zeke
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    quilt patch update motor. Pantograph

    I believe there is a Facebook group for Quilt Path owners which is very helpful and questions are answered quickly. Someone in the group will need to share a link and invitation for you to join.
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    Needle finish: chrome or titanium

    APQS recommends needles that are not titanium coated. I have, however, used them with no problem when I ordered titanium by mistake.
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    Needle finish: chrome or titanium

    Yes. Only get the silver, chrome, needles for your machine. Zeke.
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    Quilt Number 7

    Your quilting is very nice, Cagey! I'm a slow quilter, too. It's not a race...enjoy the process!